Geo’s Media Blog (Geo’s Bucket List Adventure) Special Edition for 10/01/2020

As you read this I will be on a flight bound for Burbank California where I will begin my newest bucket list adventure. Originally I planned on doing this in September, but because of the Coronavirus, I moved it back a month.
Initially, I intended to take the train across Canada but the Coronavirus not only killed that plan, it even shut down all the Canadian passenger trains until November. Hey, why would I want to travel across Canada in November, I was born there, I know what goes on in November.

However, by pushing the trip into October it made it even better because it’ll be “Birthday Time” for me and my daughter Candis.(pictured above)
I’m staying at the Burbank Marriott so we’ll be having a birthday dinner together at their restaurant called the “Daily Grille.”
The last time Candis and I dined there my grandson Nathaniel (pictured with me above) was minus one day old. (Candis gave birth to him the next day)The next morning I’ll pick up the rental car and head out to Sunland to pick Nathaniel up for a guy day.
Nathaniel wants to tour LA, but I doubt that he’s talking about the places that the Beach Boys were singing about when I was his age.
Come Sunday morning, my 4000-mile adventure begins as I board the train, find my room, and then settle in as we make our way to San Jose. (see my route in red below)
Once I arrive in San Jose, I’ll be spending a few days with my good friends Jim and Barbara Hilliard before moving onto Portland. (pictured above)
While hanging out with Jim and Barb, there is no doubt that Jim will bring up, “The day I f**ked him,” as he does every time we talk.
He’ll be referring to Aug 03, 1981, which was when I left Fairbanks in Indy and moved to San Diego to start my own company.
Barbara, on the other hand, will probably point out once more that my choice of women over the years has been less than formable, and perhaps it was time for me to settle down with an age-appropriate lady. (I’m sure glad she didn’t meet ’em all)
After spending a couple of days with Jim and Barb, once again I’ll climb aboard the train and after finding my room, I’ll probably have a toddy or two before bedding down for my overnight ride into Oregon. (see my accommodations above and my route in red below)
By the time I get to Portland, hopefully, the Coronavirus will have faded enough so I can dine with some old friends.
I’ll be reuniting with John Erickson and the legendary Craig Walker who are both from my K103 days.(pictured below)






Craig, John, and I will probably reminisce about why it took me a whole year to get Craig over to K103.
When Craig finally joined us, the Portland people were so hungry to hear him that the day he hit our airways with his trusty news guy, John Erickson, K103 went #1. (For the whole story, click on the links at the bottom of the page.)

Late the next afternoon, once again I board Amtrak for what I’m sure will be a magnificent ride through the mountains of Washington and Montana where I’ll get to see all the leaves changing. (see photo on top of the page and red route below)
Hey, and when we get out of the mountains and into the plains of North Dakota, I’ll raise my glass of Canadian Club as we roll a little south of my hometown of Transcona.

Oh, and we’ll also be passing through a few of towns in North Dakota and Minnesota where I used to play when I was with The Jury those many years ago.
I arrive in Chicago around 4 pm and even though my train to Syracuse doesn’t depart until 9:30, I ain’t going nowhere, I’m staying safe and sound at the station.
Yes, it’s true, I did once own a radio station there for about 15 minutes but Chicago just ain’t my kind of town and I’d recommend that the folks think ling and hard about defunding the police department because I’m not sure how they’re gonna defend themselves when the rioting and looting start up again. Anyway, when I arrive in Syracuse (see the train route in red below), my snowbird buddy, Bob Thomas, will be picking me up and taking me to his home in Northern Pennsylvania where I’ll spend a few days with him and his wife, Josie. (pictured above)
I’ll also get to reunite with a few of the others who like Bob and Josie, spend their winters in West Palm Brach and I’m kinda thinkin’ that there’s gonna be some serious drinkin’ going on.
After the drinking’s done, Big Bob will drive me to Philly where I’ll board the train for an overnight ride to Jacksonville. (see the route in red below)
Once in Jacksonville, I’ll spend a couple of days at the home of Jamie Boychuk his beautiful wife Lindsay, and their gaggle of precious daughters. (see photos photo of below)

Jamie is the Executive V/P of CSX Railway, and why would a big honcho like that allow a scoundrel let me in his home you ask? Well, for one thing, Jamie like me is from Transcona and the other is, he just happens to be my nephew. Oh, I almost forgot, we may head over to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa for a couple of nights of gambling while I’m there.
Come Sunday morning; I’ll board the train for the final leg of my bucket list adventure as I head home to West Palm Beach (see map below) where I’ll begin planning planning next years adventure which hopefully will include a train ride across Canada.

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5 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Geo’s Bucket List Adventure) Special Edition for 10/01/2020

  1. That’s a great bucket trip! When do you arrive in Chicago? Call and I’ll meet you to help kill some time between trains. 312-968-8888.

  2. Looks like a great trip, but I think I would be bored to death Why the train? When I was young I loved train trips, but not so much now.

  3. I love your energy and sense of adventure George……I find it challenging
    to walk across the street to Whole Foods even though there are pretty girls
    there most of the time, but you inspire me George so I’m heading that way
    now !!!
    Billy Bob

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