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I’ve always thought of restaurants and radio as being similar. Radio has music, air talent, and promotions, and restaurants have a menu, servers, and specials. 
The radio station needs to play great music, the restaurant needs to have a great menu. The servers and air talent need to have pleasant demeanors, and the specials and promotions need to be very special. The image and reputation of both need to be impeccable, and they both need a good location. A good address for the restaurant, and a good dial position for the radio station.
However, what’s really most important is what kind of a restaurant/radio station is it? Do you serve Italian, Mexican, French, Chinese, or American food or do you play Oldies, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, or AC music? 
If a fine French restaurant added Chinese food to the menu, they’d go bankrupt in a few weeks just as a Soft AC who started playing the Stones would be in trouble rather quickly.

Restaurants are much better about knowing who they are than radio. Radio has a very confusing menu, it can’t tell the difference between Hip Hop and AC and now even Country is getting confused. Good luck to us all.

Paul Cavenaugh: Shame on you George.  You didn’t even scratch the surface of Ken Lemann’s remarkable abilities. Some talents are good, others great, and a few that are brilliant, Ken is amongst the latter.

Geo: Paul, Kenny has always been one of my all-time favorite jocks and even though he was #1 for over 20 years, nobody knows his name which was how he liked it. I still remember teasing him a jock meeting one day when I said, “Ken, because of your outstanding ratings on WRMF you get to introduce Fleetwood Mac at Sunfest. Knowing that Ken would rather have his teeth pulled than do that, everybody laughed, and Ken responded with, “George if I could do that I wouldn’t be working here, I’d be in New York.”(I Got Lucky)

Tall Ted Farr: Daryl ‘B’ was one of my mentors. I was hired by CKLG Vancouver in the newsroom in 1969. I knew little about radio but I could write. ‘B’ taught me basics. It was a thrill when I was promoted to the evening news. Daryl’s show was from 6 pm to 9 pm so I was on the air with one of the Top 40 greats. (Remembering Daryl ‘B’)

Bruce Devine: The Health Spa you mention that Bill’s commercial was too good for, was a ‘Happy Ending’ establishment. I produced it, Don Parrish the then President of ACTRA & CHFI/CFTR announcer voiced it & it won a CLIO in 1973.
I very much doubt that the judges in NYC had any idea of the true nature of the business. I was lucky enough to work & learn from both Bill & Doug. (White Guy With Privileges)
Bob Christy: On Sunday, I had errands to run during the football games. When I got in the car I turned on KSPN 710 to listen to the Rams-Broncos game. KSPN is the originating station for the Rams and I think the games are also on ESPN Radio. Plenty of generic promos during the breaks but I did hear the PBP guys did do a great ad-lib promo. There was an oddball illegal motion call, the Rams center had double pumped the ball and the PBP team slipped in a promo for the upcoming NBA season, off the top of their heads. The color guy, Maurice James-Drew, explained the double pump penalty and JB Long said, “there will be a lot of double pumps from LeBron James when the Lakers start playing for real this week on KSPN.”
I was sitting in the parking lot of the DIY Center when I heard them say it, and the lady in the car parked next to me must have thought that I was nuts when I yelled: “Yes, god damn it.” (Comments)
Jim Harper: Great blog post, Buddy!
I have always felt the same way about morning prep-service, but NOW the whole idea of a prep service seems like a waste of time and money. They were started years ago before the internet. Now, every civilian under 60 has read every interesting little feature story and showbiz update on Facebook, Twitter and the web before they leave for work, as well as all the local and national news they care for.
WHY would anyone pay to have some 20-something stay up all night on Red Bull clipping stories that they send out to hundreds of stations? If management doesn’t have confidence in their own talent to let them do their own prep, why hasn’t any of the companies hired a couple of people to do a general top 10 list of things to talk about each morning for all their formats? (There really are LESS than 10 things that are new to cover each day). Why not a V.P. of morning prep? The big groups have no shortage of Veeps, Captains, and Cluster-Monkeys…why not save a few 100 grand? (Wrong But Right Anyway)

Bill McDonald: Nothing like a daughter to turn a father into a poet. (Dear Nathaniel)

John Wells: George you forgot to mention the white gloves we had to wear to keep our fingerprints off Herbie Brittain’s classical records.
One moment in time I’ll never forget was trying to play the George Dawes time and temperature tapes on the hour.
George’s voice announced that it was 11 o’clock, the temperature in Winnipeg is 57 degrees. Then I heard George’s voice announced that it was 12 o’clock and the temperature in Winnipeg is 58 degrees, and on it went until it was saying that it was 2 o’clock and the temperature in Winnipeg, is 59 degrees … It took forever to turn down two pots and play a record by Percy Faith….. 50 years later the day is still etched in my memory. (Some Other Guy)
Tom Snyder: Father time is still the greatest teacher of all time.
George JohnsUnfortunately, though, he kills all his students.
Tom Snyder (Comments)
Dick Taylor: Geo,
Your question so resonates with me.
This will be my last year in Kentucky and Western Kentucky University.
All my life, I’ve moved for my career. My plan this time is to move for the family. To be close to my kids, grandkids, and friends.
The most important thing in life is being with people you love and who love you.
That’s my plan for the next chapter of my life.
Dick (Still Thinking About My Birthday)
Nathaniel: Be safe Buppa.
N and Mom
Buppa: I’m doing my best buddy, but if you were here we’d be kicking Mathew’s butt. However, I’m glad you’re not. (Hurricane Mathew Aftermath)
John King: George, your innovative contests had the gumshoes scratching their heads in the FCC’s Complaints & Compliance Division. We ran around ’em in circles for sure, didn’t we?! The most rewarding aspect (and I know the FCC was sympathetic to this) was that what you did with audience involvement was great radio.
Geo: Thanks for keeping all of our licenses intact, John, and keeping me out of jail. (Thank You)
Bill Johnson: I think Jim Hilliard was teaching us how to be successful in life – not just in radio.
Looking forward to the WIBC/WNAP reunion! (The Hatchet Men Get Cut)
Ron Chapman:  Nice to be part of the Climb. I’ve never been as Good since You. (Sounds like a song by Cilla Black)
Geo: Thank you Ron, but I don’t think there’s any headroom left for you to get any gooder. On my side, though, I never had as much fun doing radio as I did while working with you at KVIL.
However, my favorite Ron Chapman moment didn’t even occur at KVIL. We were doing a project together at KZST in Santa Rosa which included doing an aircheck session with longtime morning man, Brent Farris. Brent, who was used to my wimpy approach was startled to hear immediately following his opening line on his aircheck, you saying, “That’s absolutely unfucking unacceptable.” Needless to say, it went downhill from there. 🙂 (Thank You)

Michael O’Shea: I’ve known your dad (and your uncle Reg) for perhaps 30 years…and while I like Reg a little bit more, I still think the WORLD of your dad. While we have never met, I follow your dad on Facebook, so I feel like I know you, through so many wonderful photos and terrific tributes from him to you. It’s so obvious that he’s very proud of you and his love for you is precious and real. Congratulations on your graduation, and on whatever your future life-paths will take you. Enjoy the ride. And, when you face speed-bumps or difficult decisions, just ask yourself “What would DAD do?”. Then, be sure you do the exact opposite. (Camera Anne Graduates Today)

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