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On March 09 1995 a good friend of mine, Charlie Minor was gunned down by a stripper at his Malibu home in California, and the music industry has never been the same since. When I first met Charlie he was Senior V/P for A&M records and was responsible for the success of such acts as Janet Jackson, The Carpenters, and The Police to name but a few. It was once reported in the LA Times that if you wanted your Hollywood party to be a big success just get Charlie Minor to show up. Charlie traveled with an entourage so large that you really wouldn’t need anybody else on the guest list.
Whenever I was in LA, Charlie would invite me to have a quiet dinner with him which of course meant that I would also be dining with 50 of his closest friends which always included a few stars. 
On his arm at these intimate dinners were the most incredible women I’d ever seen. Unfortunately, you only got to see these beautiful women once, and I for one have always wondered whatever happened to them. However, I was told that most of them showed up for his funeral and I’m pretty sure that many of them are in the video at the bottom of this page.


Well, the beautiful Camera Anne Johns Summerfield turns 22 today. Happy birthday “wee one,” I love you. xoxoxo.

Speaking of daughters, Candis also had a birthday recently, but I’m no longer allowed to know how old she is. 

I read somewhere that Jane Fonda now claims that she was terrified whenever she was with Harvey Weinstein. I would think that climbing around tanks and hanging out with the Vietcong in North Vietnam would have been much scarier.
What I can’t figure out is when did any NFL players find the time to be thugs? Didn’t they spend most of their time working out?
How is a man supposed to tell the difference between a woman willing to sleep her way to the top and those who don’t? A lot of them sure look the same.
Have you noticed that the sound of music seems to evolve when you’re young from, “That’s what I’m fucking talking about man,” to “What’s your fucking problem man” as you grow older?
As Walt Disney said, “There’s no magic in the magic, it’s all in the details.”
I can only wonder if Trump was black, Hispanic, or female, would the same comments be made? If so, wouldn’t those comments be labeled racist, prejudiced, and sexist?
It’s the little things that make the big things happen.
The word thank you has the power to ease a lot of tension.
The only problem with a big rating jump is that the advertising agencies all want to wait for one more book just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.
A great morning show always continues to sell their city back to the people who have already bought into the concept.
I love hanging out with salespeople; they’re just not fun at work.
When pressed for an instant answer to a sales request, Ron Chapman always said no which always seemed to buy him a little more time to think about it.
Clients will always pay more for promotional announcements than commercials, but radio continues to give them away.
When you sell cars, you have to know everything about your product. I wonder why radio people are not required to do the same?
The morning show host should always represent themselves like they own the radio station because their fans already think they do.
My favorite people on the radio are the ones who when I threatened to take away all their records just to see if they had anything to say, begged me to do it.
Most Dee-Jays when asked what they just said on the radio can’t tell you.
I really like NPR but what I don’t like is their constant begging for money and the far left attitude, but I love all the rest.
The people always find the hot station. The rest better advertise.
Hey, when the new music research shows up at the radio station, don’t get too excited and go home just yet, you’re only 25% done.
Most radio stations already have enough cume to more than double their average quarter hour share.
The easiest way to have big ratings on the weekend is to make your weekday numbers bigger.
So goes the morning show so goes the station.
Good morning show hosts are great storytellers, and their fans tell great stories about them.
The way it’s supposed to work is the radio station makes the morning show host famous and they, in turn, endorse the rest of the station.
Nobody ever got rich working for someone else.

Only a handful of people can make a stock rise, but none of them, unfortunately, work in radio.

To see Charlie’s Angels, click on the link below.

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