I’m down $200.00

Cami won a Prize at her school for raising the most money for the “Dance Marathon” where she is going to dance for kids that can’t dance for themselves. I’m very proud of her and want to thank all of you who contributed to her great cause.

I was sitting at the bar at Duffy’s the other day telling a friend about the kinda strange thing that had happened to me a few weekends ago. When I finished my so called tale of woe he looked at me with a concerned look on his face and asked me what part of my story didn’t I understand. Of course that’s how it works, he claimed. He was responding to my telling him about taking  a Woman I was dating to the Coconut Casino in Ft. Lauderdale. She wanted to gamble and loved playing the penny slots. I really wasn’t in the mood but it’s hard for me to say no to a beautiful Woman so I thought what the hell and took her.

We had a little dinner then I drew out a $100 for her and $100 for me and told her soon as it was gone so were we. Seeing as I don’t gamble much she taught me how the slots work. We each put in a $20 dollar bill in and pretty soon with her help I had my own lucky system going. I suggested every time our credit went over $60 we take our winnings and put them away then start all over with another 20 dollar bill. As the night proceeds we both go over $60 a few times and even though I’m not into this usually, I’m kinda having fun and enjoy handing her my paper winnings which she is happily stuffing into her purse along with her own. Before too long I’m down to one $20 which she snatches  out of my hand and plays on. When it’s gone and we are walking over to the cash machine she claims she has over $500 of winnings in her purse. Wow we are up $300 is what I’m thinking but how it really comes down is somehow I’m down $200 and she’s up $500(-:

I sure miss the Hunny Bunny!

Laura Neville told me that if a Woman doesn’t give her man what he needs he’ll seek it elsewhere.

The greatest honor a Man can ever give a Woman is to ask her to marry him.

The greatest honor a Woman can give a Man is to say yes to his proposal but then again a no may set him free.

Sometimes a no from a Woman can later be celebrated as an unanswered prayer.

Praise doesn’t have to be spoken loudly we can hear it.

Don’t we all wish we could sing.

Don Henely sang that about how fame was only given to a very few and the rest were set free.

Going through rough times is the first time you really find out who your real friends are.

The thing about old age is it has a very short shelf life.

Sometimes we are prevented from learning new things because we are all a bunch of “know it alls”

Listening to good advice requires a lot more wisdom than giving it.

I’m better than all my enemies but still trying to become equal with my friends.

I have very little interest in a Woman’s needs it’s her wants that excite the both of us.

Seeing as for some reason I seem to be attracted to broken Women you might want to make an appointment with a psychotherapist if I ever hit on you.

You never have to try very hard to be negative.

Being normal is a ticket to ride to nowhere.

Very few people can become successful without a lot of other people helping them become so.

Combining Motivation and Inspiration produces breathtaking results.

It’s much easier to make a living doing something you love.

Men & Women both lie about sex. Single Men claim they are getting a lot more than they really do. Single Women on the other hand claim they get lot less. The opposite is true of most married folks.

I think an honorable quest for a man should be to try and become the Man his 4 year old Daughter already thought he was.

To some people opportunity just looks like more hard work.

You’re limits are bound only by your imagination.

Unhappiness may best described as the place in between what you have and what you have not.

I know very few beautiful Women that have any interest in becoming equal.

Whoever predicted the next Pope would be Catholic turned out to be right.

You can’t go around failure ya gotta blow through it in order to become successful.




16 thoughts on “I’m down $200.00

  1. “Listening to good advice requires a lot more wisdom than giving it.”

    Every post has gems like this one. Thanks for sharing your PhD in experience with us, George. I still wish someone would put you in charge of a big group…

  2. Warren is one of the wisest men I know.
    $200 For all the info you gained for your Research – maybe worth it…also a life lesson.

  3. It’s no different than when your lady says she SAVED $100 by buying that new pair of shoes on sale! She could have saved $200 of your money by not buying them at all!

    The next time you’re in the supermarket, and the cashier says you saved $38! Compared to who? Compared to what? How could I have saved $38…when I’m forking over $160???

    Remember, If you fly it, drive it, float it, or sleep with it…it’s cheaper to lease it!

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