If Only Monica Had Kept Bill Busier !

Just when you thought Radio didn’t have anymore to give over 200 people were let go this week. I wonder if Bill Clinton had any idea back in 1996 what a mess he was generating when he hastily signed the Telecom Act into law. I presume he was trying to prevent Ma Bell from staying the monopoly it was but all he accomplished was turning Radio and the FCC into a joke. Oh and have you noticed your phone bill lately. I for one wish Bill had spent a little more quality time with Monica.

Speaking of Monica, what ever happened to her BFF Linda Tripp.

How about them Come Back Cards!

If it’s snowing in New York what the hell is it doing in Winnipeg.

I wonder why they call it Satellite Radio there’s nothing Radio about it. It’s simply audio for rent.

The only people who read USA Today are out of towners and Dee Jays.

My Mother always told me I shouldn’t spend too much time alone because I tend to have Hermit tendencies. HELLO, HELLO, is anybody here ???

I don’t think Republicans nor Democrats can fix the mess they both created. They are all so old school and yesterday it’s got be time for something new. I don’t see any of them coming up with the answers we need. I don’t think any of these guys could even get an interview let alone a job with Apple as their new CEO.

I find it interesting in Canada that the Quebec government pays for special treatments so women can become pregnant but neighboring Ontario does not. I have my theories on why of course but they would not be politically correct.

I wonder why the governments in America and Canada think they have the right to give away our money to other countries even though both are near bankruptcy. How many politicians do you suppose we will have to blow out before they’ll stop.

Now that most of us all have computers wouldn’t it be fun if the government sent us a list of everything they spend money on and let us make the cuts. No lobbyists could afford to get to all of us so we would have the budget balanced in no time.

How long do you suppose it will be until when I google my name I wont see … Did you mean:  George Jones

How would you ever field a radio station baseball team these days. Who the hell would come out to watch a bunch of sales folks play ball.

I hear production on the movie The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp as Tonto has been halted due to it being a way over budget. I mean how much could it cost to have a couple of guys riding around on horses for 90 minutes. Maybe they should use fake silver bullets.

Spell check wont give up. It still claims I’m spelling Cami & Candis incorrectly.

There isn’t a Recording Artist alive who doesn’t remember hearing their record on the radio for the first time. You Tube doesn’t even come close to supplying that kind of excitement.

If you wonder why the people who overpaid for radio stations and also overpay themselves are now firing everybody. It’s for the same reason dogs lick their !!!!

After leaving school and working for a while I decided I was no longer interested in listening to anybody telling me what to do or when and how to do it. That decision cost me millions but I’m happy guy and can sleep at night. Now I’m starting to re think  the whole thing though because I need some more cool stuff. Hey happiness ain’t everything and sleep is way over rated.

Steve Jobs told the students at Stanford University a few years ago that seeing as you are going to spend most of your life working you better find something you like to do.

Very seldom have I ever had an on air talent tell me how good they think another air talent is. I hear quite the opposite though.

Once again I ask … So the good thing about consolidation is ???

Moto says the real problem in America is 50% of Congress are Millionaires and 99% of America is not.

Joe Amaturo finally must be a happy man. His favorite word is “specificity” and if Radio is anything today it is sure that. But the quest for specifics takes a lot of meetings and at those meetings a lot of systems are created in order to implement those specifics. When the systems don’t work out as well as they did on paper and they never do, its back to the old drawing board and of course back to more meetings in order to come up with more and more specifics. Its never ending! Radio has forgotten how to dream and it sure sounds like it.

To be truly happy one must be balanced Financially, Spiritually, Physically and Intellectually equally. But I will tell you this, if someone in the family isn’t out of balance and a little obsessive about the financial side you can just forget about good schools for the kids, eating out in fancy restaurants, fine wines, big homes, exotic vacations and very sexy fast cars. Hey everybody in the family doesn’t need to be happy right!

In the past the slogan used to be … Better Dead Than Red! I wonder what they are using now to keep us from starting a brand new revolution.

19 thoughts on “If Only Monica Had Kept Bill Busier !

  1. George, you never struck me as a technophobe. When spell check highlights name spellings, just right click on the word and add it to the dictionary so spell check knows the name is spelled correctly.

    The new mantra is “Don’t raise taxes on the job creators”. Unfortunately the job creators are hoarding their money waiting for demand to rise, which won’t until more people get jobs. A Catch-22. 68% of millionaires think their taxes are too low, but none is voluntarily sending in extra money.

    • Mike I am definitely not a technophobe I don’t even know what that means as deep down I am a musician which I a will write about in a future blog and how that pertains or doesn’t pertain to Radio. As for not raising taxes on the job creators I lean more in the direction of no tax breaks for companies who don’t hire American workers. A bunch of companies today who are merging simply to get rid of American workers. The only Americans who end up working there are the big brass who pay themselves enormous salaries stock options etc. Why would I care if they make a profit. It costs a lot of money to hire American workers so I would give the companies who do tons of tax breaks. The companies who don’t hire American workers get no tax breaks, let them deal with the country who is doing their manufacturing for their tax breaks.

  2. I attended a meeting once where the speaker had the opportunity to ask President Clinton why he signed the Telcom Act of 1996 that started radio’s consolidation. Clinton’s answer was that he never knew that was in the bill. He said he found it had been added about 30-minutes before he signed it. The bill was supposed to let the phone companies into the cable TV biz and the cable companies into the phone biz with the goal being that both consumer rates would go down. Ooops! That didn’t happen on either my phone or cable TV bills; how about you? *** On another subject you posted today: I think the reason an artist gets a rush from being heard on the radio vs. YouTube is that radio is a curated medium. Anyone can appear on YouTube. *** Today’s blog post was overflowing with lots of mind stimulation along with some great laughs. When I get your email that a new post has gone up, I immediately go to your website. Thank You Geo!

    • Thank you Dick. I used to be in a rage about most of this stuff but now that I write it down and have the nerve to even post it. I feel like I’ve just been through some great therapy session and am no longer pissed enough to just kill Clinton. Hell what could they do to me now(-:

  3. “The only people who read USA Today are out of towners and Dee Jays.”

    Something I heard recently struck me as very George Johns-esque. How many stations put in a great deal of promotional time and effort supporting their market’s Ronald McDonald House – a wonderful resource used exclusively by people from out of town?

  4. As the dialogue below indicates, George is too kind; he assumes I actually have something to add!

    I think u should do it on the comments part of my Blog so all can share the Wisdom(: geo

    On Oct 29, 2011 7:14 PM, wrote:
    Well, I’ll want to share a paragraph or two. With proper attribution, of course.

  5. Actually my com bill has gone done..with Verizon it’s knowing when the new deals come out and pouncing on them. Has for the FCC as soon as I saw the writing on the wall I left the biz and went into IT..it paid better you got weekends and holidays off and you were constantly reworking things. Once they guy across the street was in your building it ceased to be fun…

  6. First of all…Kelly Mitchell learned all that stuff from Sally Fitz!

    You had to bring up the politics thing. I think it’s time the big guns come up with the “American Moderate Party” “Common sense solutions for America”.

    Americans are sick and tired of both the Democrats and the Republicans. Unfortunately, every new political party group is never anything but extremists on one side or the other. A bunch of nut cases!

    Simply the term “independent” suggests they aren’t working for any voter. We need a correctly positioned and promoted “middle party” to blow out both the Donkey’s and the Elephants in one fell swoop! There is so much discontent…a slick new “Middle Party” could be tough to beat…especially over a full 6 year election cycle.

    Mike Calhoun came up with an easy tax on the rich. A low rate sales tax on the value of a stock trade. Why hasn’t that been suggested?

    What Corporate America really screwed up, was not figuring out that every laid off American worker…eliminates one “CONSUMER”!!!! Not good in a 70% consumer driven economy. DUH???!!!

    Will they please shut up about the tech jobs of the future. With a High School droput rate of 40%…I want to know what everybody else will do? There are so many people who can only support a family from jobs like manufacturing. The only tax break out there, should be for a company that brings a job back here.

    I would sure like to talk to customer service representative who’s actually in Kansas, rather than Mumbai! Don’t they have enough customers in India to take care of?

    You had to get me started. I’m trying to be on vacation!

    Paul Cavenaugh

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