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If you live and breathe local news and think living in Northern California sounds better to you than living anywhere else in the World then I would love to pass along your resume with some of your sterling sound on to one of my favorite clients. Be forewarned though that the “Wine Country Life Style” isn’t for everyone because it soon becomes very addictive. But then again maybe working for the #1 station in town and enjoying a ton of benefits the station will throw at you will allow you to overlook all of that. Can you say profit sharing! If you can gather interesting local stories, love crisp writing and can perform a newscast that will set the town on fire, don’t just sit there I need your sound and resume and I need it right now at

Ever wonder what happens to your old cell phone when you up grade. They sell them for $3.00 to urban kids who pretend they are talking to somebody on them.

Jacqui Bailey after hearing that Osama Bin Laden was with his youngest wife when he was executed said … Aren’t they all!

Speaking of Osama I think it was the special forces who took him out not Obama.

Speaking of Obama wasn’t gas about a buck eighty seven when he was elected.

Wow Canada just took a huge right turn politically. I wonder if that means all those folks with bad backs now are going to have to play hurt.

If you need any help from the government at all in order to succeed your just kidding yourself. Not going to happen!

Am I the only radio person in America who doesn’t understand what concessions Arbitron made to minority broadcasters. What ever they did sure seems to have helped their ratings.

The day of the Royal Wedding I was flying to Palm Springs for meetings and luckily American had Wi Fi on board so I got caught up a bit on the goings on in London. I watched as the soon to be Princess drove up in her car and was greeted by what turned out to be her sister. As I watched I said to myself this woman even though I cant see her face yet has something special going on and I wondered if I was the only person who noticed it. By the time I landed in “The Springs” 155,000 people had already joined the “Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society”

After our meetings in Palm Springs were over Gordon Zlot flew us all to Santa Rosa to start implementing what we had conger ed up in the Desert. While there I was hoping I would have enough time to reunite with the lovely Casey Callahan. I always like to do some heavy drinking with her and have her once again charm me with all her delightful and intoxicating specialties which always puts me in a weakened position and always leads to me giving her exactly what it is she wants most from me. Luckily I am a manly man and have no trouble giving it up to someone as beautiful as her no matter how she treated me.

Have you ever noticed that the Republicans and the Democrats all agree on how much each of them should make, how much time off they should have, how expenses should be handled, what kind of Medical plan they should have and what their pensions should be. The only discussions they ever have about this topic is when should they increase it all.

So let me see if I’ve got this straight, Oil prices by the barrel went down and Gas prices by the gallon went up. Now this is good for America how ???

When women meet me for the first time they claim I am funny and kinda smart but they soon get over it.

As I have said many times there are only a handful of people on the planet that can make stock prices rise and none of them are in radio. What I’m confused about is just what the hell are they doing.

Years ago a friend of mine, Randy Bachman wrote a song called “Taking Care Of Business” but other than his life it didn’t change much. Only a teeny percent of the population both in Canada and The US do so.

The quest of mankind should be to move as far away from the Animal Kingdom as intellectually possible but with the passage of all the human rights bills over the years I feel us instead drifting back to them. Not a good ending waiting for us they are a lot better at it then us.

I just realized that when I was a kid I just liked the Jox who sounded like they loved the music as much as I did. I didn’t know from talent.

I think our immigration policy should closely match the policy of the Country where the folks are coming from.

“Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” – Chicago has finally been answered by radio. The answer must be yes because I no longer hear the time on radio so either its not needed anymore along with the temp or nobody knows because the show is voice tracked.

I love buying stuff but I detest being sold.

Play by play Announcers are much more forgiving of Multi-Millionaire Athletes than I am.

Variety is the spice of life not life.

There are only 4 things that you can do on the radio that will affect the ratings. If you cant do all 4 you better be the absolute best at one.

Slowing down the music rotation doesn’t change the fact that you’re still playing the song I hate a way too often.

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  1. — “Slowing down the music rotation doesn’t change the fact that you’re still playing the song I hate a way too often.” – OMG!!! George is converting? Someone call somebody call the JCH Hotline STAT! This will affect the Earth’s rotation! Many will hyper-ventilate-few will survive. Horrors of Horrors, Darwin was right. Coming soon; The return of The 25th Hour…

    • Moto as you know there is just not enough time in one day to play all the great music. We were forced to create the 25th hour which I think was one of the smartest things we ever did at NAP. The promos were the best man!

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