I Misspell My Daughters Names!

Being originally from Canada I’m not very hip to college ball but it’s becoming pretty obvious to me that some of the players are much too busy having their hair extensions installed to be able to go to class and learn how to play smarter.

The Muses and Demons use similar voices when they speak to me.

Dreaming your dream is only a dream but sharing your dream with others begins the process necessary to make your dream come true.

But you’re still just dreaming if your dream doesn’t have a goal.

Friends are friends! Facebook friends at best are acquaintances.

It all begins with a dream then in Nashville it becomes a song, in Hollywood a treatment, in New York a script, and on the Radio a clever line. Words Are Golden!

Sometimes there is a better life waiting for you than the one you planned.

At her Birthday Dinner Cami said to me, Daddy now that I’m 18 I no longer need your permission to get tattoos. I responded with … Ah so you don’t need you a car!

People make mistakes a hell of lot faster than they make corrections.

If having babies didn’t pay so well there would be fewer of them.

I don’t trust the rich nor the poor, they both think they have the right to lie.

I believe there is a way too much freedom in America. A small case in point is my oldest Daughter was only given the choice of what college she was going to attend. But by the time my Son came of age I had come around to America’s way of thinking so he had freedom of choice. He chose not to be educated even though he may be more intellectually smarter than Candis or Cami. Unfortunately I don’t think it has turned out so well for him and I understand he may be bitter about things and might be looking elsewhere to place the blame. Needless to say I have returned to the less freedom mode again with my youngest who is a now senior and in the honors program and seems very excited about going to college next year. America on the other hand just keeps on handing out more and more freedom and the unrest across the land continues as does all the senseless shootings.

Until you try to master something new you will never grow.

The scariest thing about working for Jim Hilliard was we didn’t have a promotion budget to work with but somehow ended up doing more great promotions at Fairbanks than anywhere else. The only budget Jim ever put together was how much the sales department were going to bill and whenever they would say, Hey what if we don’t get the ratings! That’s just gonna make it tougher was his reply. On my end it was all in the presentation and if your pitch was any good all you heard from Jim was … Hell we gotta do that!

Spellcheck still claims I spell both of my Daughters names wrong.

I’m quite sure discussions about my writing style is not soup du jour but I did want to state that most of my scratchings are simply the verbal translations of the audio I hear in my head.

The thing I really dislike about political correctness is, it removes the opportunity to convince someone that their thinking is misguided.

Change has to start with visualization because somebody has to see the next step!

Money is the Achilles heel of Women, beauty is Men’s.

If you ever wondered about some of the decisions some Jury’s make. Most smart people figure out how to get out of Jury duty.

Have you ever noticed that Santa seems to love rich kids a lot more than poor ones.

You’re just dreaming if your dream doesn’t have a goal.

Isn’t it sad that some of the most exciting times in your life can never be talked about.

You’re not supposed feed wild animals because they become dependent and can’t fend for themselves. Surely that’s not true of welfare recipients.

Half of all the people you know are below average.

Unfortunately the experience you so badly need to handle a situation only shows up after you need it.

Tim Reever will like this one. I just read somewhere that foreigners probably can’t tell if someone is retarded or just has a Boston accent.

Opportunity is often cleverly disguised as too much trouble.

Do you think the Broadway performers would put up with the ticket sellers coming out of their booths to give them a little constructive criticism.

Speaking of selling I do think that sales is a worthy profession. Hey everybody can’t sing, dance, or say clever things so somebody has to sell those that can, but I just wish they wouldn’t be so noisy about it.

Carole King said that most of the songs she wrote about back in the 5o’s and 60’s were about sex and Women’s fear of having any.

Why do the folks on the air make such a big deal about the end of their shift. Why can’t they do it like “Breaking Bad” or The Sopranos and set us up for the next show so they can get 6 or 7 years out of it.

Most leaders are very visionary and it’s the passion they use to describe their vision that gets people to follow them.

Most Canadians don’t think they are as good as Americans where as Australians think they are much​ better. They’re both wrong!

Most support people at a Radio Station feel the place couldn’t go on without them. What they don’t realize, there’s a meeting going on at this very moment trying to figure out how to do that very thing.


6 thoughts on “I Misspell My Daughters Names!

  1. My Goodness! Aren’t we in a grumpy mood today! ???

    Humans and Chimps share approximately 96% of the same DNA. Why are you so surprised by human behavior?

    The reason you make a big deal about the end your show, is because you never know the outcome of that replacement meeting down the hall!

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