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This February, NBC will be presenting a huge TV special produced by Ken Ehrlich, producer of many Grammy telecasts and hosted by Blake Shelton with an ALL-Star Cast. The special which will celebrate and remember the comeback show that Elvis did some fifty years ago, could not have come at a better time for my good friend Chris McCarty.
Chris, (pictured above) spent most of the past year writing a musical about Elvis which he hopes to open in Nashville and then to Broadway.
His new stage play, “Elvis Says” was originally inspired by one of his own songs which he wrote and recorded a couple of years ago as a demo. (click on the link at the bottom of the page to hear, “Elvis Says It’s Alright,” with Elvis’s back up singers, the legendary Jordanaires and The Stamps who had never sung together before, doing it on the tune that started it all. Chris, over the years, has written many hits for such notables as Steve Miller and Martina McBride, composed a whole batch of new tunes for his musical which you’ll hear along with some old favorites by the King when you click on the link below.
Chris, believes as I do, that Bruno Mars would be perfect as the principal. Not only is he a megastar, but he started his career doing Elvis impersonations which should give him an emotional connection to the new musical. Maybe even more important than that though is, as Chris says, “It’s time for Bruno to do Broadway.”
The whole production is full of surprises not to mention an unexpected twist which I won’t give away, so I’ll just say, “Of course that’s how you do it, ’cause Elvis says it’s alright.”


Political & Politically Incorrect.
I wonder how many folks believe as I do that brown is not the color of the future? I prefer black and white myself.

Philosophical & Inspirational.
Only when you forgive an enemy does one feel a complete sense of freedom. Ahh, so that’s why I feel like I’m in prison?

Some things just can’t be changed but others that should. However, knowing which is which though is the tricky part.

Speaking of change, if you can’t change something, maybe your attitude needs changing?

If you’re gonna fall, then at least fall forward so you can make a little progress.

The talk of love is easily rejected, but the demonstration of it is simply irresistible, not to mention, quite addictive.

The Catholic Church is still the world’s biggest corporation.

Speaking of corporations, only Disney has the balls to claim that the only reason they’re raising ticket prices is to cut down on demand.

For every opinion, there’s a poll that agrees with it.

Any conversation not based on truth is not real communication.

The only people who can hurt you are those you love.

My friend Bob Christy reminded me of what his mechanic told him about ten years ago when he was thinking of buying a Ferrari. He said, “Buying a car like that is like being in love with a beautiful woman who doesn’t love you.”

Man Oh, Man! Pitchers & Catchers report February 13.

What is the purpose of baldness?

Why do women appear to be normal until you say, “I love you?”

Why do we spend so much time trying to figure out how to pay those greedy bastards who made health care so expensive instead of going after them?

Did I miss the part where the government explained to us why the hell we’re still doing battle in the desert?

Hey, do you get to go through midlife crises again when you turn eighty?

How come it’s so easy to subscribe but so hard to unsubscribe?

When and who was it that decided that the rich people, even if they were on the losing side of a war, got to keep all their land? It’s quite apparent that Castro and the Israilies never got the memo. Also, the Native Americans are very interested in discussing how this all works.

Hey, the Jets are still in first place in their division. How cool is that?

One of mankind’s main responsibilities is to distance itself from the animal kingdom. However, it seems to me that we’re going in the wrong direction.

The more rights we acquire, the more dangerous the streets become.

The only people who can hurt you, are those you love.

To be successful one must be somewhat arrogant. For example, it’s impossible to land a jet fighter on an aircraft carrier in rough seas without being said same.

A lot of the things we are now capable of were once thought impossible.

The only way women are ever going to become financially equal is when it’s just children first, not women and children.

So much for home field advantage huh!

The dirty radio secret is that the average 1/4 hour has been plummeting for years. Nielson tried to help out by adding in 6+ hoping to shore up the cume but unfortunately, nobody buys cume, nor do they buy share. It’s cost per point baby!

Click on the link below to hear all the songs featured in Chris McCarty’s new musical, Elvis Says!

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Elvis Says!) 1/21/19

  1. Hey George , I agree about Bruno Mars as he also brings star power… but there is a guy up here that has toured the world in “Return To Grace” as Elvis.. his name is Steve Michaels. I am of the Elvis generation, he got me into the biz, and Steve becomes Elvis, looks, voice and mannerisms. I have seen him a few times now and will go see him again.

    • There is a twist to the musical Doug that doesn’t lend itself to an impersonator. It just has to be an entertainer who has some knowledge of Elvis.

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