Harry Calls Bullshit!

I have the honor of presenting Ron Chapman in Chicago Saturday Nov.10th as he is inducted into The Radio Hall Of Fame along with Howard Stern and Gary Burbank.

Speaking of Ron he recently observed that it doesn’t matter if you are Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Michael Bloomberg or Alex Trebek we all feel like idiots when we walk into an Apple store.

Does anybody know why our government wants us to hug Muslims. I for one sure don’t need their oil because my mother country Canada has more than we could all ever use. Is there some special redeeming quality about them I’m missing?

We are doing a new type of Talk Radio here in South Florida on Big Talk 8-50. Early mornings we are “All News” with a South Florida slant. Next up live is Joyce Kaufman who is kinda the female Michael Savage who always has our parking lot filled with TV trucks because of her outrageous statements. Joyce is also very dangerous because she also has ability to get people elected even though PPM doesn’t like her. Rich Stevens follows her with an entirely different life style approach based on the front page of the newspaper. He is followed by our afternoon drive guy Paul Barsky whom I can only describe as being seriously funny. The best part is they are all live and local.

If I am flirting with you while making suggestive remarks I’m actually not hitting on you. In fact it’s probably the opposite and I’m trying to keep you at arms length because I am smart enough to know most Women don’t really like that kind of approach. Now if I’m not making suggestive remarks and flirting with you than I am probably actually hitting on you. Consider yourself warned(-: Wouldn’t a shrink have fun with all of this.

We don’t meet people accidentally, there is a reason for everything.

I think the only point that Chick- fil- A may have been making was “If you want to eat chicken it all starts with a Rooster and a Hen”

The Hunny Bunny claims that age is just a number so because of my occasional behavior and attitude she recently assigned me the number 20.

I have never heard Women talking about a big package being really important. But I have heard them talk a lot about what a huge turn on a big wallet is.

I just read this statement … “Hey Las Vegas Your Slogan Is Bullshit” – Prince Harry.

I remember hangin’ with Jack McCoy once when the pretty Woman he was with asked him how come he didn’t date Women his age. He responded with … Because they need naps! I’m not sure what my excuse is.

As I write this I am watching tropical storm Isaac become a Hurricane and head for New Orleans as quickly as it can to celebrate the anniversary of Katrina.

Candis claimed I had ill prepared her for the real world because when she finally got into it she soon discovered she wasn’t nearly as precious as I had led her to believe.

Speaking of the above Candis hoped I wasn’t doing the same thing to Cami. I responded with … Huh?

Not that I have that much experience but I do know intelligent Women make much better lovers.

Went to see Expendables 2 last night and when I walked out there was a brand new Ferrari Rag Top parked up front where it belonged. It reminded me of the time in the late 70’s when our V/P Of Sales for Fairbanks Dick Yancey bought one. At the time WIBC/WNAP were just tearing up Indy so our parking was filled mostly with Caddies, Lincolns and Corvettes. When Dick showed up in his new Ferrari it caused quite a stir so we all left the building to look at it including Lou Palmer. Lou was our afternoon News Anchor who was also a sports car aficionado and one of the voices of the Indy 500. He took one look at it and said … But Dick it’s blue! With that he turned on his heel and went back into the building.

10 thoughts on “Harry Calls Bullshit!

  1. Hi George, the Moslems I know are truly, warm, affecttionate, caring family loving people , just like most races. The few Moslems I have come to know, have become close wonderful, faithful friends who are hard working wishing only to be free to worship God in their own way, just like you and me.

  2. Keep up the great blog Geo. Always enjoy reading it and getting a good laugh at some of your comments. Then tears on others. LOL!

    Eternal Rocker Ron from the Peg.

  3. Please remind Gary Burbanks that I have murky memories of his basement, his cat, Tom Aman, Bob Alou and a plexiglass pyramid… and somewhere, pictures.

    • I will Moto, We almost had him as the first Morning Man of WRMF but as usual old man Fairbanks didn’t think we were going to kick ass in South Florida like we did so wouldn’t pay the freight. Gary would have made the whupping we gave everybody a lot more painful. Great talent.

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