397866_10151878371839307_282254870_nI had always thought it was a combination of my folks chasing their dreams and me using radio to pursue mine that was responsible for me having lived in a lot of places during my life. I was born in Winnipeg but headed to Australia with my Mom and Dad. (pictured going through the Panama Canal) After a couple of years there we moved back to Canada and Vancouver then on to the prairies to live in Bowsman and Swan River. Next we were off to North Kildonan and finally to Transcona.
Now it was time for me to begin my own journey and the first place I moved to was Elmwood then right back to Transcona where I bought my first home. Now it was off to places like Saskatoon, Sudbury, Ottawa, Mississauga, Gilford. Toronto, Indianapolis, Coronado, Austin, La Jolla, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano, and finally West Palm Beach where I have spent the last 18 years keeping an eye on my Daughter Cami.
I never thought much about all the moving around I did because at the time it just seemed necessary. But 
Bill Gardner’s father in law knew exactly why I moved around and according to him it was in my blood. Bill was miffed at me one time because I had not returned his call after he had called me from his in laws in Hawaii and left a message. I assured him that I had called him back and left a message with the dude who answered the phone. Bill said that would have been his Father in law who was usually pretty good with the message thing, so he was going to check my story OUT with him. A couple of hours later Bill called back laughing, he said when he asked his father in law if he remembered a George Johns calling a week or so ago his Father in law said absolutely! Bill now being a little confused queried him about why he never passed the message on. He said was pretty sure didn’t want to talk to any undesirables like me and when Bill asked why he thought I was a bad person he claimed I had to be because my name was Johns and everybody knows Johns is the name most used by Gypsy’s, so I threw the message away because I knew you had no time for no damn Gypsy.

If the little voice inside your head tells you that you can’t do something do it anyway if for no other reason than to silence the voice.
You only learn something when you’re not talking.
I have treated most of the women in my life much better than they have treated me. Well that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
There is a big difference between “Bad Girls” and “Naughty Girls” but finding out can be very painful.

Do “Bad Girls” know they’re bad.

You become more like your friends you hang out with than they become like you.

I’m very attracted to broken women but they don’t handle me very well nor do I them.
Do you believe in magic if not please explain love to me one more time.
The only successful on air promotions are sales promotions that sound like programming promotions.
Working your way through problems is like lifting weights it makes your brain strong.
Struggle even comes before success in the dictionary.
It is said that the most financially successful people do a lot more listening than talking which completely explains my bank account.
Action ends all doubt.
A lot of people who don’t say anything have a lot to say. 
It takes a lot of courage to pursue your dreams. 
Women only know how to handle men who love or lust after them, they’re pretty dumb about the rest.
I know of very few sales departments that ever led a radio station into battle.
Was John the only one who thought Yoko could sing. Ain’t love grand!

Men don’t wear their heart on their sleeve they wear it on their wallet because a man’s heart is where he spends his money.

The sexiest part of a woman’s body is her face.

My nominations for the top 5 greatest Radio Swordsmen of all time appear in next weeks Blog.




2 thoughts on “THE GYPSY!

    • What I’m saying Moto is that ownwership always looks at whether something produced revenue or was an expense, so I was trying to say that most promotions on a radio station are mostly sales driven but if they don’t sound like programming promotions they will not be successful was my point.

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