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As you may know, I hang out at a sports bar here in West Palm Beach called Duffy’s. Not only are the drinks two for one and the food in both price and taste is reasonable, but they also have sixty flat screens hanging everywhere. I don’t think there’s a sporting event going on anywhere in the world that they’re not showing and oh yeah, the bartenders all know my name which usually results in a nice pour.

Anyway, a new bar called Twin Peaks opened up just down the street, so my buddy, Big Bob and I checked it out. Wow! The servers were nothing but beautiful young ladies and there were a bunch of them. (see photos above) The place was packed but we finally found a couple of seats at the bar and ordered up. The service, even though they didn’t know what they were doing, was so friendly that it was almost like they were hitting on you.

Bob and I were having a great time and at some point, we talked a couple of them into posing with us for pictures which I instantly uploaded to Facebook. I, of course, was hoping to make a few of my buddies envious but this was the only response I got, “Daddy unless you want me hanging out with these kinds of girls, you better stop posting pictures like this.” The photos disappeared instantly!



Encouragement moves the world forward, criticism stalls the progress.

We do everything online now except the thing that would change the world. Vote! 

Isn’t it strange that Ringo is referred to now as the arrogant Beatle even though he has the least to be arrogant about? 

Inconsistencies are good if done consistently.

I’ve been called a lot of things, but Daddy is my favorite.

True happiness is most often attained while working on a cause that you truly believe in.

When you’re rich, it doesn’t matter who’s in power because you can buy your way in or out of almost anything.

Good things usually happen to people who try to make things happen.

I believe that the people who are the best in the world at anything should be overly compensated, no matter the circumstances, who they are, or where they live.


Bruce Walker: Hi George,
Interesting conversation with Randy about Fred Turner. I bet Randy was listening to a band I was playing with at that time called Purple Haze. Fred told me that Randy wanted him to go out West and join his group.  I said pack your bags and get going.  It wasn’t long after that the band broke up and Fred went to join Randy.  Fred was not sure about leaving Winnipeg since he had just gotten married.  We met a few days later, and he was still in town.  I again told him to get out West, and he finally did it.  I really don’t think that my prodding had a huge part in his decision, but I’m glad he did it. He’s a great guy. (The “I” Word Didn’t Work For Jesus Either)
Gary Russell: The older you get, the smarter you become. It’s starting to get scary, Geo. Great stuff! (The “I” Word Didn’t Work For Jesus Either)

Geo: Thank You, Gar, unfortunately, what I know comes mostly from painful experiences, and I’ve still got all the scars to prove it. Miss you, Man!

Moto: I dunno – it seems to me that playing everybody’s favorite song is only possible in the Bizarro World.  However, playing those songs that everyone will tolerate is sadly the key to radio. Hence, Pandora rules. (Radio Radio Radio)

Geo: Exactly Moto, Better you should play what they like rather than what they love. As you know, hate is but a heartbeat away.

Jim Davis: Further addendum to your “The Three Words That Women Like to Hear”:
-“You’re right.”
-“I’m wrong.”
-“And, I’m sorry” (Angel Baby, My Angel Baby)
Scott Shannon: I’ve been reading your babbling diatribes for some time now, and without a doubt, this one is your very best. It brought tears to my eyes. (Seventeen, Seventeen, Prettiest Girl I’ve Ever Seen)

Geo: Wow! Making the great Scott Shannon weep is now the highlight of my career. 🙂

Tim Moore: At 29, arriving in Dallas to assume my student role as VP Sales for the TM Companies,
I was enveloped by “KVIL / Ron Chapman” buzz in the halls on Regal Row, I asked myself, “geez…how great could this be? I’ve grown up on CKLW, WLS, and WRIF!”
I listened for a week and thought to myself, “nice show but not a big deal.” Then I listened for two months, stood back, and said, “This is the most brilliantly conceived show on the most brilliantly conceived radio station in America.” I understated it. (Hall Of Fame Baby)

John Ryman: Made my day hearing that Ron was going into the National Radio Hall Of Fame and hearing that you were going to do the introduction even delighted me more.  I’ve known Ron for a long time….since he became a “forced” mentor to me when Bob Hanna bought the station where I was PD  in the early 70s, I later moved to Dallas and made the transition into sales/mgt.  You only know me by name but first met you in the hallway outside of the KVIL entrance in the Park Cities Bank building (I was then in the office next door). Ron and I still touch base occasionally, but I’ve followed both of your accomplishments throughout the years, and never cease to be amazed. I still try to contribute to the industry, but no one seems to listen much anymore.  It’s heartbreaking to witness the evolution…or should we say the dissolution? (Hall Of Fame Baby)

Bill Gilliand: Geez Georgie Boy, Cami’s a chip off the old block! There must be a gene for writing. (To Tat Or Not To Tat)
Geo: She kills me, Billy G.
Lorenda Rae: Mr. Businessman needs to meet Sheena Easton!! (Inconsistencies Are Good)

Geo: Lorenda, even the most powerful Businessman, is still not strong enough to resist a beautiful Woman. In fact, she’s much more powerful than him, she can crumble his career in a heartbeat. The only known antidote, unfortunately, is another beautiful Woman but the process just begins again. However, Lorenda, you wouldn’t know anything about this, would ya? (-:

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