Fear: The Great Motivator (new geo Blog for April 02/18)


When I think back to the days when guys like me used to collect and carry around tapes of all our favorite jocks and the legendary radio stations they all worked on, I wonder what the hell happened and why? These days I only know the names of the owners and have no idea who the new radio superstars are if any? Then suddenly it came to me, “The fear is gone.”  
Back in the day, most owners were afraid not to be #1, because they’d be bankrupt. However, in those days, only a few radio stations had big ratings and when you would check out why you’d usually find a crazy person at the helm. Today, I doubt if most owners even know or care who’s #1 let alone who’s at the helm. Back in the day, owners reluctantly turned over their radio stations to a handful of crazy people like Buzz Bennett, (pictured above) Jack McCoy, Lee Abrams, Randy Michaels, Bill Drake, Scott Shannon, and Bill Tanner to name just a few.

The thing about those so-called crazy people was that they knew how to blow markets up. Not only were they famous, but they were also feared coast to coast, and the trades who wrote stories about them referred to them as geniuses. The owners, on the other hand, had a love-hate thing going with them. They loved the ratings they got but hated the power these guys had over them. Most owners were afraid to do any radio without these geniuses but also didn’t like doing it with them, so they were always on the lookout for another way. The other way finally showed up in the form of research, and before they knew it, their fear was gone but so were the huge ratings and the crazy people who knew how to get them.


The fear of failing has left the radio room.

It amazes me that Congress feels like they need hundreds of people armed to the teeth protecting them but don’t think that our children do. How about putting a few ex-Marines at the schools, a Marine would have taken that punk Cruz out the second he walked onto the school grounds.

How can you trust any group or company that needs a lobbyist?

“If you see something say something” unless of course, it’s the FBI, then you’re just wasting your time.

Chris Rock recently asked why you never hear of a white kid being gunned down by the police. That’s easy Chris, white kids are too busy shooting up schools, and as we know, schools are a cop-free zone.

Nothing has changed. When you tell the guys that you’ve met a new girl, they just wanna know what she looks like? On the other hand, when your new girl tells her girlfriends about you, they only want to know what you do for a living?

The only thing more powerful than God is a beautiful woman, just ask King David.

I don’t think the Democrats or Republicans are aware yet that America appears to be done with them both. When the Democrats wouldn’t give them Bernie, they chose a businessman who they thought was the lesser of two evils.
The beauty of social media is that no company nor no person can hide anymore.
Everybody is for free speech until somebody says something they don’t like.
There is nothing the government can give you that you haven’t already given them.
So if Hillary won the election as the Democrats say because she won the popular vote, why not teach her how the electoral college works and run her again?
If a couple of black dudes wearing Kung Fu pajamas bring you your food, you’re not eating real Chinese.
If I had to choose between Muslims and Russians, I’d go with Russians; the girls are a hell of a lot better lookin’.
I wonder how Canadians managed to live similarly to Americans without having a revolution or civil war?
It doesn’t matter if gun laws work, if the people want them, ya gotta give it to them.

Isn’t it weird that no matter what country you live in or what kind of government you have, or what religion is dominant, the one thing that’s the same, the one percenters have all the money?

A patent, just another word for Monopoly.

I’m one of the lucky ones; I figured out early on what I loved doing, then I really got lucky when I found someone willing to pay me to do it.

America isn’t Black or White; it’s all Grey.

I’m beginning to think that the FBI’s only job must be to protect the interests of the rich. They sure don’t do much for the rest of us, so maybe the rich should be the ones who pay them?

Out of the box, the reboot of Rosanne was #1 everywhere except New York and LA where it didn’t even crack the top twenty proving once again that New York and LA don’t represent America.

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4 thoughts on “Fear: The Great Motivator (new geo Blog for April 02/18)

  1. If the TV networks were located in Dallas, their perception of America would be quite different. How many times do you see a news story that occurred in New York on the national news and think, if that happened here it would never make the national news. They report what they see and it is often tainted by perspective. (American Airlines learned this concept a LONG time ago when they moved to Dallas and look how they’ve done!)

  2. very true, back in the 60s I lived near Kingston Ontario, to the two main stations CKWS & CKLC (both dark now) were busy trying to be first with latest Beatles record & were totally focused on the youth market…meanwhile the ratings OTHERS was number one

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