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1546325_739477796089320_2702351472408930214_nBought me a Stratocaster
and put it in tune
Started singing with the “Devines.”
the next afternoon.

Became “Shayne and The Rebel Raiders.”
a real rockin’ band

We then morphed to the Phantoms
which gained us a lot more fans.

Elvis was the one who turned me on to guitars, but Buddy Holly (pictured above) played the one I wanted. Lowe’s Music in downtown Winnipeg told me that it was called a Fender Stratocaster and claimed that they could get me one in about four weeks. Man, I wanted that guitar, but where the hell was a kid like me gonna come up with $473.00. Lowe’s saved the day by taking my trumpet in on trade and then putting me on their $14 a month payment plan.Geos-Fender Can you imagine how excited I was the day Lowes called to say that my Strat had arrived? I was back at the store in no time and as I stood in front of the mirror, with my new guitar strapped on, (pictured above) staring back at me, was a “Rock Star.” Hey, I’ll have this thing paid off in no time.
After buying a couple of guitar books and spending hours and hours just trying to learn how to play a few chords, I soon discovered that dreaming about becoming a “guitar man” was a hell of a lot easier than learning how to be one. All I had to show for my efforts so far were bleeding fingertips. 

Ahh but then fate stepped in as it would many times later. Out of the blue, I got a call from Shayne inviting me to join his group called the Devines, and within a couple of weeks, I was on stage in a talent show and also booked for a car club dance. The neat thing about the car club dance was we were going to get paid which meant that even though I was still learning to play, I became a professional musician. I was unplugged at the start of my musical career just as I was some 30 years when it ended. That though is another story for another chapter.

When I bought my Stratocaster in 1958, it turned out to be one of my better investments. Hearing that you should rid yourself of anything you haven’t used in six months, I realized that I hadn’t even seen my guitar, let alone play it for over thirty or more years, it was time to move on. My friend Randy Bachman, (The Guess Who & BTO) had been after my guitar for years, so we negotiated a deal. While doing so, he mentioned to me that when he was opening for Neil Young and they were chatting about the early days in Winnipeg backstage. Neil said, “George had one of the first cool guitars in Winnipeg.”
The value of a ’58 “Strat” is all over the place so Randy and I settled somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, he is now pissed at me because he didn’t realize that in 1965 I had it refurbished which he claims diminishes the value. I guess like a car, you should also never sell a guitar to a friend.

Geo’s Life-Liners
When did finding a cure for aids become a bigger priority than finding one for Cancer? 
Have you ever noticed that only people who always answer their phones are the actors in movies? 
How come nobody calls out all the noisy liberal millionaire athletes, actors, musicians, and singers who already have their money squirreled away? Who the hell do they help?


It’s true that Chuck Berry will be remembered as one of the great pioneers of Rock&Roll. Unfortunately, as time wore on he never got any better and pretty soon kids could play his tunes better than he could. 
Even though most men worry about how to protect their families it doesn’t make them a family man. Who they are is defined mostly by the work they do. However, all they’ll be remembered for is what they did when they weren’t working.
A directors main job is to match a great artist with a great idea. 
Your brain continues getting smarter until the day you fall in love.  
Courage is not being fearless; it’s your having the ability to resist fear. 
Everything eventually becomes irrelevant. 
By the time I turned 23 I’d already figured out that the government was never going to help me, so I got off my ass and helped myself. 

Knowledge comes from reading; wisdom comes from observing.

I’m off to Tampa to see the division-leading Winnipeg Jets play the Lightning on Tuesday night with my nephew Jamie, two beautiful women, Lindsay and Cami along with my daughter’s friend Krystian. Go Jets!


You’re probably only one decision away from happiness. 
Imagination gives us the ability to see the future. 
The words you use when presenting a gift are more important than the gift.


When I was a kid, I loved listening to Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino, but I never thought of them as black because I didn’t categorize the music. I also didn’t hear Elvis, the Everly Brothers, or Jerry Lee Lewis as Country, nor Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, and Dion as just pop. To me, it was only Rock & Roll but I liked it.   
Unlike the guitar, there’s absolutely no sense taking singing lessons if you can’t sing.
I still can’t hear “He’s So Fine” in “My Sweet Lord,” but I can sure hear “Stairway To Heaven” in “Taurus.” I feel another suit coming on. 
Only when other artists do Elvis songs, do you realize how great he was! 
I was amazed at how many females won Grammys this year. Last year there was a lot of complaining about the lack of recipients, and just like that, it was fixed. It feels a little like participation baseball to me. 
The only thing I can figure out is white people must be hipper than black folks. Black people seem to only like black music whereas white people to like a little of it all. 

I believe that Joe Cocker was the greatest cover singer of all time. In fact, most of his “covers” were better than the originals.

Met my first young Republican at Duffy’s last night and he like even young Democrats no matter the situation, is going to vote for his party.  
I think most everyone except maybe for the wealthy is at least a little bit liberal. 
Well, one thing is for certain, Obama was sure more likable than Trump. 
I agree that giving the rich some tax breaks so they’ll start companies which will hire the middle class who are the ones who pay most of the taxes. Unfortunately, now it seems that we are giving more than we receive. 
So I see that the Oscars have gone the way of the Emmys and have also resorted to participation trophies.


It’s pretty easy to explain to an air talent what they need to do on the radio to become a superstar. However, getting them to do it is a whole other story. 

I’m amazed at how non-local, local radio is. I can only hope that we don’t have to hear the talent whine when they get replaced by a national radio show.

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