Shown here warming up is my Grandson Nathaniel. “N” lives in California with his Mom and Dad who are raising him for me. He’s watching the Falcons and 9ers but also texting me exactly what San Francisco needs to do as he gets ready to go in and do it all himself. Color me a proud Buppa! I’ll never forget eight years ago on the eve of his birth getting a call from his Mother while hanging out and watching a little TV in my Hotel room in Burbank as I got ready for the big event the next day.         Candis had called to find out if I wanted to have dinner with her at our favorite restaurant which was located right next door to the Hotel. The reason we liked this place I think was because they served Scottish style bread pudding like my Mom and G’ma used to make. Having dinner with my Daughter has always been special but having it the night before she was giving birth to her Son made the evening that much more special.                             Candis had been lugging Nathaniel around in her tummy long enough so the Doctor decided tomorrow was the day they drag him out whether he wanted out or not. While dinning she asked me if I would take her back to work later that evening because she had a couple of things still left to do. Her Both her Husband Charlie and her Mother thought she shouldn’t go in because she needed to rest up for the next day. Seeing as Candis has never heard the no word from me I didn’t think that moment would be the appropriate time for me to start changing my ways so of course I greed to take her.                                   Candis was the Licensing Director of WEA, a large record company in Los Angeles which is where we headed to right after dinner. She went right into her office upon our arrival to finish up whatever it was that couldn’t wait leaving me to wander around gazing in awe at all the gold records and giant posters  that were hanging on the walls. I remembered thinking that it sure doesn’t get much better than this for an aging rocker like myself who is about to become a Grandpa eh? A little while later Candis came out of her office saying she was almost ready to go but first she had something special to give me. With that she handed me a brand new box set of CD’s entitled “British Bands & Beyond” What made this box set so special she claimed was it included a cut from my old band The Jury. Wow! As she handed me the box set I noticed she had tears in her eyes but with huge smile on her face  said … Dad when Nathaniel learns his Grandpa once was a Rock ‘N Roll star he’s going to be so proud!

My Father didn’t tell me what kind of a Man he was he showed me. I pale in comparison.

I think the reason there were a 195,000 deaths from malpractice last year is really quite simple … Most Doctors didn’t graduate anywhere near the top of their class.

Have you ever noticed when you call out anybody but politicians for being stupid or crooked they can’t resist fighting back. I guess the politicians must agree with our opinion of them.

Dave Fulton’s film/documentary “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” is now a book plus his 3rd re edit of the film is headed for the film festivals. Dave claims when they do the screenplay which will turn the documentary into a full blown movie, he is casting George Clooney to play me. Hey Now!

Do you trust a bunch of rich guys (Congress) to fairly decide what the rich should pay in taxes.

Surprise surprise! It turns out, we the middle class must have been the rich folks Obama was talking about all along as we got a peek at our first paycheck stub in 2013. I wonder how many of the people who voted for him because they liked his plan to fix the economy would have bought in had they known that this was the real plan. I hate liars!

As much as I loved the Reagan era I hated the part where they turned the nut cases loose from the institutions plus making it almost impossible to institutionalize any of the really sick ones who are wandering around out here today. These creeps have nothing better to do than come up with their own terrifying plan on how to become famous as the most evil person who ever lived. They can plan this without fear because of all the human rights issues that protect them.(most of their shrinks know what they are planning) That, I think is the problem not guns!

You are only real good at what you like to do, more money will never change that.

I wish the geeks would suspend working on new technology until they get what we presently have to work as good as cars.

After seeing the movie “D’Jango Unchained” I wonder if all plantation owners were as despicable as the ones depicted in the movie. The thing I do know though is less than 5% of Americans owned any slaves and I don’t think many of the folks who immigrated to the US as I did owned any slaves nor did our ancestors. I for one have no interest in paying for the sins of others.

He who can control the language will control the money. It’s Google it not Bing it or Yahoo it!

I think the Radio Stations who have people that actually listening to them should get more money per spot than stations who just have so called listeners who only hear them.

Women will give up “eye candy” in a heart beat for intellect. Men aren’t so smart.

You can only do it if you can dream it but the dreaming part is the hard part.

Isn’t asking an oil executive what kinds of energy sources he sees in our future and which ones he thinks we should invest in, kinda like asking a Radio sales person what kind of media should we advertise on.

The only place we have any rights is out on the street. If you are in a building right now you have a lotta rules about what you can’t do but very few rights about what you can do.

I know very few Men who brag about how good the Women they love are in the sack, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

The extent of your success is based on how much more you accomplish after doing what you were assigned and expected to do.

The weaker your signal the stronger and/or more unique your programming must be.

6 thoughts on “EIGHT YEARS AGO TODAY!

    • Thank you Robert. It is so good to hear from the folks in Transcona, it brings me back to reality enough to say … How the hell did this all happen (-:

  1. There definitely is a difference between listening and hearing. Whether it is a radio station or a face-to-face conversation, people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel. As I approach the one year anniversary of my stem cell transplant (BMT), I am acutely aware of the difference between listening and hearing. If people don’t really listen to what you say, they stir up negative feelings. The same is true if you don’t truly listen to what people say to you.

    George, you always make me think.

    • You sure can tell when somebody is not listening to you in person. It’s the other times Bob when you have to guess that’s scary. My attitude has always been they’re not listening and that’s unacceptable so I’m going to make ’em listen. It’s given me a pretty good career.

  2. “Most Doctors didn’t graduate anywhere near the top of their class.”

    I think it was the late George Carlin who said, “Somewhere, there is the world’s worst doctor. And he has patients.”

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