Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women (Happy Ending) Chapter XXII 3/04/20

Roger Keith and Sharon
helped me move the new format along
But alas too soon
‘Twas the end of that song

Can you spell NERVOUS? Oh-oh, here comes the new rating book, but not to worry, numbers are through the roof, and they’re mostly adults. Whew!

After calling Ted with the good news and then getting a hold of Keith in LA, where I would be joining him at a radio convention, I spent the rest of the day smoking cigars and drinking a little champagne.
I had to call it a night early, though, because I had an early flight and when I got to my hotel in LA much later the next day, the telegram above from Ted was waiting for me.

When I arrived at the airport the next morning, I was delighted to discover that my ticket had been magically upgraded to first class. Unfortunately, I spent most of our twenty-five hundred-mile flight in the upstairs bar of our 747. Needless to say, by the time we landed at LAX, I was wasted. (rule #1, never put a radio guy near an open bar)

As I stumbled off the plane, Keith, who was there to meet me, took one look at me and said, “We have some work to do if you’re ever gonna make the opening cocktail party tonight.”

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in a hot tub in a fancy spa, which looked like something out of ancient Rome.
Then a blonde goddess showed up and led me to a private room where she told me to get dressed and then lie face down on the massage table, and she’d be right back.

Before long, she was massaging out the twenty-five hundred miles I had flown that morning. Man, it felt good, and as I began to drift off, the blonde with the magic fingers says, “It appears as though your friend next door likes you because he’s upgraded you to our special massage.” “How could it possibly feel any better than this,” I asked? “Trust me,” she said, “It will.”

It all began in with the arrival of excellent ratings, and now it appears as though it’s going to finish with a “Happy Ending.”


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