I’m The F**king Boss, That’s Why!

10418402_10152888390629307_5592530398794558175_nWhile dining at the Ritz in Aspen with Jim and Barbara Hilliard one evening, I noticed that our server not only had a strange sounding British accent but also possessed a little bit of an attitude. When I asked him whether he recommended the chicken or the fish special he sarcastically told me that only the Colonel served good chicken. Later when I enquired where he might hail from, he proudly said Wales so I told him that I had a Welsh name and he asked through gritted teeth … And just what Welsh name would that be sir!
When I told him that my name was Johns a huge smile lit up his face and he said, Ahhh Son of King John and I’m just gonna go with that and not bother doing anymore research on the subject.

Just because you agree with something doesn’t make it true.
Is leaving out the truth considered a lie?
Habits are still your choices.
Most of what you read or hear is mostly just someones opinion.
It’s a hell of a lot easier to find someone to share your successes than your failures.
Resisting temptation is a full time job.
Seeing as I have never had much interest in becoming the support system for a shoe shopper I have tried to raise my daughters in a fashion that would lead to them having the ability to buy their own shoes.
Thinking back on Fathers Day and thinking about how expensive kids are to raise made me realize that the cost had more to do with how I wanted to raise them and very little to do with them.
Staying on the Fathers Day theme and thinking about all the loving tributes I read on Facebook to Dads who have passed on. Reading all that great stuff got me wondering about how many of them heard any of that when they were alive and struggling to put food on the table and a roof over our head when they needed it most. Color me guilty!
Speaking of Fathers, when I was growing up mine used to forbid me to do certain things and the only explanation he most times would offer up was because I said so, which drove me crazy. So because of my frustration with his answer when I was raising my children I always tried to give them a valid reason why no was no. When my Son Curtis began having some difficulties in school we took him to see a Psychologist to see if we could get to the root of the problem. She explained to us that a lot of the difficulties he was having in class was because of me. In the real world she claimed there are not a lot of explanations there’s just a lot of … Because I’m The Boss That’s Why!
One of the great things about my Father was when I was starting my bands and it was too cold to practice in the garage he let us practice downstairs our basement. As time went by the amps got bigger and bigger but my Dad never complained about the noise. It took me years to realize that he preferred the noise more than wondering about where I may be.
Most people don’t realize they may only one more move away from changing their whole life.
Do we really first have to go through a Woman then a Gay President before we just get to elect the best person for the job!
One of the worse things that can happen is your realization that you set your goal too low. 
Isn’t it amazing how quickly new money starts acting like old money.
Have you ever noticed that well endowed women always wear clothing that makes sure we don’t miss that fact.
If you don’t like what you see in the mirror you have two choices, change the mirror or yourself.
According to Playboy Magazine “furry” is making a comeback.
Women never make any sense until you love them which is why I’ve always understood my Daughters.
The more often you lose the more often you get to figure out how to win.
The only good thing about not working on your dream is, you can always get a parttime job working on somebody else’s.
Life is about results not effort.
It is very difficult to stay yourself as people try to remake you.

Creative people are more successful than gifted folks.




6 thoughts on “I’m The F**king Boss, That’s Why!

  1. George, I really love reading your past life review and current observations. Right on the money, so to speak. My dad liked to laugh, and liked to love his 13 children.

    More than once he’d say: “the feet pay for the head’s mistakes.” Took me some time to figure that out! –another fan of the vast audio radiance, Greg

  2. George….

    Best you go with “son of King John,” rather than what my father-in-law in Hawaii once said when you called while I was out. Gave me the message, “some GYPSY called you.” I said “huh?” As you probably remember, apparently most gypsies he knew of had the last name “Johns.”

  3. To your fathers comment: sometimes its hard to say “I Love You”… when your jaw is wired shut… time tends to cushion the past… and puts rose coloured glasses on what really happened…

  4. Exactly Matt, We tend to remember those breathless moments the most, and I aint talking about the ones where you have the wind knocked out of you.

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