Faking It!

922866_10151869708724307_1380844229_n1Now that Cami is off to College at USF in Tampa, I can only hope that it’s going to be a lot easier getting her to graduation than it was her sister Candis.
I remember running on the beach in Coronado with Candis the day she said to me … Dad I think I’m gonna drop out of UCLA, it’s not helping me at all with my singing career. I advised her not to quit but just take a semester off and see how she felt after that, thankfully she missed the intellectual part of it, so after a short break went back and graduated Magna Cum Laude.
My first close call with College and Candis (pictured singing at the Roxy in Hollywood and singing below) came in New York where after finishing High School in France, she enrolled at NYU where she studied drama and also made the Dean’s list. After two years though she decides that she can learn acting anywhere and because she really wants to be a singer, she transfers to UCLA to pursue her dreams. Her professor at NYU told her before she left that she was making a big mistake because theatre was the direction she needed to go, not singing in some rock band. He claimed that even now she was wasting her time going to college because she was already good enough to audition for any Broadway Play that she wanted to. He asked her if she needed him to call me so he could explain just how talented you are, she told him not to bother because I was already her biggest fan.

Candis sings her own composition “Let Me”.

Miracles are what you hope for not what you depend on.

Hanging on to what you have keeps you from having what you want.

So ya gotta ask yourself, how excited is Elway really about Manning breaking all those records in Denver.

The only reward for being a good parent is someday realizing you were.

All men speak at least 4 different languages.
1. When they are talking just to men.
2. When they are talking to men but women are nearby.
3. When they are talking to their wives or girlfriends.
4. When they are talking to their Mothers and/or Daughters.

There is no such thing as business ethics there are only ethics.

I hate the word no and detest hearing, I don’t know anything about programming but….

PPM does an excellent job of measuring hearing but an extremely poor job of measuring listening.

My whole life I’ve yearned to be somebody and the other day I finally realized I am. I’m Candis and Cami’s Father.

No matter what I suggest to a PD what I think he should do, he claims he is already doing it.

You better be good lookin’ if you ever sexually harass someone.

Every body agrees with media’s obsession with trying to attract the 25 – 54 year old demo until they turn 55.

Why are attractive women mostly Real Estate Brokers.

Speaking of attractive is there anything sexier looking than a recently divorced woman.

My favorite license plate saying in Canada was “Friendly Manitoba” which I doubt we will ever see in Quebec.

In order to truly coach someone they must give you permission to do so.

My old pal Aristotle once said that it really doesn’t matter what you perceive the truth to be if it’s not true.

Plato said if a morning person wants to be well paid as well as successful then they must learn how to become ” Principals of Influence”.

Socrates claimed that its what’s above the bottom line that is causing the bottom line. 

23% of the population are born leaders so the rest of us have to fake it.

Speaking of percentages according to PPM, 75% of your ratings come from your biggest fans.

92.3 of all statistics are made up on the spot including this one.

Just because the PPM device is deaf in the early morning doesn’t mean the folks are.

You’ll never know how close you were to success if you quit trying.

You win the music battle every time you play a cool tune.

In the early days of KVIL we eliminated Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll and added the “Celebration of Women” as our secret sauce.

If I hadn’t had so much fun my whole life maybe I’d be much younger now.

The responsibility of every Program Director is the make their radio station sound as good as their biggest fans already think it does.



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