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Back when I worked for Fairbanks Broadcasting, Jim Hilliard gave we corporate guys one rule, “Blame everything on me and then get the hell out of Mr. F’s office, we don’t want him making any decisions.
Being the creative type, I was always dreaming up new things for the upcoming survey periods which I had to run by our FCC attorney, MikeBader. Unfortunately, Mike was the kinda guy who liked to play it very safe, so no was his favorite word. Seeing as yes has always been my favorite, upon hearing Mr. Bader’s latest no, I finally lost it and stormed into Mr. Fairbanks office saying, “I didn’t move to Indianapolis, just to hear some lawyer tell me no. I’ve created some great stuff which I think will get us a ton of new listeners, so I need a yes, and with that, I stormed out. A few days later I received a call from a guy who said that his name was John King (pictured above) and he’d he had been assigned the task of figuring out how to say yes to me. Wow, how cool was that, I had my own FCC attorney. I love John, and over the years we put some incredible promotions together, kept the license, and I got to stay out of jail.
The very first promotion we did together may have been our best. It was called the Magic Ticket and I still remember describing to him exactly how it worked only to have him interrupt me halfway through my presentation with, “George, George, just tell me this, are you planning on giving away the prize?” When I told him that I was, he said, “Then why are you bothering me with it? “The “Magic Ticket” was so successful that WIBC ended up with a 19.3 share in the book plus the sales twist we put on it, produced an extra hundred grand in revenue. 
The “Ticket” shook the whole market up so badly that a rival GM bragged to his staff that he was going to make sure that we would never be able to run that contest again. The next thing we knew the FCC was demanding that we send them the details about our little promotion which included all produced promos, oneliners, and any paperwork that included the words “Magic Ticket. The FCC investigation resulted in my counterpart in sales, Dick Yancey being able to syndicate it quite successfully all over America. As he said to the potential clients, “I’ve got the only radio promotion in the country that not only gets you ratings and revenue, the FCC has already pre-approved it.” Oh did I forget to mention that the “Magic Ticket” also bought me my first Mercedes rag top?

The last project John and I worked on was the old, “Don’t Say Hello” contest, which used to blow up rating books but the FCC blew it up. Now you have to get a person’s permission before recording them or putting them on the air. After thinking about it for quite a while, I finally came up with the solution and when I ran by John he said, “I’m not sure it satisfies the intent of the law, but it certainly satisfies the law as it stands.” I now may be the only person in America who knows how to get “Don’t Say Hello” back on the air in its original form so I’m just looking for somebody who needs the ratings?



Trump has accomplished something few Democrats or Republicans ever will, he was elected President of the United States.

Is the war on terror over? Who won?
My Daddy taught me that the easiest way to spot who’s in charge, is by noticing who picks up the tab. This may also explain why there are so few females in leadership positions out here in the real world.
Being a so-called privileged white male, I can only imagine how much more successful I would have become had I been offered the same incentives as the so-called underprivileged.

I wonder how much Hillary gets paid for her speaking engagements now that she can no longer do any favors.

The thing of it is, we need to watch the eyes of the politicians. If they’re watching the eyes of big business, it doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican, they’re evil, don’t vote for them. 
“To sleep with him or not sleep with him, that is the question Ladies,” If you do, it could be the start of a beautiful life or the end.
Men are looking for the one, women are looking for the right one.
Local radio cannot compete with the big boys on a national scale but they also can’t compete with us locally unless we use their copy.
Isn’t it weird that even though radio is all about advertising, it doesn’t believe in advertising itself?
The only radio stations that can afford to do decent news now is Public Radio
Monday has to be is the least liked day of the week which would explain why most legal holidays in Canada are scheduled on them.

The last people to realize that they’re failures are the folks who have failed.

How quickly morals change depends on the amount of money involved.

The thing you want the most in life will probably be the thing that ends up destroying you.

What businessman anywhere, ever went bankrupt because of war?

The fire insurance rates have got to be a bitch in California?

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  1. George, as a former public broadcaster, (1997-present, as a consultant to a public radio program), sadly the 1984 and 1986 F.C.C. guidelines on non-commercial, educational radio and TV stations, (i.e., public, which are still technically in effect as policy / rules and regulations) have been largely ignored since the mid-1990s. so that underwriting language is more and more commercial in nature. It takes a commercial broadcaster or a member of the public to complain to the F.C.C. to start an investigation, although most commercial broadcasters do not understand the five restrictions on underwriting language: 1.) No promotional language; 2.) No Price and Item language; 3.) No comparative language; 4.) No calls to action; and 5.) No logotypes or positioning language the violates the previous four restrictions. But there is enough gray area to drive a commercial radio or TV station through. The lawyers at the F.C.C. refused to take action against N.P.R. when they aired underwriting copy for Serta: “Serta, the best mattresses in the world.”…copy that clearly violated the rules. Since then only a handful of actions against public stations for violating commercial underwriting rules and regulations. P.B.S.-affiliated TV stations now can run :60-second underwriting commercials, er, messages. Nobody cares to adhere to rules and standards, which certainly renders someone like me as kill-joy, a Debbie-Downer and a dinosaur has-been who never was. I now understand how flummoxed the John Blair Company’s John Boden was when he saw (and fought) Ralph Guild destroy the F.C.C. rules on station representation limits in the market in 1983 and 1984.

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