As I write this I’m in Vegas to do a panel for my friend Tim Moore but I don’t see any radio people, all I see are bankers and lawyers. Wait a minute those are the radio people.

I love the line … Charlie Sheen is going on stage to do what?

Even Charlie Sheen’s failures like in Detroit are epic in proportion.

Tim Moore wants the NCAA to investigate The Butler Bulldog Basketball players. Reports are starting to leak out of Indianapolis that they all regularly attend classes plus have a very high grade point average. What are they thinkin’

Looks like the Bulldogs were spending a way too much time in class when they should have been practicing lay ups.

Arnold Siegel claims that if you mostly say what you mean and mean what you say you will be happy most of the time.

If your not a little bit frightened about what you are doing you’re not even close to your full potential.

It is very natural to sit down and very unnatural to stand up. But unfortunately standing up is the only place where quest for the gold begins.

Does it seem a little strange to you that some big stars lately have been leaving behind, misplacing or just losing intimate photos and/or film of them and their lovers doing the things lovers tend to do. These shocking visuals instead of hurting seem to be doing the opposite by reviving their fading careers. None of this is planned right ???

A lot of folks misunderstand what PPM is saying about radio in the morning. The listeners are not leaving morning radio they’re just leaving the ones that don’t have Super Stars and/or Super Content.

Where can we check on how much of the astronomical salaries these talented athletes get go to help the poor. I know a lot of them from poor countries send some home but how about the ones from poor communities right here in the good old USA. Are they sending any back to the neighborhoods where they just started to learn how do what they do so well now.

Jan Hall who is married to my friend Bob Christy and I have a pact. We want Bob to quit smoking so we tried to scare him into it by saying that if he dies from any smoking related issues I get to have sex with his beautiful wife right there at the funeral in front of all the mourners. Now I’m starting to pick up that Jan may be puffing on the odd cigarette now and then but I’m not going there because I’m telling you right now Bob this deal only works with Jan.

If any lie said anywhere was against the law, how would that change the world do you think.

Speaking of lies, in the 1400s Machiavelli told the King that the peasants were starting to educate themselves and it wouldn’t be too long now until they noticed they have you and your Royal Guards out numbered. When they figure that all out and realize while they are starving most of the time while you’re partying they are going to come up here and kick your ass. I think it is time for you to make a speech telling them that the good times are just ahead for them because your first priority now is to fix all their problems. Now the best part about this is you don’t really have do anything, just tell them you are doing something and that you have a great plan and you’re golden. And so it goes today.

OK I have to ask this one again … If telling the truth in a court of law is not politically correct do you still have to tell it.

At what age do you discover that the best things in life are not things.

When I was growing up they’re were so many rules in my house designed I was told to help me get through life successfully. All those rules ever did was make me defiant which I still maybe to this day. I’m not sure how that helped me a whole bunch, but maybe!

I wonder what great old photos from today they’re going to run 50 years from now.

My youngest Daughter Cami is wise beyond her years which I am totally against and also a little upset about. I feel you should hang on to your childhood as long as you can because what follows lasts more than a long time plus it’s not that much fun. Of course I just may be hanging to my own childhood a tad too long and I think it’s starting to embarrass my Grandson Nathaniel.

Speaking of Cami I was telling her that I think boys are now are tricking girls into using bad language so they no longer have to treat them like ladies nor protect them from all evil like their Dads do. The Dads of course are all looking for a little help with this important but unnoticed project but we see none on the horizon and we’ve all lost a step or two.

I think it all went wrong in Canada and America when somebody thought bad guys needed some rights even though they gave none to their victims.

What I loved about the North end in Boston was if you hurt anybody or did wrong there you were instantly dealt with they didn’t bother with Judges and Juries. The police didn’t even bother wasting their time patrolling there no need all was quiet.

Have you ever noticed when you bump into and old lover and remember old times together the part where you acted like bunnies most of the time and was such a big part of your relationship never comes up.

I was in a meeting with Jim Hilliard and a bunch of folks yesterday and Jim was explaining to the gathered that I hated all radio sales people. I said Jim that’s not true I only hate the ones who lie to me. He said well that about covers them all.

In the rest of show business you really have to be part of the show to make any money. In radio it seems that only the people who aren’t part of the play make all the money.

I wonder how the phrase … She’s having your baby ever got started. I know for sure that the courts have never bought into that other than the financial part.

According to FYI Music News in Canada, music aimed at females sells more than music aimed at males and it’s still radio that rings the musical cash register.

Most air talent only want to talk to their fan base but unfortunately their fan base has nothing more to give.

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