I’m For Men! (new for Feb 29/16) #5 of my 12 most read Blogs during 2016.


Back in the day when I had an office in the Back Bay of Boston I got to see my old friend Burton Cummings do his one man show at lunch time downtown where when he finished up he invited me backstage to chat.
Waiting for us there was a reporter from the Boston Globe who asked if he would mind sharing some of the most memorable moments in his career with their readers. Burton started out by saying that when he first heard that “American Woman” had gone #1 worldwide was definitely one of them. Another was sitting next to Ringo Starr as they were about to land in Liverpool when he was a member of Ringo’s All-Starr band and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” blasted onto his Ipod.
The one though that I still think about almost everyday was when the “Guess Who” were invited to play Carnegie Hall. George, I’m sure you can relate to this, when you’re from Winnipeg he told the reporter, you tend to think that you’re not even good enough to attend a concert at Carnegie Hall let alone play one. Not only were we playing there he continued but we were also recording it for a live album called “The Guess Who Play Carnegie”. When he asked if we’d ever heard the album and we both admitted that we hadn’t, he said that’s because it doesn’t exist. I was so excited about the concert he went onto say that I stayed up all night celebrating and never made the gig!
A lot of things seemed impossible until someone did them.
If you feel compelled to tell us how good you are, in all likelihood you ain’t.
When I asked my High School British History teacher Ben Foreman why we had to study history of any kind let alone England’s … Because Mr. Johns he replied, the roots of the present lie deep in the past. 
Even though it doesn’t appear to be true today the definition of management still is “the accomplishment of work through people.”
Calculated risks aren’t that risky. 
If you can’t change something it may be you that needs the changing.
Most people recognize genius a lot quicker than management does.
Research is a picture of the past not the future so act accordingly.
A show of love is irresistible.
Speaking of love I’m beginning to realize Mr. Stills that it’s much wiser to “Love The One You Started With”. 
As time goes by America is starting to become more and more like the countries the immigrants were trying to escape from. 
When the slaves were liberated during the civil war why weren’t they allowed to return to Africa.
How old does a tune need to be before it becomes a “Classic”.
If you ever wonder about some of the stupid plays coaches call it helps to remember that they only coached at a college.
Noticing that most of the rock stars that have passed on lately are now younger than me I voiced some concern to my daughter Candis. She said … Not to worry Dad, you missed the drug era but they didn’t!
Speaking of rock stars remember when they all complained about how they were getting ripped off by concert promoters. Since they have been in charge of their own concerts have you noticed the ticket prices, whose ripping off whom???
Has anybody thought about how much electricity is gonna cost once they wean us from fossil fuels.
Everybody is stupid about something. 
We only spend one day dying so I figure we should spend the other days celebrating the fact that it’s not today.
Excitedly saying something on the radio that you don’t believe is called hype but excitedly saying something you do believe is called passion.
Most of us weren’t born on 3rd base so being educated became the middle classes secret to success. Now if you don’t have an education you’re just f**ked.
Did you notice that during the celebration of winning the Superbowl the Broncos never mentioned the Panthers.
Praise is seldom misunderstood.
Thinking you know everything keeps you from learning anything.
Women come and women go but daughters are forever.

Speaking of daughters, even though Cami is now 20 I still have a tough time letting her answer the questions directed at her.

Thank god there’s no politics involved in the Oscars. 🙂

I never watched the Oscars, did anything worthy happen?

It’s all the rules that created creativity.

Isn’t today the day that if a woman asks her to marry them you have to accept.

I love and adore women but I’m always for men.

I sure don’t see any “attitude” at the Combines in Indianapolis.

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  1. How old does a tune need to be before it becomes a “Classic” ? When you’re in the car reaching for the radio to turn it up as your kid is reaching for the radio to turn it down

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