Geo’s Media Blog (Let’s Hear It From The Girls) Part Deux New for 1/15/20


Anita Mitchell: I started to work for WDW before we opened and graduated in the first Walt Disney World University class. Mike Vance was absolutely one of the best in training and after years of attending a lot of lectures like this, he still rates as one of the best.

Geo: He sure changed how I did radio from then on, Anita.

Candis Johns: I’m sure Mom made quite the impression when she drove that Cadillac all over town! The one you were probably intending to make, which she gladly usurped when you ‘lovingly’ drove ‘her’ car to her all the way to Canada.

Dad: Yep, and just like that, there I was back in my beat-up old T-bird.

Christine Hilliard: Ok, George, we’ve got Cami all moved into her dorm at USF, so all is well. (Comments)

Geo: Christine, can you believe that was five years ago and now she’s back home with a degree in psychology? You’re our hero, thank you so much.

Jan Hall: I’m off to Vegas in a private jet, Geo! Trust me, it’s the only way to fly. No check-in, no hassle with the bags, no lines, a perfect seat, and a fresh cup of coffee the moment I sat down. Oh, and did I mention that they also had Uber standing by to whisk me away to my hotel when we landed?

Geo: Fly like an Eagle Baby!

Lesley Palmiter: I love that picture of you and Cami standing beside the Christmas tree. I hope all is well with you and your family.

Geo: The only thing that could have possibly made that photo better Lesley, was if you were standing there with us.

Barbara Hilliard: Cami, from a quiet, little girl, to a shy little lady, an inquisitive and exceptionally bright teenager, and now a beautiful young woman, all in front of us! Take the training wheels off, it’s time to steer on your own! And you’re ready! We applaud your graduation and wish you continued success on your next and exciting adventure. If you were a tree, you’d be a peach. They’re the sweetest!

Geo: Thank you Barb, I’ll make sure Cami sees this.

Sweetheart Of The Radio: I can’t believe that you left me for an older woman!!!

Geo: And I regret it to this very day.


Marnie Howard: Thank you for all your kind words, George. Please let me know when you finish your book so I can help you get it published. Sending you a big hug!! Have a beautiful weekend.

Geo: Speaking of books, beautiful, how’s your new one doing?

Nurse Amber: Your usual Mr. Geo?

Geo: Miss Amber knows exactly what I want, how I like it, and she serves it up just that way.



Lana Johns: Very happy birthday!!! One more time… Keep going!!! 

Geo: I’m giving up birthdays, Lana, they just keep making me older. RIP beautiful lady. 🙁


Jamie Gold: I was expecting to see something Bama related etched on that beautiful wine glass, but nonetheless, it looks good. Enjoy!

Geo: As I recall, Jamie, you turned me on to red wine. You claimed that it would be a lot better for me than the Canadian Whiskey that used to be my usual cup of tea.

Ann Craig Cinnamon: How come you never talked to me when we worked at WNAP?

Geo: I knew that you were talented, Annie, but I had no idea that you were headed to the hall. However, I did have the idea that you may be too dangerous to talk to. You looked very addictive.

Jennifer Sunal Randall: Good morning Sir Geo Johns… I’ve got to tell you this, you always manage to bring a smile to my face. You’ve got a great personality and you’re such a doll even though you talk naughty to me. Hey, I can handle it. Seriously, you’re a dear friend who gets dearer to me all the time. Hugs, Kisses, and much love!

Geo: Jenn Jenn, you tell Kenny that if he ever does you wrong you’ve got a place to go and it comes with a million-dollar view.

Linda Duffy: I still remember the day you asked me to send you one of your one-liner zingers to our GM in Philly. It was supposed to read “are you still short,” but I typed it, “as you still short,” I thought you were going to shoot me.

Geo: Damn it, Linda!

Monique: When are you going to come and see me sing again so we can choose some new songs I’ve for my new CD?

Geo: Just give me a time and a place, Monique and I’ll be all over it.

Barbara Colella: George, I really enjoyed reading this blog. There are so many reasons to honor those who have passed. Your friendships are many and that says a lot about your integrity. Great read. xoxo

Geo: See you the next time I’m in LA, Barbara.

Mary Franco: In an industry that glamorizes frailty and gives awards to songs with self-destructive lyrics like “Rehab,” isn’t it great to hear George recognize his powerful daughters?

Geo: Well they’re certainly powerful enough to not be afraid of me, Mary. In fact, they think I’m kinda wimpy.

Kari Summerfield: Our daughter has attachment issues, so good luck on her throwing much out before you pack her up in Tampa. I’m still storing 2 bins of stuffed animals, but that’s down from 5, so it’s gotten better.

Geo: It was like trying to put 100 pounds of stuff in a 10-pound bag but we got it done.

Raijanna Rose Morrow: I was so busy at work yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write to you… I’ve missed our bantering!

Geo: It’s all good Raijanna, I was growing weary of all the cold showers I had to take after our bantering was done. RIP, Raijanna.

Mom: Don’t spend too much time by yourself Son, as I’ve told you before, “You have Hermit tendencies.”

Son: I spend a lot of time at a sports bar called Duffy’s, does that count, Mom?


Geo: I’m on it, Miss Nancy, please don’t hurt me!

Lindsay Boychuk: 3 cards!!! I love them all! Thank you for thinking of me. Love you. 🙂

Geo: I can hardly wait to see you and all your girls again, Lindsay.


Casey Callahan: Oh George!! You write so eloquently, but it had to have been a man who said that women were innocent because I’ve never heard any women make that claim. However, Men only hear what they want to hear. Why don’t you come and see me at the Chalkboard? xoxo

Geo: I hear that Casey, you can count on it.

Ana More: Hey Geo, when are you going to turn some of these lovely ladies over to me for my special “toy” parties? 

Geo: Oh what I wouldn’t give to be at one of those affairs, Ana. Whew!

Jo-Ann Pflug: Belated Happy Birthday George!!! You said your daughters were giving your a toast and roast birthday celebration and they really lived up to their word by your comments. How wonderful to have so many old friends who love you so much that they flew all the way to San Diego to toast you and be there for you. Now that shows what type of friend you are too! Congratulations and remember “Age is a number and ours is unlisted” See you soon for a birthday glass of wine. Salude, amor y dinero el tiempo para gustarlos.

Geo: Let’s do a Mashup. (pun intended)

Nancy Reece Cole: I so enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see you when you’re back in the wine country.

Geo: You got it, Nancy!

Gayle Brammer: I’ll never forget our very first date which started off nice enough until the end of the evening when you ruined it. After what was a pleasant dinner, you actually wrote your phone number down and told me to call you sometime. I was never more insulted, but I got over it. 🙂

Geo: Whew! Glad you did Gayle, I really enjoy your company.

Debbie Abrams & Mary Ptak: Love reading your blog, Georgie, but when are you coming to see us?

Geo: I think we should do it real soon ladies, we need to celebrate KZST’s latest great rating book.

Kristine Hanson: Hey, does the weather “Chick” get to come to the rating party?

Geo: Anybody who has partied with Bill Walsh and the Forty-Niners back in the day when they were the World Champions, Kristine, is definitely welcome.

Lisa: Geo, I believe I may have been the only woman that Reid didn’t marry.

Geo: I believe you may be right, “Snookums.”


Dana Foster: Hey ‘Cuz,’ when are you going to get me a job in the radio biz?

Geo: I don’t know what to say, Dana, it appears that you’re already doing well on TV?


Joan Vidler: George, when we lost Gary, George, we lost someone who was very special to both of us and my heart is broken. I have no idea how I’m going to be able to carry on?

Geo: And now we’ve also lost you Young Joan, my heart is totally shattered.

Linda Miller Perez: Hey, George, the fires are out in Sonoma County, time for you to come back and have a glass of wine with us.

Geo: The fires began as I was leaving, Linda, but just like Billy Joel sang, “I Didn’t Start The Fires.”

Heather: George, Thank you so much for taking me to the WRMF Christmas party, I had such a great time. Those disc jockeys are sure crazy people, aren’t they?

Geo: No, thank you, Heather, I learned long ago that he who walks into the room with the best looking lady on his arm owns the room, and I did.

Jo Jo: Geo, Did I ever tell you that I used to date Trump years ago but dropped him because I thought I could do better?

Geo: Wow, you’d be the first lady now and it would be his child you’d be pregnant with.

Miranda: Hey Geo, how come I haven’t seen you at the Waterway Cafe lately?

Geo: Well, ever since they got rid of the band, Miranda, it’s just not as much fun anymore. However, I sure do miss dancing with you, though.

Robin Solis: I spent about five hours each day writing original material for my next show. Your description sounded so familiar. I used Boardroom publications…can’t remember the monthly newsletter title. Spin magazine, SF Chron and San Jose paper to inform, educate, localize and write that punchline and at least one artist tidbit and hour. It’s damn hard work but my PD told me that he couldn’t wait to hear me Crack the mic. I was also paid the lowest full-time salary…which made the work even harder. But when the psychological abuse started, I quit.

Geo: I loved the first part, but I sure hate how it turned out, Robin.

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Let’s Hear It From The Girls) Part Deux New for 1/15/20

  1. Bruce Walker, Wow, pretty girls, pretty girls everywhere. One right after another and on top of that they are all great at what they do. You have lived an interesting life old friend. (Let’s Hear It From The Girls)

    Geo, Eugene Church knew where they were, Bruce but I’m sure he found out as I did from my baseball coach, they’re mostly a distraction.

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