Geo’s Fathers Day 20/20

What a wonderful Father’s Day. It all started with my youngest, Cami, presenting me with a new shirt and then then we headed to a restaurant called First Watch for brunch.
She had biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs, and I had a veggie omelet with a couple of turkey sausages on the side. As I sat there eating, I realized that it was the first time I’d been to a restaurant since March.

When we finished up our brunch, we headed to the place where she works which is called Express.
Once there, I went on a shopping spree because not only did they have a sale going on but along with Cami’s employee discount, I got five more shirts similar to the one I’m wearing in the photo, and a pair of shorts, for 50 bucks. Wow!

Shortly after we got back home, my oldest, Candis,called me from L.A., and my son, Curt, called from San Diego. Now what you’ve got to understand about my family is that both my daughters are as far left as my son is right, and you can find me hiding in the middle as a Centrist.

After I hung up the phone from Curt, I took a sip of my CC and Diet Coke and thought about how great my day was. However, when I read what Cami had posted on Facebook (see below), it made this Father’s day the best!

Happy Father’s Day to the legend himself!
The man who carried me until his arms were about to break, who scared away every sales lady during countless dress shoppings, who has so many stories he had to start a blog, who started my love for wine, who makes friends wherever he goes, who is always open to listening and being educated by his liberal political activist daughter, who is so proud of being a dad that he will accept anyone as a new “adopted” child.
Love you, thank you for a lifetime of memories.

P.S. look at him, rocking his Father’s Day gift.
(A new Express shirt of course)

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