Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women (Hollywood Knights) Chapter XLIV 3/23/20

Livin’ large in the ’80s
and havin’ lots of fun
Always busy though
and also always on the run

Lived out of a suitcase
Because I traveled a lot
Although I did get to sample
what only having money bought.

While writing about my second tour of Boston, I happened to watch a documentary about music mogul Clive Davis called “The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.”
Wow, I had no idea how many artists Clive was involved with, and when they mentioned
Clive’s famous pre-Grammy parties, it brought back a great memory.

It was around the time that I’d just begun working on a Satelite project in LA and had just moved into an apartment in Westwood with my daughter Candis. After settling in, I put a call into my old friend from A&M Records, Charlie Minor, (shown above with his wife Danitza) to let him know that I was in town.

Charlie claimed that I couldn’t have called at a better time because he had a question for me, which required an immediate yes or no. When I told him to fire when ready, he said, “I have two tickets for the Grammys tomorrow night, do you want them?”
“Hey, Candis,” I yelled out,  “Charlie wants to know if we wanna go to the Grammy’s tomorrow night?” When her screams of joy subsided, he told me to meet him at Le Dome for dinner.

Later that evening, when we arrived at Le Dome, they were already turning away folks when we arrived, and I thought, “Oh-oh!” However, the mere mention of Charlie’s name got us whisked right in.
After spotting Charlie holding court at the bar with a bunch of other Hollywood Knights, we slowly worked our way through his entourage, who were all standing around drinking flutes of Champagne.

As soon as Charlie saw us, he came right over, and after hugging Candis and telling her to call him after she graduated, he slipped me the Grammy tickets. Then he whispered, “Stay close, man, we’re gonna crash the Arista party.”

The next thing I heard was him saying, “We’re outta here,” and before I knew it, we’re at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Charlie was leading us down a staircase to the ballroom below. Everywhere I looked, though, some signs read, “Private Party, No Admittance,” and once again, I thought, “Oh-oh!”

Suddenly from out of nowhere, Clive Davis appears, and after hugging Charlie and thanking him for bringing his friends, he escorted us inside.
Once Candis and I were seated, we discovered that we were sitting with Jefferson Starship, which I thought was cool, but when Barry Manilow and Kenny G came over and introduced themselves, that was mind-boggling.

However, I would guess that the highlight of the evening as far as  Candis was concerned, had to be when Charlie called her over to meet her childhood idol, Donny Osmond. (pictured above) I was amazed that she was able to carry on an entire conversation without blurting out that she had grown up singing into her Donny and Marie microphones almost every day.

What a fun and memorable party, and the next night, the Grammy’s, which was hilariously hosted by Billy Crystal, was equal to the task.
When the show was over, we got to go to a private party at Spago’s where Wolfgang Puck not only personally served us one of his personal-sized pizzas, but once again, we mingled with the stars.

However, now some of the folks who were drifting around were movie stars, and I lost Candis for the evening when she spotted her favorite soap star, Rick Springfield, across the room. I never saw her again until it was time to go home. 

I’ll never forget those Hollywood nights, nor will I ever forget the most magnificent Hollywood Knight of them all, Charlie Minor. Rest In Peace, my brother.


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  1. George: When I worked for you at Fairbanks, you rarely dropped names. Whenever you spoke, it was to put something into motion or make a relevant comment about the direction you wanted to take the next task forward. Your blogs fill in the missing pieces of your fantastic journey thus far, but you generously credit all of those whom made such an impact in your life. Thank you for the narrative, and keep them coming ! – Jed Duvall

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