Evangelicals vs Catholics.

I am starting to make some real progress with my current research project about the wants of women. As you can see I have cut back on the number of participants in my focus groups just so I can get a little more up close and personal. This new approach has me learning things I’m pretty sure a man is not supposed to know but in doing so I may have over served the adult beverages(truth serum)just a tad.

Paul Cavenaugh claims Tebow’s Evangelicals where no match for Buffalo’s Catholics. The good folks in Buffalo I am told even enlisted the Pope’s help so they could use his great connections. It came together nicely for them didn’t it as they stomped the Broncos rather severely.

I wonder how Howard would fare with PPM.

I think the greatest scam in the world may have been the Knights of olden days who claimed they went out every day to slay Dragons. When they returned victorious they got to claim their reward for each dragon slain from the fair Maidens who lived in the castle.(I wonder what the equivalent of Viagra was back then) I find it hard to believe there were ever any Dragons around but then again maybe they were so successful it’s why we don’t see any today.

When I was a kid I needed the biggest speakers I could find to listen to my music through. Cami listens to her music on her i phone.

Is it just me or do Women forgive themselves for “losing it” a lot faster than men. All I know is I always have to buy gifts!

David Wolfe in response to me saying Daryl “B” was a little stiff on the radio claimed Daryl’s stiffness was part of his Canadian charm. David also said my Brother had told him that the Dee Jays in Canada were always a big deal, in America everybody had some dumb cousin who was a jock somewhere.

Have you noticed the content Dee Jays deliver now sounds like it was supplied and written by sales and/or the sales promotion department.

Once again I’m going to have to explain to one of the talk show hosts I work with that one of the reasons Ron Chapman, Jeff and Jer plus a few others all made well over a million a year. When these Super Stars talked about being in Walmart they told you which Walmart it was and described exactly where it was located so you could watch the movie in your mind as they talked about some weird incident they had recently observed.

I wonder how the coaches of the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins who passed on Drew Brees sleep at night.

When I lived in Boston I used to train running along the Charles, as soon as I would see a cute little booty of a College girl up ahead of me I would chant to myself “If You Can Catch her You Can Have her”, “If you can catch her you can have her” This training method did wonders for my fitness.

Speaking of good looking women I have been privileged to date a few over the years but a lot of my friends would constantly say, Hey Man! You better stay away from that one, she is just after your money or wants you to be the Father of her child. I dont know if they were telling me this because of their past experiences but I cant help but smile when ever I see their wives.

Enough about women already lets get back to running. In Boston my running partner was Tim Reever and he reminded me at lunch last week about the lesson I taught him as we were running together one day. Tim said he was pleading with me to help him talk Jim Hilliard out of his unreasonable demands for bigger billing than the current ratings supported. He said I just looked at him for a few seconds and said … Tim in all the years I have worked with Jim I found it was a hell of a lot easier to just give him what he wants rather than try to talk him out of it.

Since most of the radio executives today are not from programming and some aren’t even from radio they have no idea the air talent is turning radio into TV. TV just doesn’t work on radio because Radio is very very personal and most of the people who listen to it are fans of the station not usually just a particular individual. The talent has never really liked that part very much and are determined to change it. Good Luck!

This may look a little self serving and probably is but I think success is measured by happiness. I am much happier than most people I know which makes me reluctant to change my ways even though they have all advised me I should do so if I ever hope to be successful.

I have noticed that over time a lot of people change but not the bad ones and I can spot them within a hundred yards of my Daughters.

The best and worst thing I have ever done my whole life was to never listen to anybody tell me how I should live my life.

I asked Rich Stevens who claims he is a good friend of Randy Michaels if he thought the following saying pertained to Randy in anyway. “The more successful you become the more you tend to stop doing the things that made you successful” Rich abstained.

I believe it is the imperfections of the Angels of Victoria’s Secret that makes them all so beautiful. Those little imperfections give them character and make them seem a lot more interesting. The same could be said for some great radio stations.

Ahhh I see Duffy’s Sports Grill have a new menu. To most of us regulars that usually means the prices have gone up even though most people’s income has not. I guess the folks will just have to go less often and cut back a little on what they order.

10 thoughts on “Evangelicals vs Catholics.

  1. George, thank you for the nuggets of wisdom in every piece you post — not to mention the pictures of your research subjects. Continued great health, and Happy New Year!

  2. RE: Jock’s content.

    George, it could not have been written by a local sales department unless it is a station or group of stations that you consult, because with consolidation, most content is now originating from the corporate “Death Star”s. Spent a lot of hours on the road a couple of weeks ago traveling back and forth between Indianapolis and Janesville, Wisconsin
    to bring my youngest sister back for my mother’s funeral. Except for WGN and WBBM, what struck me was the utter lack of LOCAL commercials (or content). In four hours listening to WLS (Rush and Richard Roper/Roe Cahn)…No local commercials and this was December16th ! Perhaps Jerry DelColliano is right…radio will be dead by 2013. Happy New Year, regardless, to all of the true believers !

  3. I’d get back into radio if I could just score a Sleep Number bed for the live VO and a deal on buying some gold and some of those sweet nose hair trimmers.

  4. Now that I’m an NFL “owner”, I’m sure glad the Packers head coach listened to my advice, and rested the starters yesterday.

    I don’t want to say Aaron Rogers appeared “too relaxed” along the sidelines …but his cup of Gatorade had an Umbrella in it!

    A TV research guy once told me that no one “watches” Morning TV. They “listen” to it. This could be good time to tune into Morning TV, and give it a “listen”.

  5. Darryl B. was an incredibly tight and pro jock. At CFUN, where we were linemates and even when he was at CHUM and I was at CFTR, my admiration for his skills were boundless.
    We lost him far too soon.
    Love the comments, and wish I had been blessed to work with you.
    True leaders are rare.
    Happy New Year, Mr. Johns.

    • Daryl was as I’m sure you know Tom a very dear friend of mine and was very instrumental in my music career with The Jury then later my Radio career. We used to share a Mic on stage and foolishly try to out scream each other. My voice is shot from those days thank God he didn’t ruin his. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet someday Tom and exchange some Daryl “B” stories.

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