I Prefer Torture

561331_10151827072399307_8243211_aI recently read a piece where Doug Erickson claimed that the interaction we used to enjoy between the listeners and the talent has virtually disappeared from the airways. Doug’s statement got me thinking about a conversation I had with Ron Chapman after having the honor of inducting him into the Radio Hall Of Fame.
At the conclusion of the Televised festivities Ron and I retired to the Palmer House bar where after sampling some of the top shelf libations we began to reminisce about our years together at KVIL. Those early years were so much fun and we actually got to do things on the air that other radio people only dream about which were probably responsible for us even being here on this wondrous evening. We talked about all the great talent we had gathered around us at the time and Ron also told me that he still remembers the day we had a conversation that changed his whole career. On this particular day he claimed he was telling me why didn’t allowed a phone in studio because he felt it only distracted the air talent. He said I only paused a moment before saying … Ron we’re doing a lotta new stuff on K-Ville at the moment so you may want to reconsider that decision if for no other reason other than having the ability to check in with the folks now and then to see how they think we’re doing. The very next day he had a phone installed and for the next 30 years not only did he answer it but he worked his ass off to get it to ring because the phone soon became Ron’s whole show and led him straight to this particular evening where his well deserved 3rd HOF awaited him.

The Buildings on Broadway where the play is playing is not the thing … The Play’s The Thing”.

The more a man makes a woman smile the more opportunities he may have at her making him smile.

Dreams are only fantasies and stay that way until some action shows up.

I liked it better when who you were making love with at night was a secret.

For Sam’s sake being drafted in the 7th round means he’s got his work cut out for him. His only hope is to become better at football player than a kisser, but then again who has the balls to cut our President’s hero.

Intelligent people always wonder about everything, stupid people don’t because they all ready know everything.

What are the odds of this, last night I was sitting at Duffy’s beside a very large dude named Anthony Hamlet so I asked him if he ever played pro football. He claimed he had played for a year in the CFL back in ’94 but it was in the most boring city he had ever lived in so he only stayed for a year. He complained that there was absolutely no night life mostly because there was very little night time and in fact it stayed light until about 11 PM and the Mosquitoes up there were as big as f**king birds. I didn’t bother to ask him what city he played in, I just asked him how him and the Bombers did that year.

If our behavior was anything like our governments we would all be arrested.

The only people who don’t have ID don’t want ID.

There are 6 sides to every story.

There are two of the one my Daughters know and the other one.

A deadline always speeds up problem solving.

Very few actors can’t sing.

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of black musicians in white bands but the reverse is not true.

Musicians in Canada are very powerful. The CRTC once granted me a radio license in Niagara Falls because I used to play for The Jury, it had very little to do with the fact that I also happened to also be a fairly successful radio guy.

Your mistakes open your eyes.

Having Daughters tends to make one believe in the death penalty, but I for one would prefer torture !

You need ratings to sell regionally and nationally but you need to have the ability to put asses in the seats to be able to sell locally.

The word commitment means different things to different people. When a Woman commits to a Man his life goes on as usual but when a Man commits to a Woman his life is about to drastically change forever.

The hardest things in life to find are loyal friends and a true love.

There is no such thing as standing still, you are either going backwards or forwards.

The word “Man” was originally started by black men in retaliation to them being called “Boy”.

The world is not kind to Mavericks.

Charles Osgood said there is no exception to the rule that most people want to be the exception to the rule.




10 thoughts on “I Prefer Torture

  1. Great post, George. Bravos!

    Let me attest to Ron’s deft use of good phone. Driving to work (working in Dallas as one of Mel’s GMs), traffic slowed then came to a complete stop. My first reaction was to stop scanning our stations and tune into KVIL. Ron had trained every DFW resident…when you need local information, including up-to-the-minute traffic, there was no substitute for KVIL. Ron’s traffic team was already on it, reporting the stopped traffic and growing backup. What no one knew was what was causing that major backup.

    Luck had put me in the right place at precisely the right moment. I could see that a two-car accident under the overpass ahead was the problem. A couple of news choppers were overhead but unable to see the accident under the overpass. I called the KVIL request line rather than waste time looking up the warm line .

    Ron answered during a record. I told him who I was and shared the news – the backup was due to a two-car accident under the overpass, should be cleared in a few minutes. What happened next was quintessential Chapman.

    Ron played some well-edited audio of our call including me saying I was GM at The Oasis and V100. He jumps in after my eyewitness description of the problem saying “Did you hear that?” replays my self-identification and says “If this is what consolidation is about, you gotta love it! Thanks, Dave” Jingle. Record.


    Two days later a package arrives. Ron had taken the time to burn a disc of my guest traffic reporter debut on KVIL which he sent me along with a wonderful handwritten note.


    • David the format always went like this at KVIL … Get their attention first (you on the the non broadcast quality phone) Next a little drama ( you talking about something that nobody in the city knew about). Now big close ( Ron shouting) Then hit jingle followed by a hit record with no talk over it so the listener could memorize the experience and take it to work with him to tell a co-worker. Just another perfect set on KAY VEE EYE LLL!

  2. George, I wish I had met you 30 years ago. I loved so many of your stations. We knew so many of the same people. Ron’s daughter, Melanie, even worked with me in Denver. Your name will always be associated with some of the best radio stations ever created. How cool is that?

  3. George, your observation that very few actors can sing (well), reminds me of the telegram Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer head, Louis B. Mayer wrote back to his New York talent scouts when he viewed Ava Gardner’s screen test: “She can’t sing. She can’t act. She can’t dance. She’s perfect !”

  4. What I actually was trying to say Jed was very few of them can’t sing. Most of them started out singing and evolved to acting. I do though like Louis’ line though and what ever Ava had it was good enough for Frank to be hooked on for his whole life.

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