I Should Have Never Tried Sex!

I recently posted an e mail from Rick Hallson an old friend from Canada. Rick and I go back to when we were both starting out in Radio as board ops at CKY in Winnipeg.  Several people thought the e mail was from me, rather than to me. Rick, I’m very sad to report is dying of lung cancer and was reaching out in hopes of convincing other Radio people to quit smoking immediately. As far as I know I’m fine but thank you for all your best wishes. My Blog has a few more people it needs to spank before I can exit the planet.

I gave HB a “B” for her participation in my Holiday Season this year.

Have you ever noticed that the road to success is filled with detours and is always under construction.

Lots of people have the power to say no but very few have the power to say yes.

The phoniest question in the world may be “How Are You” I remember when record guys would get me on the phone and the first thing they would say was … Hey how are ya George? Hey listen I’ve got this great new group and I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to listen to the single yet. I would respond with … Ok I’m ready to answer your first question now. They would pause and say what question was that Man? You asked me how I was and I’m ready to respond now. I’m actually feeling pretty good today but a couple of days ago I didn’t know if I was just hung over or maybe I was coming down with something but I’m fine now, thanks for asking. I think I may have scared them a little but it sure made the conversations much shorter.

Someone once told me Cocaine was better than sex so I didn’t dare try it. I should have never tried sex!

Spent some time the other day on the phone with my friend Radio HOF x 2 Ron Chapman (pictured above) who is in the hospital recovering from a mild stroke he suffered just before Christmas. He was very lucky his wife Nance was around when it happened, she dialed 911 immediately which got him to the hospital before much damage could be done. All I know for sure was he was matching me line for line on the phone, but then again he used to whip me so he may have lost a step for the moment, but rehab I’m betting will bring him back as strong as ever. As usual Ron controlled the press on this and the word about his stroke only got out when he decided it would. Back in the day few people realized when the ratings came out in Dallas the Newspapers would call Ron to find out what they were. What you read in the Newspaper was Ron’s interpretation of the ratings.

Homer Simpson was overheard saying if Jesus had a gun he’d be alive today.

I always thought the way it worked was, the fewer people there were who could complete any certain task the more it should pay. Consequently the more people who can complete a task, the less it should pay. With that in mind I could never figure out why the Auto Industry in Detroit paid such huge money to people who were doing tasks I think my 8 year old Grandson Nathaniel could do.

I just love the quote … The last thing I wanna do is hurt you, but it’s still on my list!

We are what we remember.

The only weather casts I like on the Radio outside of Hurricane season are the ones that answer the question … What’s it like outside?

Few people realize that most actors can sing and thats probably how it all got started.

I know guys get into Bands and Radio to get Women. I wonder why Women do it?

Being a dual citizen of both the US and Canada for sometime now it’s taken me this long to figure out that if both countries each spoke a different language they would better understand each other.

Unlike our politicians who are far left or far right, I believe most Americans only lean a little to the left or a little to the right.

Radio Ratings consist mostly of the listening habits of passive people but it is programmed and sold by assertive people. I wonder how that’s working.

The main job of a Program Director of a Radio Station is to continue to make the Station sound better even if it has a 100 share.

Have you ever noticed that Contemporary Christian Music seems to consist of white love songs.

Radio all becomes so much bigger when not only do you have good ratings but you can ring that cash register bell too.

Most clients want Radio to send people to their store and I’ve always been pretty good at figuring out how to do that. One time though I remember getting a call from a Jewelry store owner angrily demanding to know what the hell was he supposed to do with all these people who were filling up his store.

Dick Yancey who was in charge of sales when we both worked together at Fairbanks once went into Mr. Fairbanks office and said, I have figured out how to double the billing for the company. Mr. Fairbanks responded with … Why would I want to do that? Dick said that was the only part he didn’t think through because he thought Mr. Fairbanks had that part!

Radio has always worked like a drug for a lot of people giving them some relief for a few moments from a stress filled day.

I truly believe through repetition you can re-invent yourself. Shotgun Tom Kelly actually became the character he plays on the Radio. The result of which is he is going to have his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Good for you Shotz!

If you are gifted you have to figure out how to mix a little science into your act or you’ll die penniless like Mozart.

Fame can be turned into cash. Case in point is Walt Disney who had to sell most of his stock in Disney in order to build Disneyland so instead of attending board of directors meeting he formed another company to provide creativity to Disney. More importantly he also leased them his name. When the board was shocked at the price Walt wanted he responded with … You’re right lets call it Smith Land, much cheaper.

If you want to get noticed at a Radio Station get in the blame line it’s much shorter.

It usually takes an emotional experience for someone to change.

Speaking of change I think I would love to read the early Bio’s of some “Born Agains” pretty exciting and the stuff movies are made of I figure.




6 thoughts on “I Should Have Never Tried Sex!

  1. George, your handling of the “how are you” question reminds me of Carl Storie’s approach to telephone solicitors. When they open with that question, he tells them — sparing no imaginary detail: “How am I? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve got this thing on my left wrist…I don’t know, it’s maybe a spider bite or something. And let me tell you about this gunk that’s oozing out of it…” He does not relent until he hears the hang-up click.

  2. I took me a year and a half to rehab from my mild stroke..bet it takes Ron less time as he’ll have it figured out right quick..bet then he was always pushing the enevolope.

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