Geo’s Media Blog. (First, Ya Gotta Get Noticed!) New for 11/25/19 #5

To become successful, first, one must be noticed. Case in point, my nephew, Jamie Boychuk, (pictured with his wife Lindsay above and me below that) who, following in his father’s and uncles’ footsteps, worked his way up from a yardman, to a switchman, a conductor, but unlike them, he ended up in management at the CNR in Canada..

The genius who headed up the CNR was Hunter Harrison. (pictured right above) Each year Hunter would invite a few junior executives to his seminars at the Breakers in Palm Beach. He held these seminars so he could explain his railroading philosophy to the staff, hoping to catch them on fire. However, it wasn’t all work, the attendees also got to play a little golf.

On one very special occasion, Jamie, who you can see in the photos, looks much younger than his forty-one years, got to play in a foursome with Hunter. On the first tee, Hunter said, “Hey kid, you need to go as long as you can but keep it to the left.” Jamie hit a perfect shot. On the next hole, Hunter said, “Nice shot back there kid, but even though this hole is a par three, you may want to hit it short and chip onto the green. There’s a bunker on the left and water on the right making it a narrow entrance to the green.” Once again Jamie hits the perfect shot and ends up in the middle of the green and so it went for the rest of the round.
Jamie finished one under which kicked Hunter’s ass but also got him invited back to every seminar from then on.

A few years later, Hunter took over the CSX railway which is headquartered in Jacksonville and one of the first people he asked to join him was my nephew. Unfortunately, soon after making CSX the most successful railway company in the world, Hunter passed.

Jamie (shown above ringing the bell on Wallstreet with the president) I’m proud to say, has recently been promoted to second in command of CSX which is now a 12 billion-dollar company with its stock on the rise in a world of Trump’s tariffs wreaking havoc with the transportation industry. You go, Jamie!
Have you ever noticed that whenever a company says, “We’re making things better” things actually get worse?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers win the Grey Cup.
I believe in God but not the Church’s versions of him. 
The toys have changed but not the world. 
One of the hardest things to do is learn how to control your anger so you can use it to be more productive. 
I think the NFL and the players union should split the cost of lifetime health care. A certain % of a player’s salary going towards it sounds fair to me? 
Opportunity is usually cleverly disguised to look like hard work. 
The more money you make, the less time you have to spend explaining your behavior.
Nothing’s changed, women are still known for their looks, and men for what they do.
Few marriages are strong enough to survive the loss of a child. 
You never own success, you’re just renting it. 
Nance Chapman says, “There’s no sense wearing a fake diamond if you don’t have the real one locked up at home.” 
Rich people don’t share, it’s as simple as that. 
To be a great director one must first figure out what special gifts the talented possess.
Doing more than what’s expected always ends up well. 
Pointing out what’s wrong with this picture only pays a dollar an hour but coming up with the perfect fix, pays a thousand dollars an hour. Based on that, I’d advise the Democrats to change their tactics. 
Silent gratitude is useless. 
It’s not the words it’s who said them. 
Back in the day when the air talent was bigger than the records that they played, nobody had a problem selling spots. 
Speaking of talent, Entercom’s sure burnin’ through them fast, huh? 
If the hard part was easy it would already be done. 
Life would be boring if you didn’t have any regrets.

Ron Below: Payola isn’t illegal… but not reporting it on your taxes is. (Get Out Of Jail)

Geo: Damn! that info is a little late in coming, Mr. Below.

Art Vuolo: Joey Reynolds has been preaching this exact same sermon for the past ten years, but (seemingly) nobody is paying attention.  Next week there will be a ton radio people attending the NAB/RAB Radio Show, the biggest convention for the radio industry.  Everyone will be patting each other on the back and proclaiming how great things are.  I love radio with a great deal of passion, but realistically I agree with this entire piece and about WLTW Lite FM (an appropriate name) and the relationship to WCBS-FM.  Did Bob know that BOTH are programmed by the same man…Jim Ryan? It’s true.  As long that the profit column is longer than the loss column, expect nothing to change in the foreseeable future. Truly a sad commentary. (Radio? It’s Over)

Joel Thompson: Love it! You gotta get the movie rights. It beats WYRK all to hell. (The Future Is Now)

Paul Cavenaugh: It’s about complacency George!   People expect mediocrity today,  and radio delivers!  The worst radio copy I’ve ever read…always includes the words “located at”!  Don’t get me started on this topic!  If the advertiser knew how useless the impact of their message was these days,  maybe there would be changes.
Heck…TV was supposed to quiet down commercials a year ago.  Did it happen?  The agencies and broadcasters have done nothing! The FCC has done nothing!  Network Promos have gotten even louder!  No Guts.  No Innovation.  No Creativity!  DEAD! (Freedom Of Speech)

Roland Blaquiere: Congratulations Cami. We’ve never met in person but I feel I’ve known you all your life. Your dad and I go back 60 or so and I’m glad you kept his life a happy one, along with all the rest of his family. If you continue to stay the course that you have been on, I’m sure you will keep your dad young and happy with all the great things in your life that he is so proud of. (Camera Graduates)

Mike Diston: That video of Trump making fun of somebody handicapped is fake news (Unthinkable Trump)

Jim Corkern: Wait a minute. He gets to run around and do anything without scrutiny?
Surely you jest. Special council, illegal wiretapping, plants inside his campaign, then presidency… and who knows how many illegal leaks during his election campaign and then in his presidency until he found all of the traitors. Fake Dossier paid for by the DNC, FISA abuse against him and anyone two steps from him (hundreds, if not thousands of Americans illegally spied on).
I could go on forever with actual verifiable facts like above that you haven’t a clue about, or you would not speak as you have and made such immature claims and statements.
Maybe, just maybe you should research before spouting off lies and deceptions because there is no other way to classify the comment I am replying to. (Unthinkable Trump)

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4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (First, Ya Gotta Get Noticed!) New for 11/25/19 #5

  1. Hello George,

    We’ve never met, but I’ve been aware of your name and reputation for years.

    Through your posting on FB Radio Family, I noticed “First, You Gotta Get Noticed,” which got my attention and I was truly pleased to read about your nephew, as Trains have been a part of my world for the past 80 years, as you’ll see if you visit my website.

    If you have any interest in reading my radio memoir, E-mail me your mailing address.

    P. S. – While it matters little what I think … but I buy into/agree with every one of GEO’S LIFE-LINES!

  2. Trains have always been a big part of our family.
    Hours are long but the benefits are worth it. You may be called out on holidays ,birthdays and family time but in the end the rewards are great.
    Congratulations to your nephew as he is a prime example of what perseverance will
    Thank you George for being a truly awesome friend to Bob Thomas. Your words of wisdom inspire me.

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