( new new done) Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. (inside the world of radio&records) Chapter XLII July/17




Did a lotta fun things in Boston
and we did them every day
Like having lunch downtown
while watching Burton Cummings play
Following the big Pru Race, Tim and I continued to race every weekend.  However, when the snow started flying, and I surprisingly was still in Boston, we formed the WVBF Ski Team.
My job was to come up with a premise that excited the listeners so much that they would want to do what Tim and I loved doing. Tim’s job was to find a sponsor to pay for it all. Having a station ski team provided the staff with free ski equipment and lift passes while also making the station a few bucks. (Candis and I pictured above flaunting the free stuff)
What an enjoyable winter it was in Bean Town, in fact, it was so pleasant that I forgot I was supposed to be back in San Diego by now. One morning, while sitting around with Tim dreaming up some more stuff that we could do free, a staff member asked if I knew Burton Cummings. (pictured above) I told him, “I’ve known Burton since he was a kid playing with the Devrons and I played with the Jury long ago.” He then told me that Burton was doing a one-man show downtown during the lunch hour. Hey, no way was I missing that. After putting a small group together, we headed downtown.
I swear that Burton sounded better that day than he ever did when he was with The Guess Who. Once the concert was over, I surprised him when I slipped up front and said hi. Shocked to see me, he invited me backstage to catch up. First, though he had to do an interview with the Boston Globe.
The reporter began by asking him what he remembered the most about his career. Burton thought about it for a moment and then said, “When I first heard that “American Woman” had gone #1 all over the world, that was a thrill that I’d be hard pressed to top. However, one of the most exciting things happened to me occurred while I was playing with Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band. We were about to land in Liverpool and as they announced that it was time to buckle up, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” blasted out of my ear buds. If that wasn’t enough, I also discovered that Ringo was sitting right next to me. All that I could think about at that moment was, I’m playing with the fucking Beatles man!” Burton went on to say that a lot of good things had happened to him over the years, but some not so good. The worst that ever happened to me took place in New York, Burton recalled. “The Guess Who were booked to play Carnegie Hall where we were also recording our performance for a live album. When you’re from Winnipeg, like George and I are, you don’t believe deep down that they would allow you to purchase a ticket for Carnegie Hall, let alone play there.” Burton then asked us if we’d heard the album, and when we both shook our heads no, he said, “That’s because it doesn’t exist! I was so excited about playing Carnegie that I stayed up all night celebrating and missed the gig!”




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