Do I Need A Date For The Prom?

 Cami texted me … Guess what Daddy, Andrew just asked me to the Prom. Are you happy about that was my only question. She texted back that she was so happy she actually cried. Not in front of him I asked. Her responding text said not only in front of him but in front of everybody else too! Andrew it turns out is a class act. He showed up at the school cafeteria with Roses, Balloons in Cami’s favorite colors and a sign asking her to the Prom and he did this in front of everybody. This guy is good! I’m going to have to keep my eye on him. I wish them both nothing but a magical night.

OK I have to back to work now. I’ve got to figure out how I get to the Prom before Cami gets that restraining order she has been threatening me with ever since she found out how I got to her Sister’s Prom. This is going to be tough but don’t count me out. Hey maybe I can be her friend Haley’s date, she seems to like me.

You start growing stronger the day you realize how weak you really are.

It takes at least 10 years to be good at anything.

Sam Zell told Randy Michaels to stop chasing ratings ’cause there was no money in it for the chaser.

I came up with a programming/sales promotion called “The Magic Ticket” which bought me my first Mercedes. It took 40 client stations to come up with my next. I should have just come up with another promotion. I hear ya Sam!

Never invest in a company whose dreams are smaller than their memories.

I hate the sound of most disc jockeys but I sure love the sound of all the characters I hear on the Radio.

When I was a kid I was having a great life what with having a couple of hit records out and stuff but God decided to show me the error of my ways by giving me a Daughter. A bunch of years later I must have been slipping ’cause he gave me another and she is going to her first Prom.

I’m writing a book called “Guitars, Radios & Wild Wild Women” Do you think I should include the error of my ways parts?

The first time a Male here’s about his imperfections and the horrors of PMS is shortly after uttering his first “I Love You”

Canada hasn’t really been too involved in any Wars since Word War II but still has a huge income tax that was created to help fight World War I. Hey maybe it goes towards that free heath care.

Speaking of income tax being created to help with the war effort maybe if we stopped paying it in America maybe we would stop warring.

If the last placed station had to give up it’s license every rating period I wonder what Radio would sound like.

Justice is a great concept that for some reason just never seems to get off the ground.

Have you ever noticed all those great ideas you come up with at a Radio Station, suck at lunch.

If you are ambitious America is still the place to be, but if you just wanna hang out and have a decent life then Canada should be your country of choice.

Have you ever wondered like I do what the hell the Japanese do with all those pictures they take.

Have you noticed that the people who whine the most about the economy are the ones whose life styles are least affected by it.

Men are into the way things are and how to deal with that. Women are into why they are the way they are.

There are no rain checks for missed opportunities.

The marriages that last the longest are the ones where the bride actually loves the guy she’s marrying.

The best music research I ever saw was when it showed that people generally know what they like and like what they know.

As easy as this sounds it isn’t done on most Radio Stations. Simply play more of what people like more often and less of what they don’t like less often.

How did the people who don’t like to pay those huge dollars for morning shows manage to convince Arbitron to come up with a device that doesn’t like them either.

I think one of the things I’m very good at is cleaning up and making pretty an idea before it is even completely out of the sales rep’s mouth.

Yesterday I drove by a Hospital that claimed that it was for Women and Children only. I wonder where the one for Men is.

As Shakespeare said  ‘The Plays The Thing” I mean who the hell would Michael Jordan have been if there was no NBA, Paris Hilton if there was no Sex, Ryan Seacrest without TV, or Tom Cruise with out the Movies.

The ratings always go up when you do your show exclusively for people who don’t know who you are.

I only care about the intent of the law, the law it self is for lawyers to argue over it in court make money.

A very powerful person isn’t necessarily right or wrong.

For most of my life I just wanted to be somebody but now I think it would be better to work on being a better Father, Buppa, Brother, Uncle and Friend.



11 thoughts on “Do I Need A Date For The Prom?

  1. Now Geo – While I’ll be interested in seeing how or if you make it to the Prom, the one thing I can count on, and would love to be a fly on the wall for, is the conversation you are going have with young Andrew explaining the consequences mistreating Cami in any possible way.

    I saw the Prom video and I think the lad shows promise.


    • Andrew is a lot better at this stuff than we ever were Gar and we were scoundrels so color me concerned. I have met him and like him a lot but I will have my eye on him.

  2. “If the last placed station had to give up it’s license every rating period I wonder what Radio would sound like.”

    Brilliant, as usual…

    I want to just put you in charge of all American Radio, George. How do I do that??

  3. I think “Guitars, Radios and Wild Wild Women” will take care of biz. What else could it be about but the error of your ways?

  4. The way you are going w’ gals age-wise……in looking for a Prom date….at least try for a HS Senior! Not a senior, senior….Gawd forbid!

  5. George, Andrew may have figured out what it is women want maybe you should talk to him.

    Isn’t “The Jury” performing at the Prom???

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