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When Jack McCoy and I were trading a bunch of war stories on the phone recently I told him that I can still recall the very moment my whole life changed.
It happened as I was returning an album to the on air studio at CKY in Winnipeg where I was a board op and overheard our midday host George Dawes saying thanks but no thanks to someone on the phone. After he hung up I asked him what that was all about and when he told me that he had just been offered the Program Director’s job at  CKOM in Saskatoon but wasn’t interested I told him I sure was. He was kind enough to call them back and arrange an interview for me for me and the next thing I knew I was CKOM’s new Program Director which kicked off a hell of a career but I’ve often wondered what would have become of me had I walked into that studio just fifteen seconds later. When I mentioned this to Jim Hilliard years later he just laughed and claimed that I probably would’ve got an even better offer from someone else, I knew you had it the first day I met you squirrel. Huh!
Jack recalled a somewhat similar situation when he was freaking out one day because the business he was involved in was having some catastrophic problems and he wasn’t sure what he was going to do about them. His wife asked him what he was stressing out and worrying so much for … You’ve had big problems in the past she told him and have always managed to solve them so she suggested that he just sit back and relax. Huh!


Christmas is still the most powerful event on earth even though some folks are trying to make it more politically correct by changing it to just a holiday and saying nonsense like “Best of the Season and Happy Holiday” they still can’t diminish its enormity. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ME TO YOU AND YOURS!

Whatever you’d pay to watch a political debate or speech is exactly how much they’re worth.
Have you ever heard a woman claim that she’d die for her man.
Women are who they are not who they married.
Is it the stress of a divorce that causes a woman to lose 20 pounds or does she just have a new plan.
Why do we feel compelled to tell a beautiful woman what we would like to do to them, I think they already know.
Most men treat the women they love much differently than they do the others but tend to treat the others as equals until they’re not.
I think it may be easier to quit smoking than leave a beautiful woman.
If women are really fashion conscious how come they never ask us what we’re wearing while talking to us on the phone.
I do everything my daughters tell me to do until it involves their safety.
As ordinary as the Colonel and Brian Epstein appeared to be, Elvis and The Beatles were f**ked without them.
Why do the lesser talents have egos bigger than the gifted.
Whatever happened to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they don’t seem to be hangin’ at the White House anymore.
The dreams of the future are much more appealing than the reality of the past.
Not believing in magic makes it very difficult to explain love.
You are not born with good instincts.
There is no such thing as business ethics, there is only ethics.
The people who appear to be the happiest usually come from the saddest place.
I like hard working people but I love the smart working ones.
If you don’t have more questions than answers you’re really not living.
Originally we were told that consolidation was good because it would save local radio. They wouldn’t lie to us would they.
Over the years I’ve donated a lot of my funds to a cause which perhaps you’ve also participated in, it’s called Blondes.
Shakespeare used to include instructions to the actors as part of the script. I find myself sorta doing the same thing in my Blogs.
If you don’t follow your own dreams you’ll soon find yourself following someone else’s.
One of the many great things about America is that you have the tight to choose whom you worship but you do not have the right to choose whom I worship. 
Who you really are is the person who does what they do when nobody is watching.
You are also whomever the person who signs your checks says you are.
Sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn’t get greased it gets replaced.

Boy the Giants sure gave the Panthers a run for it huh!

Is it possible that there may be just too much money between us and a cure for cancer.

Willy Parasuik one of our of our more brilliant escapees and our lone Rhodes Scholar once told me that in order for one to be successful they will need … Tenacity Tolerance and Curiosity.

Everybody’s self motivated you only need to find out what they would really like to do then have the balls to let them do it.

The first clue in finding out whether a guy watches any porn is to check out if he has a computer.

The 4 stages of Christmas.
1.You believe in Santa Clause.
2.You don’t believe in Santa Clause.
3.You are Santa Clause.
4.You look like Santa Clause.

Until I hear “Silent Night” it’s not really Christmas but I wish you all a very merry one anyway.

In a few days I’ll be headed to California to spend Christmas with my daughter Candis which I haven’t done since 1993 and it will my first with my grandson Nathaniel. Color me very excited!

I begin celebrating the 12 days of Christmas on December 25 with my 12 most read Blogs in 2015.

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13 thoughts on “HUH! (new for Dec 21/15)

  1. George, it occurs to me that you would have been a hell of a political consultant. The country would be better off if you had been!

  2. Don’t tell anyone but the song, “Happy Holidays” was written in 1942 for the movie “Holiday Inn” sung by Bing Crosby and written by Irving Berlin. Before anyone gets pissed at Berlin, he also wrote “White Christmas”.

  3. Merry Christmas George, enjoy reading your blog, especially when you write about old Transcona times. Will be seeing Jimmy again when we get to Palm Springs again this winter. Maybe if you’re in the neighborhood then we could hook up with you and “Easter Bunny”. Take care, Nipper

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