FEAR! (new blog for week of December 1)

733784_10151835971959307_917910399_nOne New Years Eve in Indy while dining with my brother and my wife I told them that I was considering growing a beard but my wife told me to forget about it so of course it began the next day! I think it may be time to do it again!

Fathers protect their Daughters from all evil which includes their Mothers and themselves.

If you have to tell folks who you are then you ain’t.

Do you suppose that the people who live in Cuba realize they’re driving classic cars.

Is there any better feeling than the one I just got when I put on an old pair of jeans and discovered a 20 dollar bill in the pocket.

Usually when a man loses weight it’s because he’s got a new woman, when a woman begins to lose weight it usually means she’s on the hunt.

Women claim they want a sensitive man until you are.

The only time I see Blacks and Whites hanging out together is on TV commercials.

Being blind is a terrible thing but having no vision may even be worse.

Folks don’t really care who owns the song they only care about the music.

Just cuz you’re rich don’t make you smart.

Public opinion is now more powerful than the law.

A good deed can never be taken away it lives forever but a bad deed can be plea bargained.

Limiting campaign contributions in America would change the whole world.

The the Dolphins players are pretty good but the coaches lose them too many games because they’re not very smart.

One should always live for today but never ever stop dreaming about tomorrow.

Fame tends to make one feel bullet proof.

Your best shot at succeeding may be by trying just one more time.

It isn’t about the cards you’re dealt in life it’s all about how you play them.

Well behaved women seldom become very famous.

It doesn’t matter if people like you it’s really whether or not you like them.

Starting or stopping something could be a life changer.

Being the richest person in the cemetery is not a very worthy goal.

80% of what most radio stations do on the radio only accounts for 20% of its success.

Radio should stop worrying about its image and just get on with the entertainment.

The best thing about radio is no fees.

The only good reason to have fine things is because you want them.

Spellcheck still claims I spell both my Daughters names incorrectly.

Even though we laugh at the companies that still do things the way they always have we still live the way we always have.

Using fear as a motivator is very overrated because it usually ends badly for both parties.

Mark Twain claimed that truth was stranger than fiction because fiction was obliged to stick to the possibilities.

Nobody gave us our independence we just took it.

Most people who live in a fantasy world do so because they can’t cope with the real world while others just do a radio show.

One of the main reasons there are still poor people is to remind the middle class what’s waiting for them if they let up.

What’s the sense of having cars that go from 0 – 60 in 3 seconds if the guy at the red light doesn’t use some of it when it goes green.

When I was 19 I thought my Father was old but now that Cami is 19 I have finally figured out I was wrong.

Being the best at anything pays pretty well.

I figure the Pats & the Pack for the Super Bowl.

Speaking of football how ’bout  dem Stampeders bringing the cup back to Western Canada.



6 thoughts on “FEAR! (new blog for week of December 1)

  1. Hey George,
    Love this blog-post. Especially:
    “Radio should stop worrying about its image and just get on with the entertainment!”
    I’ve learned by listening as a civilian, that when a station runs an image promo for itself, it’s just noise and an interruption. Same goes for local TV. You’re already there…you’re already engaged, you don’t need to be sold on having made a good decision.
    Have a Happy Christmas, Brother. All the best to you and your family.
    -Jim Harper

    • Isn’t funny Jim how different radio sounds when you are not involved in the day to day activities. Most of the time you wonder what the hell they are talking about and to whom. Merry Christmas to you and your bride.

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