“In Flanders Fields”


During World War I Lieutenant Colonel John McCrea from Guelph Ontario who was there with the Canadian forces wrote a poem while gazing sadly at the recent grave site of his friend Alex Hemer. As John gazed around he noticed that the only thing growing amongst the crosses were the poppies which inspired his immortal poem “In Flanders Fields”.
My old Jury band mate Bruce Walker recently had to endure the butchering of Mr. McCrea’s poem at a Remembrance Day service so upon returning home he picked up his guitar and decided to give the famous poem a melody. Bruce dedicates his version of “In Flanders Fields” to all the fallen soldiers in all wars.
Nice work Bruce and know that the rest of The Jury were there with you in spirit.




8 thoughts on ““In Flanders Fields”

    • Haunting Tom, I can’t stop listening to it. I’m already trying to talk Bruce into putting a Cello and a sad violin in it a way in the background.

  1. Great stuff as usual George.
    Overheard at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show…
    What’s the easiest way to become a Millionaire?
    Start with Five Million and buy a boat!!!

    The boat show had it’s heart warming moments too. It was so nice to see all those grandfathers taking their granddaughters to go look at boats…

  2. Dale doorman was also better off the air. He and magic are trading one liners on some cloud. Ahab was in power rotation on wlkz during the gulf wars..so it did get played on oldies stations.. what’s with radio in fla it’s just awful

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