I met Kevin Metheny in the late 70’s when Jack McCoy told me that I should come out to San Diego and talk to this kid who just beat KCBQ with a radio station you can barely hear by doing something new called Music Research.
I flew out to San Diego the next day and not only did Kev talk me into doing Music Research he also talked me into standing with him in this huge line which wrapped around a movie theatre to see something called Star Wars. What else could I do but I talk him into moving to Philadelphia to help convert WIBG to Wizard 100 (WZZD) and also set up his Music Research system at all of the Fairbanks stations.
A little known fact is that “Pig Vomit” in the Howard Stern movie was actually a combination of 2 people, Kevin and GM John Hayes. RIP Brother.
The only person strong enough to stop you from succeeding is you.
It takes a lot of courage to speak up but it takes even more to listen.
Remembering what you received is a lot more important than recalling what you gave.
There is no sense giving advice because wise men don’t need it and fools don’t take it.
In life change just happens, in business you’ve gotta make it happen.
True Art should always make you feel a little uncomfortable.
The real reason people check their phones so often is called FOMO the “Feeling Of Missing Out.”
What if the cell phone was invented after the Internet.
The first time a man ever thinks about women’s rights is when he has a Daughter.
If you can’t be a good man then you’ll just have to be the kind of man that Mothers warn their Daughters about.
Talent always does best when it does what it wants to do.
Most people hate their jobs that’s why they have to be paid to do them.
Do you ever get that feeling when things are going well that you may have overlooked something. 
If you want to silence an over talkative woman, simply bring up sex.
Delilah once told me that women always know when another woman got lucky and how many times.
Florida is the only state where you have to drive a way up North to get to the deep South.
Only men tolerate nasty women.
I agree we have to support our troops but we definitely don’t have to support the people who send them in to do battle.
The client isn’t always right but it serves us well not to mention it.
The Ratings Gods always smile on the folks who pay for the survey.
When you fix fear and ego together you have a lethal weapon.
If the Mother Of Invention is necessity then Greed must be it’s Father.
I think if Government employees had to live off of tips, they would all starve to death.
Intelligent People Reasonably Informed Seldom Disagree.
If you want better ratings simply substitute You for I.
When I was a kid all guys I hung out with only had minor differences but it turns out that those minor differences were who they really were.
Frank said there are only two types of shoes, black and brown, lose the brown at 6.



10 thoughts on “FOMO

  1. I remember first crossing paths with “the kid,” Kevin Metheny while we competed in the early 1970’s in Seattle; he nights at KJR, I over at KING doing PM drive. Later, we worked together at WIBG Philly when it became WZZD. Creative, talented, sharp, and a good dude, but what I like best is when I picture him in my mind’s eye these days, he’s always smiling. You too?

  2. I still can’t believe Kevin is gone. We became friends when I was programming KIMN. He was always interested in anomalies, like an AM music station that was ranked #1, and he was always generous is sharing ideas and credit. I feel very sad for his family because he definitely left too soon.

  3. First met Kevin in Philly at wizard 100 he never was that guy in private parts though Paul gimatti captured some of what he was like. George and all access include the stop in Philly on his resume. Tom Taylor’s email sheet tells how he died. Radio will miss what he brought to the table

  4. Back in my Concerts West days, I was arriving in Oklahoma City with Three Dog Night late on a Saturday night and driving from the Airport listening to WKY. This guy caught my attention. Strange, such a talent on so late at night and on a weekend. Sunday night after the show, on my way to the airport I hear the same guy and I’m impressed.
    Returning to Seattle where I was the GM of KJR and KISW FM, I had my Assistant call WKY under the guise she wanted to hire the guy for a school record hop. Now with his phone number, I called him and after a short visit, asked him if he would come up to Seattle and get acquainted. He said he had a problem. He was still in High School but could maybe come during Easter break. He came, I hired him to do 6 to 9 PM which he did, AFTER HE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL A MONTH LATER. HE BECAME A BIG SEATTLE STAR UNDER HIS NEW RADIO NAME, KEVIN O’Brien. (His choice) Years later, he went back to being Kevin Matheney. He was a great PD but he should never have left the air. Kevin was spectacular with a voice that stunned with its love and charm. Loved ya Kevin and we miss you so!!! Pat O’Day

    • Kevin worked for me as a PD in Philly, Pat. Wish I’d known at the time that he was also a great jock, great PD’s are a lot easier to find than great air talent Like you, I also miss him.

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