Grammys are for the fans Oscars are for the Actors

Isn’t it interesting that the Grammys are for the Viewers and the Oscars are for the Actors.

How free can you truly be if the Army is running your Country.

I believe the term Charismatic describes a person who so strongly believes in what they are doing that others get caught up in the, cant fail wave of confidence that exudes from them, and gets swept away in the excitement of their “Cause”

Who do you suppose the new Radio Legends are.

Speaking of a Legend, Mike McVay and I are thinking about doing an impromptu session at some cool bar in Vegas during the NAB. Over the years Mike and me have done a ton of projects in opposition of each other but this would be the first we have ever done together. Might prove to be very interesting or maybe we’ll just hug, have a nice glass of something very red, and be on our way. I cant help but think we should have done a station or two together long before now but I have a feeling they would have created some law against it. It probably would prove too dangerous for the industry by getting in the way of consolidation. Damn!

Tim Moore claims that the saying … “It’s easier to get to the top than stay at the top” is just a myth.

Speaking of Tim and the NAB, he is putting together a panel in Vegas this year where we are going to discuss whether or not we think the Big Promotions and Antics of “Radio’s Glory Days” would work in this PPM age.

Thinking about antics I remember when I was working with KKOB in Albuquerque and was attending a promotion meeting where the GM was explaining that Marvin Hamlisch was popping by the station early the next morning for a short interview. He was going to all the stations in town that day to promote his concert later that night and we were the first one he was going to hit. I piped up with … Boring ! Everyone looked up at at me kinda startled and the GM sarcastically asked what I would do instead. I told him I would put a piano in the studio because no one I wouldn’t think, would ever buy a ticket to hear Marvin talk. We cant ask him to play the piano was his stern reply. I don’t think you will have to was my optimistic response, it’s what he does. When Marvin showed up he excitedly asked if it was OK to sit over here at the piano.(we had a mic all set up there just in case) What a show, he played the news intros, the weather intros, take me out to the ball game under the sports, back ground music for the live spots and he even played all the themes from movies he had written while talking about what went on at the set a Oh by the way he was having such a good time he stayed the whole show and forgot to make it to the other stations.

I believe more great entities are toppled from the inside than by their outside competitors.

Most Women have fantasies about Men they don’t know. Most men have fantasies about Women they do know.

Women only seem to remember five lovers in their lifetime and no 1 night stands.

It is better to leave something to the imagination was never said by a Man.

My dear friend Jo Myers who looks like Sinead O’Connor currently is I understand considering switching to the Pamela Anderson look. We all anxiously await her decision and are praying for a show and tell.

Speaking of Jo, if I had her strength I would be terrifying.

I was sitting in a sports bar tonight listening to some wimpy white guy telling three black guys how un racist he was. I almost wanted to ask the black guys if we could flip a coin to decide who was going to beat the s**t out of him first. It was almost sounded as wussy as some Western Canadian Dude trying to speak French to someone from Quebec.

I went to watch my 6 year old Grandson Nathaniel at basketball practice the other day. He’s the best dribbler on the team so of course that’s all he wants to do. He looks like a midget Harlem Globe Trotter. I told him he better learn to shoot if he wants a shot at the chicks. He asked me what chicks were.

Why does it take forever to get a YES but NO is always instant.

I just got through reading Tracy Johnson’s great new book, “Morning Radio Revisited”. The only thing I cant figure out is why Tracy is giving away a Million Dollars worth of secrets for $29.95.

I was telling Brent Farris that I think The Prize is the thing not the Technology you use to give it away with.

Score Boarding is a term used to describe what a person is doing when they buy a lot of pretentious things to show the World how hot they are. It is the same term used to describe the actions of people who tell you they could buy all that stuff … “But they are not into pretentious things”

The thing most rich guys have in common is they think they did it all by themselves.

I hear a rumor that Wolfman Jack is hiding on the radio in Northern California putting his new act together for the rest of the World.

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