I Don’t Bowl Man, I Radio. (A Bands, Bowling, Hockey, & Radio Blog for the week of June 11/18)

While growing up and going to school in a suburb of Winnipeg called Transcona, I played in a few bands such as Shayne and The Devines, The Rebel Raiders, The Phantoms, and finally The Jury. However, even though I made pretty good money, according to my father, “The Johns Men work for a living, we don’t play guitar.” Unfortunately, I was much better on guitar than I was hunting down a job, I just couldn’t find anything that I’d like to do. My Dad didn’t care if I liked the job or not so he found most of my jobs for me. Consequently, I’ve worked at almost everything you can imagine including becoming assistant manager of a bowling alley, even though I barely knew how to bowl.
Not being shy about taking advantage of a situation, I used my assistant manager title and applied for the GM’s job at a bowling alley that was under construction. The thing that was neat though was it was also going to have a pool room. Now I may not have known much about bowling, but pool I knew after being educated at a pool hall on my way home from school.
The interview with the owners went well, but I was told that I had to be a licensed bowling instructor before they could consider me for the position. So it was off to bowling school I go where I aced the test, got my diploma, (see above) and went home to wait for the construction to be finished and my phone to ring with their big offer. Meanwhile, I was still playing with my band which used the Dee-Jays from CKY to MC our dances and one of them; Mark Parr taught me how to run a radio board. Not only did Mark teach me the board, but he also got me a job at the station as a part-time board-op and as excited as I was about doing the radio thing, my Mom not so much. In fact, it brought her to tears when she overheard me on the phone telling the bowling alley folks that I had to turn down their big offer because I’m a radioman now.


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Whenever you think something is impossible, look up at the moon and imagine somebody walking on it, because they already have.

Damn it! The Jets failed in their the hunt for the cup, but oh well, there’s always next year and the next and the next.

Speaking of the Stanely Cup, I’m reminded of a story about Wayne Gretzky. The legend goes that when he was five years old and was watching the NHL on TV, he began drawing lines on a legal pad while he watched. When the first period was over he said, “Hey Dad, look where the puck always ends up.”

I wonder how many great priests have been lost to the Church because they couldn’t resist falling in love with a beautiful woman?
How come the liberals have just now noticed that Kanye is crazy?
I recently saw an ad that read, “New San Diego County homes starting at just 1.3 million.” How does the word “just” fit into this scenario?
Ok, let me see if I’ve got this right, liberals are for Iran and conservatives are for Israel? Who the hell decides what side to be on? 

Now that you can sell pot legally in a few states, where are ya gonna keep the money? Banks are  federally controlled.


I wonder if the Cuban people realize that their revolution thing was a bust? They have more poor people than ever plus fewer rich and virtually no middle class.

You can’t back your way into fortune and fame.

The truth is that the truth ain’t popular.

The road to success is more enjoyable than the arrival.

Is it politically incorrect to criticize blacks or females when doing sports commentary?

If you did all the things you were capable of doing, you would amaze yourself.

How much I wonder, does it cost to be called a friend of the Voice which gives you the right to do your new tune in the show’s finals?

How come I’m only a great singer in the shower?

Unfortunately, we all look the same backstage. What now rich kid?

When I hear the play by play guys on the radio say, “Hey the refs are letting them play tonight” I’ve got a feeling that the league needs it to go seven.

I’d rather be a has-been than a coulda-been. A has-been was, but a coulda-been never was.

It’s the imperfections that make people perfect.

It was rich people who owned slaves, not white people.

Why are government projects always late and over budget?

No great story ever began with, “So there I was eating a salad.”

If you replace the letter I with the word You, your ratings go up.

How does a big radio company get away with filling a position then posting it?

Ain’t nothing gonna change until women stop marrying for money and men stop marrying women ’cause they’re beautiful.

As long as teachers continue to live in the past, they will be paid like they do.

Most pro golfers can hit a ball within 6 inches of the cup all the time except in a tournament.

Quincy Jones sure started a shit storm with his rants before going silent, didn’t he? What’s up with that?

How does the reported cost of living remain the same even though prices continue to rise and salaries don’t?

The only people getting raises these days are executives and politicians. Maybe it’s time to scare them with unions again?

Saying the words, “I wish I would have” is the worst possible conclusion to anyone’s life.

Wow, the Caps won the Stanely Cup. Go Jets!

I’ve always claimed that great talent comes from the dark side, but the darkness doesn’t play fair and it just claimed another victim. Anthony Bourdain, dead from suicide at 61. 

Looks like the Cavs just gave up huh?

 Justify wins the triple crown, only the 2nd horse to do it undefeated.

Maybe if the Tony Awards were about Broadway instead of politics, more people would watch them?

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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Bowl Man, I Radio. (A Bands, Bowling, Hockey, & Radio Blog for the week of June 11/18)

  1. I’m leaving for Camarillo in an hour to get the windshield replaced in the Jeep. Why don’t you ride along, we can stop at Bourdain’s favorite fast food place and get a an In ‘n Out double cheeseburger with their made from scratch fries on the way back.

  2. Re your comment that no great story ever started with, “So there I was, eating a salad.” Back in the big bucks days when Jack McCoy and I had our promotion company housed in one of the shiny new downtown San Diego high-rise office buildings, we worked with a guy who, when we were on an elevator by ourselves, would occasionally wait until the elevator stopped at any random floor before our destination, and as the doors opened for someone to get on, would casually “continue the story” …. “So there I was, stark naked ….” Sometimes people would back out of the door and wait for a different elevator. I’m sure they heard us break up as the elevator doors closed.

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