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The other night at Duffy’s, my friend Buzz Braman (pictured right above) and I were talking about one of the greatest movies ever made, “Goodfellas.” One of our favorite scenes was when Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) and Henry Hill (Ray Liotta pictured on top) were at a restaurant along with a bunch of other gangsters at a table having dinner.
Tommy is telling stories, and everybody at the table is laughing hysterically until Ray says, “Tommy, you’re a funny guy.” Tommy then stops everything by saying, “Funny how, funny haha, or funny like a clown, here to amuse you?”  From there the conversation quickly spirals down as all the gangsters look at them in astonishment and Buzz told me that he heard that Pesci had ad-libbed the whole scene. (See the scene by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page) 
Now just so you know, Buzz is part of the Braman Family who owns car dealerships all over South Florida that sell everything from Mini Coopers to Rolls Royces. Although I would suspect that Buzz is kinda the black sheep of the family because he didn’t get into the car business, he coached in the NBA for 20 years where he was known as the “Shot Doc”. However, he is now back in the fold, and while he was at their Porche store recently, he received a panic call from the Bently dealership just down the street, telling him that he was needed there immediately. When he asked what had happened, they would only say that he needed to get over there as quickly as he could. Fearing the worst because just a few weeks earlier a guy had walked into one of their showrooms and keyed two Rollers, Buzz was there in a few minutes. When he hurried in, the sales guy immediately took him over and introduced him to Ray Liotta who was there buying a Bently for his sister. 
Everybody at Braman knew that Buzz loved “Goodfellas” so the moment Ray had walked into the dealership, they called Buzz. When introductions were being made, the sales guy happened to mention that Buzz had coached in the NBA for 20 years and Ray lit up like a Christmas tree. “Where can we talk” Ray wanted to know so Buzz excitedly took him into a spare office where he planned on asking Ray about the “funny how” scene at an appropriate moment. Ray was full of questions about Shaq, Penny, Jordan, and Dr. J which Buzz answered as quickly as he could with his finger up. About the time Ray started to run out of questions and Buzz was all set to ask his own, Ray’s sister walked in pointing at her watch and saying, “Ray, we’ve gotta get out of here.” Buzz then said, “Hey, I’ve only got one question which will only take a minute.” They replied, “Sorry, we’re on the clock” and just like that they were gone, leaving Buzz sitting there with his finger still in the air.

Why do the people who live in New York and LA think they’re smarter than everybody else? I’m not sure what San Fransisco, Oakland, San Jose, and San Diego think, but I do know that the folks who live in Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Houston,  Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, and countless other cities beg to differ.

Only when you become a parent do you realize just how much your parents loved you. 
By caring enough to hate someone, you’ve just put them in charge.
Living in an on-demand world, sometimes we forget to do the things we love to do because we can always do them tomorrow. 
Artists have changed the world a lot more often than any politician ever has.
There’s always a catch. 
Being of mixed blood, (English and Scotch) after seeing a bunch of movies and documentaries about the English, the more I feel myself becoming Scottish a little more every day.
Overqualified is code for, “You’re too f**king old.”
There’s a lot of smart people out there, but fortunately, most of them don’t know what to do. 
When I was a kid dreaming about becoming a recording star, I never imagined that I’d be the only person in my neighborhood who would have his own records hanging on his wall.
I think if they figured out how to build the charger into the car so you could charge it anywhere, the electric car would soon become a reality.
The dumbest thing about a smartphone is the phone. 
Even the wealthy agree that most rich people are assholes. 
When Phil beat Tiger half the bar at Duffy’s, clapped and shouted except for the black people. 
Being a Centrist, I understand what being “Stuck In The Middle” is all about as I get pushed at from both sides. 

Much easier to stay physically young than it is to become as wise as the elderly.

Rich people must be smarter than the rest of us because only they can understand why Canada who has more oil than they can ever use, still imports it.

An Action is not an accomplishment. 
Just because you do what you think is right don’t make it right.
The distant future arrived a few years ago.

The car of the future will be a computer on wheels.

The top 10 count down of my most read Blogs during 2018 will begin Christmas day.

Are there any skinny ladies out there with large breasts, not living well?
Why must things go wrong before they go right?
I wonder if the soldiers in the middle east are able to explain why they’re there?
Speaking of why? I still don’t understand what the hell we were doing in Korea, let alone Viet Nam?
Besides a “Magic Carpet,” have the Arabs invented anything? 
I wonder how many of our industry leaders could get a job at their local radio station?
Do you teach a growing child how to deal with the world or do you shield them from it? 
Has Hollywood ever made a movie where the banks are not the bad guys? 

Is it true that after President Lincoln won the civil war, he had ships standing by to take the slaves back to Africa but they wouldn’t go?


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4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Funny How?) 12/10/18

  1. Yes Goodfellows was one of the best movies ever. Moral of the story, when you made a big kill, don’t be a fool. play it cool…

  2. You are on the right track George, both my Grandfathers, Grandmothers, my mother and my Dad are Scottish through and through. I guess that gives me a solid Scottish background. By the way, Laurie’s parents were Scottish also. That was a pure fluke since it didn’t matter to me when I met her.

  3. Just realized that the character’s name Joe Pesci used in “Goodfellows” of Tommy DeVito was actually the name of one of the original Four Seasons, the one who was sent out to Las Vegas to work for Joe Pesci.

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