During Thanksgiving I got to spend some time with my family in California and was reminded again of just how brilliant the Johns girls are. (Candis Christina & Cami) The Johns boys (George Reg & Curtis) on the other hand, now what was it all our teachers said about us, ahh yeah now I remember “they didn’t apply themselves”. The reason I bring this all up is because we finally have a Johns boy who may smoke the Johns girls. Presently I’m proud to say my Daughter Cami is finishing up her Senior year at Wellington High in the honors program.

Over in California my Niece Christina is getting ready to graduate from UC Irvine where she is most likely hovering around a 4.0 grade average and my oldest Daughter Candis is busy working on her MBA while bringing up my Grandson Nathaniel for me. Candis told me that a recently she’d been busy studying for a test she had an accounting test from the Wharton School Of Business coming up when she suddenly realized “N” who is in the 3rd grade at Crestview Preparatory School had a social studies test which he hadn’t studied for it. She was very upset with herself for forgetting and also miffed at Nathaniel for not remembering to study for it but when she chastised him for it all he said was … I don’t have to study I know all that stuff! Candis got a 96.4 and I’m sure you saw this coming, Nathaniel got a perfect score.

All the words that precede the word “But” mean very little.

Nothing great exists that wasn’t created with great enthusiasm!

I’m aware of what I’m pretty good at and also what I’m very bad at. It’s the in between stuff I’m confused about.

I’m not for many things nor am I against much.

Men born into the lucky sperm club have absolutely no problem getting beautiful Women The problems begin a few years later when the “Pretty Things” leave with the children along with a lot of what they were originally attracted to.

I believe a Father’s duty is to try as hard as he can to make sure that the wrong path for his children to travel is simply unavailable.

My two Daughters may think I operate under a double standard and they are exactly right.

A real friend doesn’t ask if there’s anything they can do for a friend in trouble, they just do it.

In HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” the Queen who is preparing the 14 year old virgin Princess for marriage says to her … Remember this my little Dove, the only time a Woman has any power over a Man is when he wants what’s between her legs. Surely that’s not true anymore.

Deborah Cremer recently asked me if Cami did any regular charity work. I told her I wouldn’t know because if she did, unlike her old man she would do it quietly.

The last person you should ever listen to is yourself.

Have you ever found yourself standing in a room in your own home wondering what the hell you’re doing there.

Does the absence of truth constitute a lie.

Even though I was smitten by the Hunny Bunny the first time I ever saw her my demons never seemed to like her.

Speaking of my demons they never even start to bother with me until I have had at least 2 glasses of wine.

I’m doing my best to behave but there are just too many alternatives.

Why did Africa take so long to make advances like most of the other countries did over the past few centuries.

How come nobody gets arrested anymore for scalping tickets.

Jim Hilliard always introduces his wife Barbara as his first wife but I think she looks more like his 2nd or 3rd wife what with how beautiful she looks not to mention all the baubles she wears.

The first step towards becoming successful is wanting to.

It would appear to me that more people paying fewer taxes economically makes more sense than fewer people paying more taxes.

According to Jim Hilliard I used to be one of the best detail guys in the world but over time though I evolved into concepts and philosophy mainly because I’d discovered that as much as the world needs detail folks they just don’t want to pay ’em.

Henry Ford said if had done the research to find out what the customers wanted he just would have given them a faster horse.

We always tend to like the people who like us.

How come at Christian Rock shows there are Black people on stage but none in the audience.

“Averaging” was invented in the the 1930’s so companies could predict where everything was going so they could stay ahead of the curve and anticipate what kinds of products to bring out. When Elvis, The Beatles, and the Smart Phone came along, it ruined everything.

Business Men are 10 times more fearful of losing money than they are excited by the dream of profit.

It doesn’t take any brains to buy a Radio Station, just money.

How come the person you know in a divorce is always the one getting screwed.

One of the many things that has always irritated me about radio was the fact that getting the numbers generally didn’t pay as well as hitting the numbers.

I think it’s only fair that when the President leaves office the government employees should have to leave with him.

Who could have predicted that Hillary Clinton would even make Barbara Walters top 10 let alone being named her #1 most fascinating person of the year. Surely Babs wouldn’t use her program to set up Hillary’s run for the Presidency would she.

Speaking of Hillary I wonder if Oprah, the supposed champion of Women who rejected her for Obama will continue to diss her.

Between Christmas and New Years my plan is to republish the 5 most read Blogs @ georgejohns.com for 2013, plus my all time #1.

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    Between Christmas and New Years my plan is to republish the 5 most read Blogs @ georgejohns.com for 2013, plus my all time #1.

  2. hey george…merry christmas to you and all of yours….sherry and our two kids and myself are now u.s citizens…feels good.



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