My Most Read Blogs Of The Year. #6 “How Bizarre” (Nov 13/17)


The other day I was thinking about how easy my job was at WIBC /WNAP for the ten years or so that I was involved. The on-air talent along with the backstage people at Fairbanks Broadcasting were simply the best and I’m proud to say that we ruled Indy. WIBC’s 19.4 share with a 27 in the morning wasn’t too shabby, oh and did I mention that we also had WNAP tucked in right behind “Big Mama” in 2nd place? Surprisingly though, very few of the incredibly talented people who worked at the two-story brick, are in the Indiana Hall Of Fame. Whereas most of the staff from our station in Dallas, KVIL are already in the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame. Hey, and they had to compete with the talent from places like Houston, San Antonio, and Austin to get in there.
I have no idea why Jim Hilliard who ran Fairbanks and was also the president of the Indiana Pacers is not inducted? You can’t get any more “Hoosier” than that. Speaking of industry giants how come Gary Todd, Orly Knutson, Jerry Baker, Bob Lamey, Paul Page, Chuck Riley, Lou Palmer, Harry Andrews, Buster Bodine, and Mike Griffin aren’t in there yet? I think it’s fantastic that Cris Conner and Tom Cochran are deservedly in, but unfortunately, Tom was inducted for his TV stuff, not for the great news work he did on WIBC/WNAP.
However, even though a few nasty words come to mind about the why of it all, the thing I find even stranger, is that the Indiana Hall Of Fame is funded by a trust that our owner Mr. Fairbanks set up before he exited the planet. Hell, it’s even called the “Richard M Fairbanks Hall Of Fame.” How Bizarre!


You can’t change what you were or weren’t born with so you might as well get on with what you’re gonna do. But whining about it I would think would be the least productive.
If you took away Republican or Democrat away from any candidate’s name, most Americans wouldn’t know who the hell to vote for. 
There doesn’t seem to be many socialists in government; they take care of themselves pretty well. 
The way it is and the way it should be are light years apart. 
Go ahead and dream about tomorrow but you better live for today cuz it’s all ya got.
The most popular music usually is a black person sounding white or a white person who sounds black.
If you didn’t hear it yesterday, it’s probably not true anymore.
Any other words other than yes mean no.
I do believe that Custer was the last American general to lead his troops into battle. Now they just send them.
Life always feels like you’ve been going against the wind. However, when you’re young, it only feels like a slight breeze, but as you age, you begin to grow weary of it. Especially when it begins to feel like a hurricane.
The biggest shows on the radio were always for all things that were good, and against all things that were evil.
The only reason to have a guest on in the morning is so that you can get them to say what you can’t.
There are only two movie themes, an unfamiliar path leading to a familiar ending or a familiar path leading to an unfamiliar ending.
You know it’s gonna be a bad year when even the people who never planned on paying you, don’t buy anything.
Radio today has become so lean and mean that even yes means no.
If the staff were in charge of who got paid what how much do think today’s radio leaders would make?
The five forms of death are.
1. You stop breathing.
2. You no longer notice beautiful things.
3. You stop making love.
4. The little child in you dies.
5. You stop learning.
The client is not always right, but our job is never to let him know it.
Working hard does not always get rewarded but working smart sure does.
The thing I liked the most about Reagan was that he allowed the middle class to get rich. However, they put a stop to that as soon as he left office.
When I was about 12 years of age, I was lucky enough to hear R&B merge with Country & Western music which produced Rock&Roll and the whole world changed.
All traffic reports sound better on the radio when you do them for the folks who are not driving.
When your memories are bigger than your dreams, you’re toast.
When an air talent enthusiastically endorses something he doesn’t believe, it’s called hype. When he does believe, it’s called passion.
The population in South Florida swells by a couple of million each winter, but just like radio everywhere the revenue goes down. What’s up with that?

When National business was at least 40% of a station’s revenue, the GM’s secretary took care of it. Now that it’s minuscule somehow its become a V/P position.

So all the college pollsters look a little lame since the U trounced the Irish huh? Would love to see them in the playoffs against Alabama.
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