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When I first became a Program Director, it was at CKOM in Saskatoon and what I liked best about my new position was that most of my ideas finally made the airways.
As I moved on to CKSO in Sudbury, CFRA in Ottawa, and CFTR in Toronto, even more of my stuff made the cut.

However, when I became the National Program Director and later when I became the Vice President of Programming for Fairbanks Broadcasting in Indianapolis, that was the best because all of my ideas made the air.
Then after almost ten years of having a fair amount of success at Fairbanks, I decided to move to California and start my own consulting company.

Unfortunately, somewhere between Indy and San Diego, I must have lost it because now less than half my ideas get on the air. (And I’m being very kind to myself.)
You would think that after leaving some good stuff on the table would be bad enough but, NO!

Over the years of my consultancy, more often than not, whenever I’d come to town, according to the local PDs, they were already doing most of what I suggested they do to make their ratings go up.
I guess I was listening at the wrong times and missed them, or I’m losing my hearing?

Either way, F**K!

Unfortunately, society wants more, not better.

I can’t believe that the politicians turned the funeral of a great man, John Lewis, into a political rally.

Turning 40 for an actress is like being 60 for most women and 80 for guys.

Without a script, there’s no movie, no play, no TV series, no actors, no agents, no assistants, no money, no nothing.

I wonder how police recruitment is going these days.

Claiming that you’re not racist doesn’t make it so, especially if you’re a politician.

Nowadays, nothing is true anymore, absolutely nothing.

Because Biden has no charisma, campaign funding is going to be slow, and in fact, most of it is going to come from big business.

Unfortunately, those cats don’t do it for free; they expect favors.

What a weird world. We grew up thinking Cops, Boy Scout Leaders, Priests, and Presidents were God-like; what a shock, huh?

What the hell does the CIA and the FBI do that we can’t live without?

One of the ways to improve yourself is to emulate all the people you admire.

Folks who listen more than they talk are usually very successful.

Your best memories will come from your accomplishing something you previously thought couldn’t be done.

I guess WGN in Chicago is going to continue the tradition created by KGO in San Francisco, going from first to worst in the shortest possible time.

Where you are, today came about by what you were thinking about yesterday. So with that in mind, what do you think about tomorrow?

The quest of Mankind from the very beginning was the need to distance itself from the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, it seems to me we’re moving closer.

As bad off as women claim they are, not many of them are part of the homeless society. How do they manage that?

The even better part about living an extraordinary life comes when you get to share it with those you love.

93% of Americans still consume radio, but radio still can’t make a buck. It’s time to bring in the guys from Amazon and Google; I bet they could figure it out.

So as Michelle Obama once said to Hillary in a speech on the campaign trail, “If you can’t control your own house, how are you going to control the White House?” I say to the Democrats, “If you can’t control Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis, how are you going to control America?”


Jed Duvall: So would you classify Beethoven, Bach, Handel, and Mozart as Level Seven? (Hey Who Dat?)
Geo: Perhaps the Penthouse, Jed

Doug Chapelle: Geo, you are too kind to Snopes they are a way to the left, once I realized that I stopped using it. (Geo’s Father’s Day Adventure)

North: “Do I have this right; there are no Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Arabs, Latinos, Blacks, Native Americans, or Women who are racist, just white males?” George, you should tweet this and see if Drew Brees re-tweets it. (Just Another Day In Paradise)
Geo: North, I think Drew should concentrate on football, he’s got a gunfight coming up this fall with Brady.>/i>



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