For The Good Of The Country

Radio may be Wall Street’s bitch but that doesn’t change the fact that listeners and clients are still it’s only consumers. They want and need our undivided attention.

The reason people dislike politicians is because they appear to be owned and operated by the wealthy.

Speaking of wealthy there is a huge huge difference between being rich and being wealthy.

How embarrassing it must be for all the quacking sports heads when Tebow continues to win.

Folks don’t really know what they like or want until they can see it,  hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it. Our job is to invent it then tell them why they like it.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney, Lennon and McCartney, Steve Jobs and a few others totally “get” the words above.

Saying I must be a Democrat if I don’t like some of the Republicans is like saying I must like the current Health Plan if I don’t like Obama’s.

It must be true that near the end of the month the cops must have to catch up on their speeding tickets quota. Near the end of October they looked like a bunch of gunslingers standing out there on the interstate pointing those radar guns at us. They are no where to be found now so hopefully they have gone back to fighting crime.

I think the Government should only help students with student loans for schools that don’t raise their tuition just because of the availability of new money.

Freedom is definitely never free.

Being a single guy I have learned you can not make somebody love you no matter how hard you try. But hey maybe if you stalk them long enough they’ll panic and give in.

I just read a quote somewhere that said, the Democrats and the Republicans bickering over the debt is like two drunks arguing over the bar tab as the Titanic goes down.

Bill Gardner once said, “I don’t think George Johns ever lied to me but he may have avoided the truth now and then.

It takes years and years to build up trust but suspicion even without any proof destroys that trust instantly. Right Mr. Paterno?

I think the Penn State scandal goes so high up the ladder they will determine Jerry Sandusky acted alone. This determination will be made of course for the “Good Of The Country”

The absolute best liars in the world are Serial Killers, Rapists & Druggies. Welcome to a very elite club Mr. Sandusky.

Speaking of a rapist has anyone but me noticed that when the word therapist is pulled apart it takes on a whole new meaning.

Have you ever noticed that the people you care about always seem to be taken from you much too soon but the ones you don’t care about hang around forever.

I once had a woman tell me that she wanted to do something with me that I have never done with another women. I have never forgotten it but I don’t remember what we did.

In my new life I want to come back as a taker and a flake because I’m surrounded by them now and they expect me to solve the problems they created. Sweet!

I was just reading that America has the richest poor people in the whole world.

It doesn’t matter what excuse an air talent has about why they can’t keep it to one subject at a time. The only thing that matters is a listener can only understand one subject at a time. Why would you want to continue speaking if nobody is listening to you.

Time goes by so quickly when your having fun doesn’t it. Case in point is all the hot new country artists that turned their back on the legendary country artists that preceded them like Hank Williams, George Jones, Willy Nelson, Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard but to name a few. Now it’s their turn to look at all the turned backs. But hey guys there’s always Branson.

I think the right to bear arms is a good one if for no other reason than all the politicians know we may have them.

The ability to do something very few people can do produces Big Bucks!

Women are much more financially motivated than Men. Hell we just spend all of our money on them, but come to think of it so do they.

Bad Boy Bobby has his way with October

20 thoughts on “For The Good Of The Country

  1. Is that your little runabout in the background? Stalkers don’t win – I had an old b.f. stalking me & I really couldn’t stand him popping up everywhere.

    • I was just test driving the boat Em and I do apologize for just popping up everywhere now and then. I’m going to have to come up with a new plan to wear you down. (-:

  2. “…huge huge difference between being rich and being wealthy.”

    I heard the same lesson as a boy in rural south Louisiana. However, it’s interesting that from my perspective it’s the difference between being poor and being trash.

    • Thank you Paul but I don’t know who invited the other 2000 or so people, I know I sure didn’t. Looking forward to joining you after Thanksgiving for a little cruise down the inter coastal with fewer and much more interesting people.

  3. The unwritten story about the Jerry Sandusky-Penn State story is that no reporter is investigating the “chain-of-command” reporting structure at Penn State. Many of these allegations go back into the mid-1990s, when institutions, especially colleges and universities were being hit with sexual harrassment and sexual assault cases right and left. So the boards of trustees and their legal counsels instituted structures that required reporting directly to either the university counsel and / or a designated
    “specialist” within the institution’s human resources department. In 1997-1998, I was Network Station Manager for Ball State’s “Indiana Public Radio”. The university was trying to put an embarrassing sexual harrassment / sexual assault case behind it involving the entire Architecture department including the chair and several tenured professors. (Settlement cost in the neighborhood of $ 4,000,000.00 !) Every employee, faculty member and student were required to spend hours of “training” and instruction on these matters. The net-net of the situation was that if anyone on (or off) campus had a whiff of anything funny going on, each of us were required to call the H.R. specialist on sexual matters immediately. We were not to go the the Muncie police, the Delaware County sheriff’s department, the Indiana State Police, or even the Ball State campus police. (Students were allowed to contact the police.) We were not to go to the department head or our immediate supervisor. Further, we were not to speak of it again unless approached by the university “expert”. Violation of this policy would result in immediate termination. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and I will bet that a similar policy existed at Penn State. Joe Paterno most likely reported it to some H.R. authority, as per university policy and the university counsel involved in the internal investigation buried it, which is why things went along. While I believe the Penn State board of trustees (in the presence of the governor of Pennsylvania, no less !) did the right thing in cleaning out the university hierarchy and the coach of the football program, I also think they covered up their own culpibility, because I think an independent investigation would likely yield that the university’s legal department and its policies are the reason why reports about Jerry Sandusky were not referred to the State College police and why no university actions were taken.

    • Very educational Jed. Can you imagine this went on for over 17 years because everybody was frozen in place in order to protect Big Mama and a ton of little boys are scarred forever as Big Mama protects herself. Disgusting!

  4. Saturday mornings get better when a George Johns email arrives saying he has a new blog post. What a GREAT START to the weekend. Thank You Geo!

  5. Good advice; Never Kill a Client – you could end up in a bit of a bother. If at all feasible, attempt to find a less drastic and more reasonable solution. Killing a client is just plain wrong – no matter how well thought out your excuse. – Inspiration from Brett Halliday

  6. George, I like your new yacht. I have no idea how you manage to squeeze so much insight into your blogs every single time — but I’m sure grateful for your accumulated wisdom. It’s the stuff about life that always gets me, like your comment about always losing those we care about most too soon. Andrew Ashwood died three years ago this month, and he was only 51. Way too soon! As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • One needs a boat one can stretch out on don’t you think Doug. Hey we only pass this way once, might as well smell all the flowers right. I really have no idea where the stuff comes from, it all just pops in my head. I think maybe just to irritate me because I always work better when provoked so that must be what the muses are doing to me to get me off my ass and do something(-:

  7. “Speaking of wealthy there is a huge huge difference between being rich and being wealthy.”

    Chris Rock explained this phenomenon in one of his standup shows a couple of years ago: “Shaq is rich. The guy who writes his paychecks is wealthy.” I think that pretty well covers it.

    • Yes that does cover it Doug except to understand that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are afraid of Shaq, they all say yes sir to the same people he does.

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