Duffy’s … Say It Aint So

When I first got involved with KVIL hardly anybody was listening to FM. Our job was simple, put something on the air so unique that people will start buying stereo radios for both their homes and their cars just to be able to hear it. I will always remember Ron Chapman helping the folks on air for a week how to set up the new Stereos they got for Christmas in order to get the best sound. First he said you’ve got to put your KVIL AM radio in between the KVIL FM radio speakers so you can have a Bi-sensual experience. Next he would play some effects out of the left speaker then the right one so the folks could check and make sure everything was working properly. Now he would play some great hit tune that just sounded so good in stereo you couldn’t stand to listen to it on AM anymore.

That special sound we launched on KVIL I believe was the first time anybody used hit records on radio to attract adults. In fact Jerry Bobo the Sales Manager was very pissed when we kicked it all off because we had told him the new format we were coming with was going to be for adults only. When he came to realize he knew every tune we were playing he thought we had lied to him and had really gone top 40. Bill Gardner the midday jock thought Mr. Fairbanks hated the name Top 40 and that was why we called it Adult Contemporary.
Ron recently confessed to me at my birthday party that he thought I was crazy back then but when the huge ratings started rolling in it started to sound a whole lot better to him. Now I am in the middle of trying to invent something special that will bring the folks back to the AM dial. I must be masochistic.

Speaking of KVIL I still chuckle about when I asked Jack Schell at The KVIL reunion where all the people were that claimed they were the ones responsible for the enormous success of the station. He answered me with … They’re all outside parking cars!

The task at hand for a air talent is to learn to language the movie they are watching in their head so the audience can see it too.

The only person having any fun in a Porche is the one in the driver’s seat. The person in the passenger seat just wants the ride to be over.

My favorite sports bar Duffy’s just fired my favorite bartender Mimi. Off the record comments from the Duffy’s staff is she was done in by a co-worker and nobody but management is buying what he said about her.

Billy Bob Harris told me that Shirley Temple stopped believing in Santa Clause when she was 6 because when her Mother took her to see him he asked for her autograph.

Charles Shulz claimed you will soon forget all the people making all the headlines. The people who made your journey through school a little easier, friends that helped you during a difficult time, people who made you feel appreciated and special, folks who taught you something worthwhile and someone you just like to spend time with. These people are the people you will never forget.

I had lunch this week with Jo Ann Pflug to talk about a radio project she is currently doing. She was kind enough to bring me a picture from the set of the movie “Mash” which showed Her, Elliot Gould, and Donald Sutherland taking a break. Jo Ann still looks a way too much like Lt. Dish for my comfort so color me smitten.

Speaking of Sutherlands very few people are aware that Keifer’s Grandfather started the health care system in Canada.

I think one of the signs you may be dating a woman much to young for you is after they put make up on they actually look older.

Speaking of dating it has to be a scary moment when you google the name of someone new you are going out with and their mug shot pops up.

For Women marriage is the thing. For Men Women are the thing.

Randy Michaels has achieved a status similar to Frank, Elvis, Dion, Madonna, John, Paul, Ringo & George. The headlines simply read .. Randy buys Philly FM and we all knew who they were talking about.

You’ve got 3 choices to become successful … Be First, Be Best, or Be Different. Be all 3 and you’ll be legendary.

You know you’re becoming a little long of tooth when the air talent starts to refer to you as Mr. Johns.

Have you noticed when we had Presidents in office who fooled around the Country was in much better shape. With that in mind I think Cain may be a helluva choice.

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10 thoughts on “Duffy’s … Say It Aint So

  1. With regards to the comment about the average person sitting in the passenger seat of a Porsche not having all that much fun, it kind of makes you wonder who is in charge in increasing the number of eyeballs and the number of households watching The Speed Channel (speedtv.com).

  2. Today’s women believe Marriage isn’t necessarily “The Thing”. Not all, but some are career oriented & want to be independent of a man…they can even (would you believe) have children without the encumbrance of a relationship.
    There are others who want the whole Package, Husband, Family, Career. Some of these women, however, are delaying Marriage to get a good Education so that they won’t be totally dependent or if something happens to that Marriage or the Husband’s income, it is good Insurance to be qualified for a better paying job.
    Hopefully now, Women are becoming appreciated for the size of their Brain, not just the size of their Boobs.

    • Exactly Em! But some women never had the chance to be appreciated for their boobs and I think they yearned for it. Thank God you were above all that(-:

  3. when the gov said cars have to come with am and fm and those first cars with both came on the used car market fm really took off…

    • Exactly correct Ron, Detroit was charging hundreds for FM in cars which only cost them pennies to put in but then again there wasn’t much demand ’cause there wasn’t much product. I bet WNAP sold a few radios even be for the feds jumped in.

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