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In a recent Blog, I’d mentioned that our singer from the Jury, Bruce Walker told me that there were over 750 charitable organizations in Canada which I found quite surprising. However, now Syd Hepworth one of my old Transcona National team mates claims that there are actually 175,000 not for profit organizations registered in Canada and that 85,000 of them are dedicated to helping the underprivileged.
OK so let’s do the math! When I was growing up in Canada, we always figured that whatever Canada did the US did it at least ten times bigger and better. So using that formula the most conservative estimate that I could come up with is that there must be at least 850,000 charity organizations in America helping the underprivileged. So once again I have to ask … How the f*ck can there be any poor people in the US and why would they need any government assistance? Ahh but then again maybe a lot of these so-called charitable organizations are just like the folks who claim that they’re chasing the cure for cancer and not the money. Or perhaps maybe they are similar to the Clinton Foundation where they pay young Chelsea $950,000 a year to run it but as soon as the election goes south so does her job and the millions that were in the fund?
Who is responsible for checking on where all these tax-free dollars are going and oh yeah how about those ridiculous expenses the people who are in charge of these organizations run up not to mention the ridiculous compensation packages they have. I guess I just need to know where I can sign up so I can get on that gravy train and stop whining.

Wouldn’t you love to attend a meeting between Trump and HBO’s “Young Pope?”

What you have to understand about Trump is that not only is he not politically correct, he’s not even political.

Speaking of our president, I’m not so much worried about him as I am the about the people who surround him. One of the problems I’ve had over the years with the Republicans is that the same people who advised Nixon made it all the way through both Bushes without ever being elected.What we got from them was our never ending war in the middle east not to forget 911 and all they got from us was filthy rich.

Hey, Mr. Pop Singer your fame just causes us to listen to your songs a little bit closer which may not be a good thing.

Blind faith is just that. BLIND!

Being a romantic as I am is sometimes tough sleddin’

Have you ever met anyone who claims that they’re overpaid, me neither, but I know a bunch?

Even though we’re told that size matters, I’m pretty sure that the ladies prefer the bulge in a man’s jeans to be his fat wallet.

Wouldn’t you love the names and addresses of the people who told George W that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? This misinformation not only led not only to 911 but also our continuing operation in the middle east and I don’t think these people should be sleeping peacefully!

Speaking of names and addresses, I also need the names and addresses of families who made up the 5% of America who owned slaves because they were too lazy to pick their own damn cotton. We’re gonna have come to Jesus meeting with you because the rest of us are tired of being thrown under the bus just because we’re white so bring your checkbook.

As capable as you may be shouldn’t you pick out the thing that with a little practice you could be the best in the world at. Being the best at anything also pays the best.

The reason men like to tell their life story over and over is because it’s the only story that has him as the hero.

The definition of a “good woman” is one who can listen to all your stories over and over and hang onto each and every word of them like she’s hearing them for the first time.

As truthful a truth may appear it still may not be true.

My dream girl is an intelligent beautiful woman who acts like an ice queen in public and a slut in the bedroom.

Beware of women with cats because it is said that they are all out of love.

Being not afraid to die is not courageous it’s crazy.

One could assume that with the election of Trump a lot of Americans had contempt for all that was politically correct.

When Cami was a little girl, and I asked her whatever happened to baby Cami she said … She went to pictures daddy!

In the mid-2000’s Jane Roe as in Roe v Wade asked the supreme court to overturn her case. The Supremes turned her down.

All the good cops know who the bad cops are just as the Muslims know who the evil Muslims are. F*ck your code of silence you’re on your own. Good luck!

If you don’t set your own goals, you’re forever destined to be working on somebody else’s.

What’s your preference, Bald, Landing Strip, Trimmed, or Full Bush?

The folks know what they like, and they only like what they know.

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