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Everybody always thinks their part is the biggest part. Case in point, when the John Blair company bought WIBC/WNAP in Indianapolis and KVIL in Dallas, it was the highest price ever paid for radio stations.
Now what you have to understand about the owner, Richard M Fairbanks,(pictured above) is that not only can he can trace his family back to the Mayflower, but his grandfather was the Vice President of the United States which Fairbanks Alaska is named after. So I’m sure that you can understand that he didn’t need the money, but he sure liked the part where he was making broadcasting history by being on the upside of that record making deal.
However, as a part of that deal, he had to give up his CEO, Jim Hilliard. Blair wanted Jim to be the president of their broadcast division which meant of course that he would still be involved with WIBC/WNAP and KVIL so the only change would be Fairbanks’ departure. With that in mind, Jim asked Mr. Fairbanks if he could put a small farewell dinner party where the longtime employees who had been with him for well over thirty years could say their goodbyes? Mr. Fairbanks responded as only he could by saying, “Jim, I’ve carried all these people years, surely you don’t expect me to eat with them too?” Proving beyond a doubt that he was definitely a Dick not a Richard.
(pictured on top is those of us who owned a small piece, breaking ground on what would become the new home of WIBC/WNAP in Indianapolis.)


Speaking of Mr. Fairbanks, his best line ever may have been when he and Jim went to lunch in Jim’s new Bentley. When Jim asked if he’d ever ridden in a Bentley before, Mr. Fairbanks responded with, “Never in the front!”

One of the best newspaper ads that I’d ever seen showed a newspaper boy on his delivery bike staring at a new Cadillac with a caption over his head that read, “Someday, someday.” I wonder who it was that called the meeting at GM in Detroit that killed that kid’s dream?

Great rewards come from great risks, but then again, you’re working without a net.


Now that we are all members of the “me too” society when are the gentlemen gonna serve up the names of the ladies who offered up their many charms for a little boost up the ladder?

How much do you suppose of the, “Were only doing this for safety reasons is bullshit?

If anybody thinks that Andy Boudain and Kate Spade are in a better place now, they better not talk that shit to my daughters or I’ll find a way for them to join them.

Whatever happened to gas wars?

If LeBron would have been smart, he’d have stayed in Cleveland and lived free for the rest of his life as King James. However, nobody has ever accused a pro athlete of being that smart.

Only when in the middle of a crisis does one discover who’s loyal to them.

Fear and regrets are the evil twins who rob you of your shot at happiness.


Being a Centrist I’m a little liberal about some things and a little Conservative about others, but never a Socialist.

For most of my life, political conversations never came up, now they never not come up?

Would you be more likely to be killed by a cop or a thug? I wonder what the Vegas oddsmakers say?

Why do the celebrities at award shows keep singing to the choir?

I’m very suspicious of all government agencies that use initials instead of their full name. CIA, FBI, DEA, DOJ, IRS, DMV, USPS, DOT, EEOC, EPA, FAA, FCC, FDA, FDIC, FEC, FTC, INS, NASA, NIH, NLRB, SEC, and USIA to only mention a few. What do you suppose they’re hiding?

With all the gun controversy and how upset the people are about the school shootings, you would think the NRA would be smart enough to concede a little something?

I believe that more business is done in America at lunch than at any other time.

I don’t want my kids to have Obama care; I want them to have the same health care Obama has right now

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Implementing the new music research is not an art form.

Radio’s best and worst friend is the scan button on the car radio.

The only thing that’s important is what’s on the radio right now?

If you don’t have anything special to say, don’t say it on the radio.

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