My beautiful Daughter Cami had her Sweet 16 party last weekend but after seeing a photo from her special party Ron Chapman claimed she was actually “Hot 16” which I reluctantly agree with.
The amazing thing to me is how all these gorgeous creatures managed to go from young girls to stunning Women in a matter of hours. I sure don’t remember any 16 year olds looking like that back in my day.
As I reflect back on the evening I don’t think any of them should ever be allowed out of their houses again dressed in similar attire without armed guards being present. The only thing those poor young things didn’t quite have down yet is exactly how to walk in those high high heels which in itself was quite amusing. What a magical night it was for Cami as her Mom Kari with the help of her best friend AJ magically transformed the Royal Palm Beach Culture Center into Bourbon Street so all the beautiful young ladies could dance the night away Mardi Gras style.

Over the past 16 years Cami has had many big birthday parties and at each one she wore even a prettier dress than the last. I will never forget how wonderful she looked at each of her parties even though she usually was standing in the middle of the room crying because she was completely overwhelmed. Cami’s dress for this very special affair was by far the best of all. My only problem with it was they seemed to have run out of feathers a little too early for my comfort. That aside it was thrilling for me to be able to watch my gorgeous “Tiny Dancer” who looked just like an Angel as she danced all night in the middle of what appeared to be New Orleans but instead of crying she was laughing which did my heart good.

Cami’s Sweet 16 party turned out to be a major event but was so stressful for all who put it together that I suggested to her that whenever she gets the urge to get married, just elope!

After seeing a picture of Cami from her Sweet 16 party Mark Hubbard said … I’m sure glad I’m not in your shoes for the next few years.

Reid Reker said it was hard to believe that he was fortunate enough to have seen Camera Anne Johns Summerfield only a few short hours after she was born… she has turned into a stunning young lady!

Cris Conner said now the worrying begins in earnest! Beautiful.

Jo Myers said … She is so pretty, you done good.

Barry Wallack said, Very, very nice. Proud Papa?

Embree McDermid commented … You’ve got a very pretty girl there, you are going to have problems keeping the young bucks away.

Chris Gould said, Wow she was only 4 a few minutes ago.

Lorraine Marshall e mailed me from Paris saying Cami looked simply stunning!

Paul Cavenaugh suggested I should thank my lucky stars that Russ Morley doesn’t have a son.

I’m just happy that both my Daughters got their looks from their Mothers.

Speaking of beautiful Women I’m not that good at getting them but I’m sure good at getting rid of them even when it was not my intention!

Rich Stevens wants to know if he was the only one watching The Oscars who had never heard of half the films.

Speaking of The Oscars the only buzz I hear about the show was J-Lo’s so called nipple slip and Angelina Jolie’s exposed leg.

The saddest thing about The Oscars is a lot of people after Billy Crystal did his black face impression of Sammy Davis Jr. wondered who Sammy was. Even others wondered just who the hell Billy was.

Wow! Another one bites the dust as Davy Jones of The Monkees leaves the planet.

Has anyone ever apologized to America for anything ?

A dream without any action is just pure fantasy.

Steve Jobs claimed the only time you need a power point presentation is when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Writing must be making some kind of comeback because I’m getting tons of requests from guys asking if I need any assistants or does my Blog perhaps offer internships.

Have you ever noticed that once we elect a politician they shortly there after become rich unlike the rest of us.

Cynthia Segal says she doesn’t want to spoil the ending for You, but everything turns out good.

Brent Farris wants to know if Arbitron is going to break out Christmas as being unusual listening, why doesn’t it also break out Political Years, Storms, Dead Super Stars, Hurricanes, Floods, Fires, World Series, Super Bowls, Stanley Cups, NBA Championships Final Fours, etc.

Last night I happened to look up at the screen at Duffy’s just as the Apple Cobbler with Ice Cream that I like so much came on the screen but for the first time I also noticed it’s intended for two. No wonder these pants feel so tight.

I notice a few stations are hiring back some on air folks who were originally let go because of budget cuts. One can only wonder if they were hired back at the same rate. My guess … Not!

I read that John and Ken just returned to the airways in LA after being suspended for 2 weeks. Who do you suppose got the worst of that deal them or their fans.


  1. George, my late friend Bernie Morgan, who was among many other things Indy’s first Mercedes dealer, once bribed a prospective son-in-law to elope with his daughter. It’s a strategy you might consider — following what I’m sure will be a rigorous vetting process.

    • Well I have to admit you have me speechless with that one Kelley but then again I’m not sure why I’m surprised. I have always loved strong women and you are definitely one of them. xogeoxo

  2. Good thing Davy Jones died during the daytime, giving the suits time to react. However social media owned this story as well.
    Used to be that Phoenix was the place to die early, seems like Florida’s getting in on that action.. Why do you think CVS and Walgreens are on just about every piece of open space..hmmm

    • I think since Whitney blew it by not dying in Prime Time the rest of the Super Stars are probably smart enough now to only exit the planet when the media has staff available to cover their departure.

  3. I’m really enjoying your site, George. You haven’t missed a beat. Still the best guy in the business in marketing your product.

    Best always,


    P.S. Like you, I have a gorgeous daughter. Used to tell her mother I was going to keep her inside and then drive her to the “nunnery” when she turned 30; another of my ideas that went nowhere.

    • Ken, Being in radio we are the experts at what goes on out here I don’t know why the females we love don’t heed our wishes. I think our beautiful daughter’s are probably God’s revenge for past behavior or in my case continued attempt at bad behavior. (-:

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