Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women (inside the world of radio&records) Chapter XXXIX July/17



Living large in the 80’s
and having fun
Even though I was busy
and on the run

Lived out of a suitcase
’cause I traveled a lot
But I got to sample the stuff
only money bought.

Winging my way back to Boston to rejoin Jim Hilliard, I ordered up another CC and continued to wallow in my memories of the 80’s.
Shortly after moving into the apartment in Westwood that I shared with my daughter Candis, I called up my old friend Charlie Minor to say, “Hey!” When I told him that I was in town for a while and would love to see him, he said, he had a question for me. However, his question demanded an immediate yes or no. He asked me if I wanted the two tickets for tomorrow night’s Grammy’s. “Hey, Candis” I yelled, “Charlie wants to know if we wanna go to the Grammy’s tomorrow night?” When her screams of joy subsided, I told him that I thought that we had a yes. He told me to meet him at Le Dome later, where we’d have a little dinner, and he’d give me the tickets.
Later that night, when we got to Le Dome, they were already turning away folks at the door. If we hadn’t used Charlie’s name, there was no way in hell we would have gotten in. It was immediately obvious that there was no such thing as a quiet dinner with Charlie. After wading our way through the multitude of women standing around drinking flutes of Champagne, I spotted Charlie at the bar. He was holding court with a bunch of Hollywood types, but when he saw us, he came right over and gave Candis a big hug. He then told her to call him when she graduated because he had something in the works. As he slipped me the Grammy tickets, he whispered in my ear, “Stay close, ’cause we’re gonna crash the Arista party.”
At some point in the evening, Charlie said, “We’re outta here,” and off we went to the Beverly Hills Hotel. After arriving, Charlie led us down an ornate stairway to the ballroom where the invitation-only party was being held. I remember wondering, “How the hell is he gonna pull this off. “Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Clive Davis who headed up Arista Records appeared. After he and Charlie hugged, Clive thanked Charlie for coming and then personally escorted us to our tables.
Once Candis and I were seated, I discovered that we were sitting with Jefferson Starship. Looking around there were stars over here stars over there and stars everywhere. Hell, even Barry Manilow and Kenny G were nice enough to come over to introduce themselves The highlight of the evening for Candis though was when Charlie introduced her to her childhood idol, Donny Osmond. (pictured above) I was amazed how she was able to have an entire conversation with him without exclaiming, “Oh wow, I grew up singing along with you on my Donny and Marie microphones.” What a night, and it wasn’t even Grammy time yet.
The Grammy’s which were hilariously hosted by Billy Crystal turned out to be an outstanding experience. We saw Billy again later at Spago’s when we were invited to a private party there. Wolfgang Puck personally served us up one of his personal pizzas while we mingled with the stars. I lost Candis when she spotted Rick Springfield, who was her favorite soap star, across the room and didn’t see her again until it was time to go home.

I’ll never forget those Hollywood nights, nor will I ever forget Charlie Minor. Rest in peace, my brother.

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