Failure Is Very Loud!

For some reason I never tire of doing the in depth research required in order to find out what Women want out of life. I of course specificaly want to know what they would like most to hear or not hear on the Radio. Here I am again continuing to work on that very project at my favorite research facility along with my favorite research subject.

If the sex is good most Men will hang in there but I doubt that’s true of Women.

To be a great lover you need to be passionate and have a vivid imagination. Of course a little courage may also come in handy so you can actually have the nerve to attempt to do what it is your fertile mind has dreamt up for your special night of nights. The lingering fear of rejection that crawls through your brain at that very moment makes all of us a bit timid. But then again isn’t it the risk of rejection that makes it all so thrilling in the first place.

Wow an American Hero Neil Armstrong is gone and another Armstrong has been dethroned. Who are the hero’s today and why do we keep destroying them. Where have all the hero’s gone long time passing.

They are paying Bank and Oil executives so much money now you would think they must be solving World Peace instead of what they are really doing which I’m sure causes great concern all over the world.

I think America was a better place to live when Banks and Oil companies were afraid of the government.

Who you really are is the person you were at your worst moment.

Have you ever noticed your failures are a hell of a lot louder than your successes!

It has been my experience that if there is a wrong way to do things Radio sales people will generally find it.

Speaking of wrong ways of doing things I remember when WRMF was flying high and out billing everybody 3 to 1. Russ Morley who was the PD and midday jock came out of the studio during the middle of his show one day and in a rage threw a cart down the hall shouting … That piece of s**t commercial will never play on this Radio Station again but I’m not done with it yet because after my show I’m gonna hunt down the person who sold it.

The highest billing stations in America never used to be very sales friendly. I’m sure thats not very true today.

At Fairbanks we used to dream up things the listeners would find interesting first then give it a sales twist.

Wow they were testing an new Hi Def system at the London Olympics that has 16 times the resolution of our current HD TVs. Sounds like a must have item to me.

OK so here’s the drill … First we celebrate Cami’s 17th birthday then we vote for a President.

Robin Marshall claims I should take Candis’ advice and not be “Super Dad” to Cami because I’m just going to make it impossible for her future Husband to live up to my image thus ruining her shot at a decent marriage.

Speaking of Robins, Robin Garrett informs me that a friend of hers was laid off after 30 years of service at the Palm Beach Post. Seems they are going to out source her job to India which is very strange because they are a very liberal Newspaper and according to what I read in their own paper only extreme right wingers do this kinda stuff.

Indian folk lore claims there are two Wolves who constantly fight within us. One is Evil and consists of anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is Good and is filled with Joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth. The Wolf who wins the battle is the one you feed. Whew, can I ever relate to that!

Bob Dylan says you have achieved success if you can get up every morning and go to bed every night and do anything you want in between.

The hardest part of any project is the beginning.

The Hunny Bunny claims that too much of a good thing is just that … It’s too much!

Speaking of the Hunny Bunny she was the one that explained to me that Women love the “Guitar Gods” but not necessarily their music.

Are there any Radio people left in Radio anymore.

The only Radio Sales folks who like the older demos are old Radio folks.

Absolutely everything starts with imagination.

18 thoughts on “Failure Is Very Loud!

  1. At the am WRMF got a chance to meet Neil at that big place across the river, the plus 15 anniversary of the landing. A very quiet guy who didn’t say much Mike Collins talked more and then there’s Buzz Aldrin who even then took the air out of the place.
    The thing that amazed me about Neil was how he was able to manage these other guys egos all the way to the moon and back. When we plan a crew for Mars I hope we can find the same kind of guy to lead.
    One of the nice things about the AM RMF is the people I was able to meet. Carl Sagan borrowed a mic before the Viking Launch, (first thing we put on Mars), an you thought he had billions and billions of em…Gene Roddenberry and his wife Majel..should have gotten her to record computer lines computers in the office back then. And besides what a trip having the creator of the six million dollar man in your backyard..
    It was an amazing place during an amazing time..

  2. George,
    That’s two days in a row you’ve made me smile.
    Very special that we’ve met each others daughters,btw, very rarely happens amongst distant radio friends. We must have trusted, back then.
    Great blog once again.

    • Thank you for making me think about how I raised/raising my Daughters and the fact I tried to be Super Dad Robin which may have hurt their future. I’m going to stop doing that now and move my selfish attitude to the current love of my life. I’m going to make it very very difficult for some “pretty boy” to replace me and my lofty standards.

    • Actually I love sales types Barry, I just don’t like working with them, after all they lie for a living so why would I want to get involved in any of that. Also I love commas I just don’t know where to put them.

  3. There are still 2 wolves. Except that now, one is a Republican…the other is a Democrat! We keep forgetting that they are still both wolves!

    If Romney wants to really cut the budget. Why don’t we out-source both houses of Congress to Canada, and leave it up to someone else to come up with actual solutions? The government would save Billions!

    What I want to know is how Cami would vote if she were eligible this year?

    • From where I sit Paul they both look like evil wolves to me with only their own personal interests at heart. Good question abut Cami I don’t try to influence her in any way about Religion or Politics so I don’t know.

  4. Sales People – Some of my best friends are . . . What do they lie about? If the Product is good – they don’t have to lie about it.

    Everybody is in to Sales – whether it is selling a Product or themselves.

  5. Geo, I sure hope you weren’t being literal when you wrote, “First we celebrate Cami’s 17th birthday then we vote for the President.” I hope you meant “vote in the Presidential race.” You don’t have to say which candidate you plan to vote for, but it’d be helpful to know how much praying I need to do for your soul.

  6. I should have said “a” President Bruce you are so right I got caught up on the fact that I haven’t even finished paying for Cami’s sweet 16th party yet and she is daring to turn 17 on me. I’m going back into fixing it now.

  7. Hi George,

    Continue doing what you do for your daughter. First of all, it keeps her off the pole. (smile) 2nd..she’ll expect to be cherished by her husband when she does get married.. She’s very fortunate to have you. My dad and I barely knew each other!

    Have a good one!

    • Thank you Geri. Much as we Men love to think about Women on the pole our Daughters on one scares the s**t out of us. So I think I will continue on the path I have previously chosen to raise my Daughter(s)

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