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When I left CKY in Winnipeg for the program director’s job at CKOM in Saskatoon, I was basically a glorified board-op. Luckily, I also had two titles under my belt, Music and Production Director. My old boss Jimmy Darin had given me the Production Director title just before he left to go back to the states and on the advice of my old friend Daryl ‘B’, my new boss, Bill Grogan gave me the Music Director’s title. I’m pretty sure having those two titles got me the PD job in Saskatoon ’cause I sure as hell didn’t know much about programming.
Four years later after having just been made the station manager of CFTR in Toronto, I took the family back home to Winnipeg for a short vacation. While there I popped up to the CKY studios to see all my old buds but as I arrived, they were all leaving for a press conference, so I tagged along. 
The press conference turned out to be for hockey superstar Bobby Hull who had just signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Winnipeg Jets. At that conference, they were also presenting Bobby with a million dollar bonus check (see picture above) for being the first NHL player to jump to the WHL.
What a great day, not only did I get to meet Bobby Hull, and hang with my old friends, I got to catch up with some of the other media people I knew. One of them was Don Slade who had been at my going away party four years earlier when I was leaving for Saskatoon. Don was the longtime morning man at CKRC, and when he spotted me, a big smile appeared on his face as he walked over to greet me. When he asked how things were going at CKOM and I told him that I was no longer there that smile quickly turned into a frown. “Oh no,” he said, “What happened?” When I brought him up to date with the fact that I was now the station manager of CFTR in Toronto his frown turned into one of bewilderment.
As I look back now, at no point did I ever think that my career was moving ahead quickly? But now as I see it through Don’s eyes, I’m with him, because I too wonder, “How the hell did that happen?”


I was asked on Fathers Day if I remembered the best advice he ever gave me? Yes, I replied, he told me to stay away from the bad girls, I, of course, didn’t listen.

I believe in local radio but what I don’t believe in are carnival barker car commercials and tire store remotes.
What makes you feel more powerful ladies, your beauty or your brains? 
I was just reading in Radio Inc. that the NAB is considering petitioning the FCC for even fewer restraints on radio station ownership. That must be because of how successful consolidation has been so far. NOT!
Loud music softens with age?
Ever since I was a little kid, I was driven by the need to be somebody which I’ve finally achieved. I’m the father of Candis, Curtis, and Cami, not to mention, Nathaniel’s Buppa.
Speaking of Nathaniel, I’m hoping that in the future he focuses on business and finance. Because as far as I can tell, that’ll be the only way he’ll be able to continue living in California.
One of the neatest things about working for Jim Hilliard was that you got to take credit for a lot of things because he didn’t want the credit he just wanted the money.
My experiences with Uber have always been great. However, now I see ads on TV with the new president claiming that Uber is gonna get better. Why would I want that?
When you don’t ask, the answer is always no.
When the road behind grows longer than the path in front, it’s time to live for today.

Being the best gets you fancy cars, big homes, beautiful women, a ton of money and a lot of respect. Unfortunately, though, none of that can make you the best.

I bet sales folks are about as excited hearing programming’s sales ideas as we are hearing their programming suggestions.

You learn nothing while talking.

What fool decided that music was no longer needed to be taught in schools but history which half of isn’t even true is?

What a great life Prince Harry and his new bride are going to have. Harry is six or seventh in line, so he doesn’t need to be trained to be a King. As a Prince, his only job will be to never embarrass the crown. Rock on Harry!

Isn’t it strange that in books written by women, the wedding usually comes near the end whereas it’s somewhere near the middle if written by a man?

Speaking of weddings, I think they may need to consider making marriage a little more male-friendly if they want it to continue.

I’m pretty sure that the only thing the current radio owners know about talent was that they were expensive.

I wonder if the British press will rip Harry’s new wife like the press here does Trumps? I think not though because the Brits can be sued for slander as they were when they accused Liberace of being gay. He made a fortune off of them when they couldn’t prove it even though he was.

Has anyone checked to see if Canada’s PM, Mr. Trudeau, or the PM’s before him ever placed and still have any tariffs on American products entering Canada?

Am I just being negative by assuming that things aren’t going to get cheaper during a trade war?

After a 20-year hiatus, I became a father again Since and have gone from Da Da to Daddy to Dad to Dude and am now back to Daddy. It’s great being a father but even more special being a Daddy.

Speaking of fathers, Cami’s grandmother Maggie, once told me that any man can become a father but it takes a hell of a man to become a daddy.

Mr. Trump, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, we gave you the power to stop children being separated from their families. Use it or we will take it away from you.

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. An inside look at Music Movies Radio & Life (How did that happen) June 18 /18)

  1. George wrote: “I believe in and love local radio but what I don’t believe in are carnival barker car commercials and tire store remotes.”

    Bad ads have driven/are driving listeners away. Most commercials on local radio are terrible. My solution is I push the button and move on to another station or switch to SIrius/XM where, at least on the talk or news channels, the commercials are equally as bad if not worse. Ever hear the Bronx accent guy, Jimmy from Zyppah? Annoying to the nth degree. I worked with one of the best writers in radio, my former creative partner Bill McDonald. I’m embarrassed to hear some of the so called ads on radio today.

    • I was lucky enough to get to work with Bill in Toronto, Dougie, and his commercials were better than some of the tunes we were playing. The two of you together must have been outrageous.

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