Good People Are Irrelevant.

Brent-Farris-KZSTBrent Farris of KZST claims that there’s not much difference between him being married or divorced because most of his money still goes to the same woman anyway. Brent is one of those rare radio personalities who could run for Mayor, but like most radio folks he needs a little reinforcement so with that in mind he had his 50th birthday at a funeral parlor to hear what all the attendees had to say about him while he was still alive and able to enjoy it.

What do we have to do to get the government to stop sucking up to the rich and poor and share the sugar with the rest of us.

The only thing with a shorter shelf than forever is always.

If you have enemies it only means you stood up for something you believed in at some point in your life.

There are no sidelines only sides.

It’s figuring out how to beat the rules that makes football great.

Sometimes it’s as simple as just asking for it.

From the Doctors we hear that its how many years they had to go to school is ​why they charge what they do so it’s not their fault​.The pharmaceutical companies claim it’s ​their r & d costs so it’s not their fault​, the hospitals say it’s staff and equipment costs so it’s not their fault and of course the insurance companies claim​ it’s the cost of all of the above that drives the cost of insurance up so of course its not ​of their fault​. Hey I’ve got news for​ all you guys, it is your f**king fault.

When is the last time you heard an Arab bragging about their high IQ.

Only the women you desire seem worthy of trying to solve their many mysteries.

When whispered the vilest words are the most erotic.

When a man starts losing weight there is usually a new woman in his life, when a woman starts losing weight she wants somebody new in her life.

It is said that men no longer crave what they already have.

The Laws are made for Lawyers not for the people.

For any project to be worth even beginning, the potential upside must be at least twice as big as the potential downside.

Does anybody today know any other persons phone number besides their own. 

Bruce Walker claims he is ready to hear the first father in law joke but it needs it to be funny.

Music is the scariest thing you can do on the radio because nobody will suffer through a bad tune.

I’m cool with Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays and whomever the latest buzz minority is but you are never going to convince me that they are any more special than me.

If I were one of the good people of the Arab Nations I would check the history books about how America handles good people who live around bad people. At the moment it is politically incorrect to dislike a Muslin because seemingly there are more good ones than bad but it don’t mean a thing. Check out what happened after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and even though we were told that most of the Japanese were good people we nuked them anyway. Oh and I would also take a look at what America did to the good Germans even though we were told that the Germans who killed 6 million Jews plus a few million others were only a small portion of the German population we didn’t care we bombed their cities and killed them anyway. Now we are now being told that we need to lighten up on Arabs/Muslims because the terrorists who are bombing and killing not to mention beheading people are really just part a small group but if I were a good Arab I would try to figure out how to fix the terrorist problem myself before becoming irrelevant like the good people of Japan and Germany who came before them did.

I wonder how many lives profiling has saved.


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  1. George, hadn’t talked to you for a while, even more good stuff here… ARE one of my radio heroes. Health slowly returning here…..gets better every day and outlook is great! Blessings. jr

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