Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women (inside the world of radio&records) Chapter XLIV July/17




Things heated up
and we got a little crazy
Before we knew it
Kari was having my baby

Now that WKLB in Boston was gone, I decided to just stay in South Florida. Not long after the sale of Boston, Mr. Fairbanks decided to get completely out of broadcasting and sent Jim to Florida to sell the rest of his stations. This time though he decided to keep a couple of them for himself, so he brought Bobby and Tim with him.  He also made a management change at WRMF, and I suspect because he didn’t get the job, Russ Morley moved to Memphis. Luckily, my buddy Reid Reker (pictured above with me and “Snookums”) was in between GM jobs, so he was able to help me out for a while.
Meanwhile, Kari and I were beginning to cool off, and I wasn’t smart enough nor qualified to figure out why. Before long we split up, and within a few weeks, she informed me that she was pregnant. As scary as that was for me, it must have been scarier for her. Even though I tried my best to assure her that she could count on me to help her out, she presented me with a list of demands anyway. The List which had been drawn up by a lawyer, totally surprised and insulted me, so I hired the meanest lawyer in the land.

At the meeting with my new lawyer, I gave her the document that listed all the demands. After reading it, she looked up with a smirk on her face and said, “You’re not fucking thinking of signing this are you?” That felt real good at that moment, but it turned out to be the stupidest thing I could have done. As time wore on and thousands and thousand of dollars kept going to the lawyers, we still weren’t any closer to an agreement. We were about eight months into this ordeal before I finally saw Kari again. We both had to be in court where they were setting temporary funding for her and the baby. Kari looked great but she also looked very pregnant, and I melted. I told my lawyer to settle things up which she assured me she would but was still going to insist on a blood test.Before long it was time for Kari to give birth. Even though I had a court order permitting me to be in the birthing room, I decided that Kari had been through enough. Now that she was about to become the mother of Camera Anne Johns Summerfield, it was time to cut her some slack.
Ten minutes after she was born they handed Cami to me in a rocker. (pictured above) She was screaming bloody murder, but as I stroked her silky hair and whispered in her tiny ear how beautiful she was, she began calming down. After giving her a bunch of little kisses, I told her about how much fun we were going to have and all the adventures that we were gonna go on. Now twenty-one years later, Cami is away at College and as I look back we went on a lot of adventures and the best part is that we’re still having fun.
When Cami was born, the first person outside of the family to see her, was my friend Reid Reker. Before I could even point her out at the hospital the next day, Reid said, “Either that kid over there is your brother’s, your daughter’s, or yours. If I were you man I’d cancel the blood test; you’re only gonna embarrass yourself.”


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