Geo’s Media Blog. (I’m A Bucket List Junkie) 10/18/21

If you’ve ever read any of my Blogs, by now, you’re aware that I’m heavily into bucket list adventures.
I’ve done a bunch of them already, and even though my cardiologist, Dr. Ragu, claims that I’ve got at least 20 more years ahead of me, but I think I’m gonna pick up the pace anyway because I’ve got five left. (Dr. Ragu is shown below)
Before I exit the planet, I want to do the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Hawaiian Islands, and the two I’m working on right now, a cruise through Panama Canal and a train ride across Canada.
The cruise I’m looking at is a 17-nighter that leaves out of Ft Lauderdale and docks at ten ports in 6 different countries before arriving in LA.

All I need for that little excursion is a pile of cash and a fun companion? I’ve been through the Panama Canal, but I was only four when we moved to Australia. (see photo above)
Consequently, because I don’t remember it, doing it again has always been a life long dream. If not now, when?

After spending a few days in LA with my Grandson Nathaniel, I’ll jump on the Super Chief and head northwest to Chicago.
It’ll be early spring, so it should be beautiful as we go through the painted desert and pass by the rim of the Grand Canyon as we make our way up into the mountains of Colorado.
Hey, or maybe I’ll put that on hold and climb aboard Via’s, “The Canadian” instead and ride it across Canada.
How that would work is, first, I’d fly from West Palm to Burbank, spend a couple of days with my Grandson, then hop aboard Amtrak’s Coast Starlight to Seattle.

Once in Seattle, I’ll catch a ferry to Victoria where I’ll hang out with my old friend and bandmate from The Jury, Rolly Blaquiere.
After Rolly and I spend a few days enjoying a few toddies and talking about the good old days when we were starting bands in Transcona, I’ll jump on the ferry that’s Vancouver bound. (Rolly and me back in the day above)
While in Vancouver, I’ll get to see old radio pal, Stirling Faux, and maybe even Doc Harris and the legendary Red Robinson. (Stirling is shown with me above)
Then after telling too many radio war stories and toasting our departed friend, Gary Russell too many times, it will be time for me to board Via’s “The Canadian” and begin my trek across Canada. (Stirling is shown with me above)

The ride through the Rocky Mountains to Edmonton should be spectacular as we go through Jasper. Once in Edmonton, I’ll be visiting with my cousin Ben for a couple of days. (Ben and me below in his “Man Cave” with guard-dog Allie)Knowing Ben as I do, we’ll probably be doing a bit of drinking in his “Man Cave,” which means that Ben will have to pour me back on “The Canadian.”
Once I leave Edmonton, I’ll soon be in the prairies where we’ll pass through Saskatoon, the place where my radio career started to catch fire when I was a first-time PD at CKOM. When I arrive back home in Winnipeg, I’ll be staying with my best friend who, like me, played for the famous Transcona Nationals, Jim (Easter) Quail, and his lovely wife, Diane. (Jim and me pictured above)
Seeing as I’ll be in Winnipeg for a few days, I’m also hoping to see some of the other Nationals, QB Hugh Coburn and Halfback David (Lo Lo) Lowe, along with my Jury Bandmates, Terry Kenny and Bruce Walker. (Bruce and Terry are pictured below from a long time ago)

Growing up in Winnipeg as I did, and being lucky enough to cut a few records, I also started my radio career there at CKY, but unfortunately, most of the people I worked with and learned from, have either left town or the planet.
After reliving all my football and band days, it will be time for me to get back on “The Canadian” for my trip to Toronto.

As we head into Ontario, we’ll pass through Sudbury, where I worked at CKSO, but because it sounded so good, so fast, they whisked me away to CFRA in Ottawa and then to CFTR in Toronto.
I haven’t been back to Toronto since I was there to celebrate my friend Gary Russell’s retirement which was about 15 years ago. (Pictured above at the event L-R Gary Russell, J. Robert Wood, me, and Chuck McCoy.)
While in Toronto, I’m hoping to catch up with old friends, Roger Klein, Joel Thompson, Earl Mann, Doug Thompson, Bruce Devine, and maybe even Warren Cosford and John Wells if they’re around. Hey, and I may get to meet Larry MacInnis? (Joel Thompson shown above)
It also looks like that I’ll finally get to spend some time with the last man standing, Al Mair. Of the four record guys I ever knew, Al is the only one still alive. (Al is shown below)Unfortunately, I won’t get to see my old pal Keith Elshaw this trip because he lives in Montreal and doesn’t get around much anymore.
Keith was the one who helped me create the first ever AC format at CFTR which I took to America where it did quite well. (Keith pictured below)

Oh, oh, now I’m rethinking everything because I’ve already done the train ride up the west coast several times so maybe I’ll fly straight to Seattle and do an even longer Canadian adventure.
Lots to plan, but I’m getting excited.


The easiest way to get rich is by inheriting it; otherwise, you’ll have to invent something or write a few hit tunes. Other than that, I’d recommend graduating from a good school.

I don’t know why we don’t let the Israelis have a go at the bad Arabs again? The last time they got heavily involved, they wiped out three Arab nations in six days. We’ve been in the desert for over 20 years to no avail. Let’s turn it over to the pros.

Every profession has its own jargon which makes spotting the phonies very easy.

Whenever I’m asked a question, it usually reminds me of a story from which the asker must dig out the answer.

Many people hear the radio, but few are listening.

Sometimes the best way to make a point is by doing something that you don’t normally do.

As you watch the NFL, it becomes pretty apparent that as gifted as many players are, they’re not that smart.

Speaking of football, the season is barely half over in Canada and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have already clinched a playoff spot. Go Big Blue!

Saying thank you to someone could change their life.

Try as they may, I’m thinking it’s going to be tough keeping Covid 19 alive until Thanksgiving.

You accomplish very little without some risk.

Creativity usually kicks in when the word no is uttered.

I think that I may be one of the best at helping folks, but unfortunately, I’m also the worst when I discover that I am only being used.

You are whomever the person who pays you says you are.

With me, it’s not about her being a good woman; it’s about if I can live without her or not?

Ok, I’ll admit it, I can’t handle being ignored.

Talk about being ignored; whatever happened to the Flu?

If the politicians spent as much time doing what we elected them to do as they do raising money, America would be a much better place.

Instead of our standing around singing “Our Day Will Come,” let’s shout, “Fuck waiting, I’m bringing it, baby!”

I predict that the liberals who move to Texas from California will be ya’lling it long before any Texans become politically correct.

Until greed screws things up, life is relatively simple. You want something; you buy it. Oh, and you get the money to do so by making something that someone else wants to buy.

One of the many things that irritate me is when they don’t show the taxes or service fees in the price. It’s scammy!


Doug Thompson: George, I was loyal to the DJs on CHUM when I first started listening to them in 1959.  I never changed the dial. That’s where I got my musical education because, as you know well, radio then was a hodgepodge of rock, pop, ballads, country, instrumentals, and novelty songs.  Same thing when I moved to Edmonton (I didn’t have a choice. Actually, my Canadian army father was posted there in 1961).  After a brief fling with CHED (where I won my only prize from a radio station – a Hi-Fi Club binder), I switched to CJCA, and three years later, that’s where I got my first radio job while finishing school. (Hello America)
Geo: In the late ’50s, Doug, The Dee-Jays were bigger than the tunes, so I hung onto them every word. Not only did I grow up listening to CKY, but I also started my radio career there as a board-op, and then years later, I ended up consulting them. It was somewhat weird, though, because I felt like I was selling them all things that they taught me. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (I’m A Bucket List Junkie) 10/18/21

  1. Doug Thompson: George, I’d be honoured to grab a meal or a brew or two with you anytime you’re in Toronto. (I’m A Bucket List Junkie)
    Geo: All going well and they let me into Canada, Doug, it looks like I may be in Toronto on April 22 for a couple of days. Would love to see you.

    • Doug Thompson: I’ll do my best to stay alive until then George. (Bucket List Junkie)
      Geo: I’m looking over my shoulder too, Dougie.

  2. Debbie Martin: Have a great adventure, my Friend! (Bucket List Junkie)
    Geo: Thank you, Miss Debbie, miss you. xogeoxo

  3. Paul Cavenaugh: George, in my humble opinion, there isn’t a better ‘Bucket List’ choice than a Cruise. Any Cruise. Only 17 days though?
    Here’s a better option. (If you can learn to get into a cruising mindset). The Ultimate Round the World Cruise. The next one departs Port Everglades during the first week of January. 162 glorious days. 70 different cities. Every continent except Antarctica. Including the Panama Canal and Hawaii. See the whole world at once! Say you wanted to spend a couple of days in the wine-growing regions of France. You could get off the ship in Milan for example, and rejoin the cruise in Barcelona 6 days later. And whenever the ship docks in a place you’ve already visited. You stay on board and have the entire ship to yourself while being pampered continuously. It will change your perspective on the globe and life itself. It is the educational and culinary opportunity of a lifetime.
    As for your ‘Life-Liners’, there is one easier way to become a Millionaire…
    Start with $5 Million and buy a boat! (Bucket List Junkie)
    Geo: Paul, that sounds like a glorious trip.

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